A Review of A Queer Thing Happened to America. By Michael L. Brown.

EqualTime Books, 2011.

The fact that this book almost did not get published may be the most telling aspect of this volume. One publisher after another refused to have anything to do with this book. This simply shows the enormous power the militant homosexual lobby now exercises.

The simple truth is, they have effectively imposed an iron curtain of censorship, intimidating and bullying anyone who dares to question their radical agenda. Thus those voices that are willing to stand up and speak truth are few and far between.

Michael Brown is one such voice, and he has done us all an inestimable service by persevering with this book. It is the first major book on this topic to appear for some years now. It is a very thorough, well-researched and well-documented volume which covers most of the bases.

Totalling nearly 700 pages (with nearly 100 of those pages devoted to endnotes), this volume is a careful and detailed examination of the homosexual agenda and the threat it poses to faith, family and freedom. In 15 meaty chapters all the important issues and debates are covered.

In addition to covering all the usual topics (eg., the unhealthy lifestyle of homosexuals, myths about discrimination, ‘I was born that way’ arguments, and so on), he especially highlights how very successful this relatively tiny activist movement has been in implementing its agenda, and silencing any critics along the way.

For example, he has a whole chapter on how effectively these militants have played the ‘hate’ card. They have managed to convince almost everyone that to even dare to take a different line on this topic is to be guilty of ‘hate speech’ and ‘hate crimes’.

Thus they have forced most concerned citizens into silence, for fear of being accused of ‘homophobia,’ intolerance, and the like. And all around the Western world activist judges are implementing this strategy by enacting ‘hate speech’ laws.

As a result, homosexuality is now the world’s first politically protected lifestyle. Brown documents case after case where those who seek to challenge the militant activists are intimidated, bullied and threatened into silence, if not acceptance.

He also examines how the mainstream media has become almost fully homosexualised, and is now continuously in the service of the homosexual activists. Whether it is film, or television, or music videos, or what have you, the media is saturated with pro-homosexual imagery, messages and propaganda.

The same with our schools. Not just our universities, but all education, starting with kindergarten on up, is being aggressively targeted by the activists. There are very few schools that are safe today; most are being exposed to the radical agenda of the activists, and often parents have no say in the matter.

Brown also looks at the issue of ex-gays, something which the activists hate above all else. If they can show that homosexuality is an in-built, immutable condition, then they have a much stronger leg to stand on to promote their radical social agenda. But if homosexuals can and do change, then their whole case is blown out of the water.

He looks at the evidence for genuine change, citing plenty of studies along the way. And he documents how science and social science research has been hijacked by the activists, so that those daring to offer a contrary view are threatened, censored, or hounded out of their jobs.

As an Old Testament scholar Brown is well-placed to deal with the issue of theological revisionism. An entire growth industry has emerged by homosexual activists who seek to rewrite the Bible and theology to suit their agenda. Brown examines the usual Scripture-twisting here and ably refutes the bent theology.

He carefully examines the biblical texts on this issue, demonstrating that the revisionists are completely off base here. The Scriptural testimony from Genesis to Revelation is absolutely clear on the sin of homosexuality, and no amount of Scripture-twisting and theology-trashing can change that fact.

All in all, this book is a devastating rebuttal of the homosexualist agenda. It is filled with many hundreds of quotations from the homosexual press, from homosexual activists, and from reputable medical and scientific journals. It is one long volume allowing the other side to speak for itself, condemning itself in the process.

There are very few people who are still qualified to write a book like this today. One needs to be a careful scholar, a person of courage and conviction, aware of social trends and movements, filled with God’s love and compassion, and dedicated to telling truth in the public arena, even when it is very costly to do so.

Fortunately Michael Brown fully meets these qualifications. Thus his new book can be recommended without reservation. It deserves the very widest hearing. Well done Dr Brown.

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