Children in the Crosshairs

I was at a meeting recently in which a professional expressed concern about how children will be exposed to homosexual propaganda in sex education classes. He was right to be so concerned, but he was far too limited in his understanding about such propaganda.

The truth is, every area of school is being used by homosexual activists to push their agenda. Any class will do, and any topic will suffice. They certainly are not restricting their offensive to the obvious classes like sex ed. They will use any and every class to promote their radical agenda.

This was made perfectly clear in a very recent piece from the English press. Entitled “‘Gay lessons’ in maths, geography and science,” it spoke about how children are to be “taught about homosexuality in maths, geography and science lessons as part of a Government-backed drive to ‘celebrate the gay community’.”

The article begins as follows: “Lesson plans have been drawn up for pupils as young as four, in a scheme funded with a £35,000 grant from an education quango, the Training and Development Agency for Schools. The initiative will be officially launched next month at the start of ‘LGBT History Month’ – an initiative to encourage teaching about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual issues. The lesson plans, spread across the curriculum, will be offered to all schools.”

The article continues,

“Among the suggestions are:
Maths – teaching statistics through census findings about the number of homosexuals in the population, and using gay characters in scenarios for maths problems;
Design and technology – encouraging pupils to make symbols linked to the gay rights movement;
Science – studying animal species where the male takes a leading role in raising young, such as emperor penguins and sea horses, and staging class discussions on different family structures, including same-sex parents;
Geography – examining the transformation of San Francisco’s Castro district in the 1960s from a working-class Irish area to the world’s first ‘gay neighbourhood’, and considering why homosexuals move from the countryside to cities;
Languages – using gay characters in role play scenarios, and teaching ‘LGBT vocabulary’.

“The lesson plans, written by teachers and backed by the Department for Education, will be available for schools to download from the Schools Out website. For younger children, the plans will suggest using images of same sex couples and also promoting books such as ‘And Tango Makes Three’, which is about two male penguins raising a young chick, inspired by actual events at New York’s Central Park Zoo.”

Such homosexual propaganda, aimed at our youngest, most innocent, and most vulnerable school children is not new of course. All over the Western world public school systems have become hotbeds of pro-homosexual indoctrination and propaganda.

Our youngest of children are in the crosshairs, and an all-out war has been declared against them. Consider just a handful of examples – of many – taking place here in Australia. At a 1995 conference on Schooling and Sexualities at Deakin University a number of pro-homosexual proposals were made. Speakers told the delegates that homosexuality should be taught as acceptable to primary and secondary students, and gay relationships should be recognised through school projects.

In 1995 the Victorian Association for the Teachers of English said that AIDS and homosexuality studies should be incorporated into mainstream English studies. It said that the study of English must embrace “the burgeoning field of lesbian and gay studies,” and that teachers need to “promote awareness of homosexual issues”.

And the AEU called for pro-homosexual education to be integrated into all parts of the curriculum. It spoke of the “rights of all teachers to influence curricula in ways that will enhance understanding and acceptance of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men”.

In 2002 a pro-homosexual booklet was distributed to every secondary school in Victoria. The 72-page booklet, Alsorts, was jointly published by the Alternative Lifestyle Organisation (ALSO Foundation) and Deakin University. The book, filled with a number of statements that many would consider inaccurate and misleading, is just one of many attempts by the homosexual lobby to convince young people that homosexuality is an acceptable and positive lifestyle.

In New South Wales a recommended reading list of fiction and non-fiction books providing positive images of homosexuals and lesbians has been distributed to NSW schools. The lists have been distributed by the Department of School Education as a response to perceived anti-homosexual attitudes.

In a newspaper article entitled, “Sex survey shocks,” there was a story about a Wodonga (Victoria) High School course for 14-year-olds. Year 9 students were forced to answer a blatantly pro-homosexual questionnaire. The mandatory questionnaire, which students had to sign their names to, was part of a compulsory health class. The survey asked these sorts of questions:

-“If you have never slept with a person of the same sex, is it possible that all you need is a lesbian/gay lover?”
-“How can you become a whole person if you limit yourself to compulsive and exclusive heterosexual behaviour?”
-“Is it possible that your heterosexuality stems from a neurotic fear of others of the same sex?”

The students then had to discuss these questions in class. It is designed to show that homosexuality is just the same as heterosexuality, that the two are interchangeable. But they are not of course. This appears to be nothing but propaganda: forcing students to feel guilty about being heterosexual. This is just a blatant attempt to force the homosexual agenda upon impressionable young people.

Most 14-year-olds are too young to be questioned about explicit details in sexuality. Indeed, some 14-year-olds can’t even handle questions about what they want for breakfast! Thus our public schools, with our tax dollars, are pushing the homosexual agenda on our children.

One has to ask: Why are our tax dollars being used to indoctrinate teachers with pro-homosexual propaganda, who then in turn are expected to indoctrinate their students? Simply swap the word tobacco for homosexuality and see how this plays out.

Every class has some smoking students. We need to respect this diversity. We do not want them to feel stigmatised. We need to embrace them in their lifestyle choices. We should let all students know that smoking is as normal as non-smoking. The important thing is for all students to be tolerant and non-judgmental. We do not want the smoking students to feel alienated or vilified for his behaviour. No one lifestyle choice is better than another.

Does anyone really believe such an approach would get very far in our school systems? Homosexuality is a very dangerous and high risk lifestyle, just as smoking is. Why do we have such double standards in these areas? Why do we protect our children against tobacco while forcing them to embrace homosexuality?

In another example of pro-homosexual activities in our schools, the Tasmanian Committee for Human Rights Education recently gave three Tasmanian schools prizes for their “anti-homophobia” programs. The schools were given the awards after they trialed the six-week Pride and Prejudice courses. The schools are now planning to make the courses compulsory, and the Education Department plans to run the program state-wide.

Plenty of other examples could be mentioned. All this makes clear that a war against our children has been declared by the militant homosexual lobby and its social activist supporters. All throughout the school system our children are being targeted with this propaganda.

No wonder so many concerned parents are taking their children out of the state school system altogether. It seems it is more interested in sexualising and abusing our children than it is in providing them with a proper education. If your children are still in state schools, you had better start asking some hard questions and doing some careful research – before it is too late.

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