Even More Anti-Christian Bigotry

We live in an age in which no group or person is allowed to be offended, vilified or discriminated against – except Christians that is. It has been open season on Christianity for some time now, so the double-standards of the PC brigade are rather startling, to say the least.

Indeed, Christianity is actively being targeted by its many enemies, the mainstream media, and by an activist judiciary. On a regular basis courts are warring against Christianity, using various discrimination laws and equal opportunity legislation to do so.

What is even more galling about all this is the lies being told by the other side. Every time I publically debate some of these activist groups, they assure everyone that Christians will not be put at risk. For example, when I debate homosexual activists about the dangers of society granting them special rights, they deny that Christians will be adversely affected by this.

I reply that they not only will be, but they already have been. When governments grant special rights to activist minority groups like the homosexual lobby, they of necessity take away rights from the majority. And many of these discrimination laws are doing just that.

What it amounts to is reverse discrimination. If a court says a homosexual cannot be “discriminated” against under any circumstance, that means religious bodies for example will be forced to employ homosexuals, even if it goes against their deeply held religious beliefs.

And it will mean small business owners or home owners who for various reasons wish to employ or rent to only certain people will be forced to do just the opposite. There are often very limited exemptions to these laws, but they are easily circumvented, so time and time again Christian groups are being targeted.

One recent court pronouncement is just the latest example of this. This is how a newspaper reported the story yesterday: “A youth camp owned by the Christian Brethren church has been ordered to pay $5000 compensation for discriminating against a suicide prevention group for young gays. Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal judge Felicity Hampel found the Phillip Island camp breached the Equal Opportunity Act when it refused to take a booking from members of Cobaw Community Health Service’s Way Out project.”

The judge claimed it was not clear from the “homepage” of the website that this was a Christian organisation. But a quick look at their site would have revealed that it certainly was. And given that there would have been hundreds of other such camp sites and retreat centres to choose from, why did this homosexual group so intently decide on this particular Christian campground?

It all sounds like a set up job to me. And that of course would not be the first time. One just need think of how the Victorian government effectively sought to entrap Christian pastors who were holding a seminar on Islam some years ago in Victoria.

There is a concentrated move to target Christian groups, and effectively put them out of business if they seek to remain true to biblical principles. And as usual, this judge was totally ensconced in the PC camp, embracing the homosexual activists’ ideology.

Judge Hemple said this: “”They are not entitled to impose their beliefs on others in a manner that denies them the enjoyment of their right to equality and freedom from discrimination in respect of a fundamental aspect of their being.”

There are plenty of problems with this statement. Homosexual activists are of course imposing their beliefs on the rest of society all the time. Why doesn’t the judge equally object to this? Why is the judge taking sides with the social engineers and activists, while siding against religious groups with long-standing conscientious concerns about such matters?

And how in the world is this discrimination against a fundamental aspect of their being? This is simply pushing the pro-homosexual myth that homosexuals cannot change. Never mind the evidence on this: tens of thousands of people have left the homosexual lifestyle and gone on to heterosexual marriage and family.

Also, this is a complete furphy about discrimination. There would be hundreds of campgrounds around Melbourne to choose from. Why did this homosexual group insist on just this one? We have a pretty good clue as to why this happened, but obviously the judge does not have a clue – or just does not want to know.

But we expect this from the secular left. It is happening all the time. But what we don’t expect is for those who should know better to side with the homosexual activists. Some Christians have actually been siding with the activists against the Christians.

One said they should have allowed this group in, to show them grace. He said it was only the Pharisees who were ungracious and not accepting. But what in the world does pharisaism have to do with anything here? This is about the right of Christian groups to use their facilities as they see fit.

If homosexuals demand to preach in our churches, must we accept that as a ‘grace’ moment as well? Sorry, but this person misses the point here big time. There is a war going on to shut down Christianity, of which this is just one example. But by his reasoning we should invite pedophiles into our Sunday Schools in order to show them grace.

Indeed, until this person invites drug dealers, conmen and pimps into his home in order to ‘show grace’, I think we need not pay too much attention to such concerns, even if they are the result of good intentions, or the desire to somehow be Christlike. Jesus said that often the children of this world are wiser than the children of light. That’s for sure.

And another believer complained about this group not being allowed in, and that suicide was an issue affecting all of us. But this case of course had absolutely nothing to do with suicide prevention, and everything to do with activist groups targeting a Christian site, knowing full well there were hundreds of others to choose from.

But some believers are so naive and gullible, they will usually side with the enemies of the faith. Indeed, there were believers who sided with the Muslims in the court case I mentioned above. Lenin used to call Christians and other Westerners who supported the Communist agenda “useful idiots”. Not a bad term.

The truth is, there is a war going on. But many believers live and act as if there is no war going on. Or, for one reason or another, they have decided to join with those who have declared war against the church. Sadly, many of them think they are actually being more like Christ when they do side with the militant secular activists. Go figure.

We have a clear message from this case. It shows quite clearly that if you are a Christian group which seeks to maintain biblical absolutes, and refuses to cater to homosexual activists, you will be fined in Victoria. And if things keep moving in this direction, it may well soon be more than just fines.


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