More Adult Perversion, More Child Victimisation

As the West well and truly rejects its Judeo-Christian heritage, it is happy to smash one taboo after another along the way. With every kind of sexual perversion now being celebrated and heralded as our “right”, things can only get worse. Indeed, the sexual revolution has unleashed a tsunami of evil, and it is quickly reaching its apex.

The last frontier is the war on our children, and paedophilia is everywhere today coming out of the closet. Now that we have managed to convince ourselves that homosexuality is a human rights issue, the activists are calling for child sex to be legalised. After all, we don’t want to deny the adult perverts their rights to get their sexual thrills.

Every day we seem to have news items about the slow but steady promotion of this war against children. In just the last few days four news items have caught my attention, and taken together they make for depressing reading. Let me begin with the warnings of Dr. Keith Ablow.

He writes, “There were those who scoffed at my contention that Abercrombie and Fitch, the edgy retailer, was paving the way for mainstream pedophilia when it began marketing breast enhancing bikinis to girls as young as eight. There were those who railed against my contention that the French edition of Vogue was kindling pedophilia and embracing it with its racy depictions of 10-year-olds in heavy makeup, a plunging neckline and stiletto heels.”

He continues, “But, now, there should be no doubt that our culture is poised to begin embracing pedophilia as a lifestyle choice, just like homosexuality. A group of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals called B4U-Act, which has representatives from Harvard and Johns Hopkins, gathered recently in Baltimore to organize their push to change the negative perception of pedophiles and encourage them to get help in a nonjudgmental environment.

“While B4U-Act is not representative of mainstream psychiatry, and while the American Psychiatric Association (APA) did not participate in the group’s meeting, psychiatry has a history of caving into cultural pressure to stop defining controversial illnesses as pathological.”

He concludes, “I’ve told more than one of my patients that his real diagnosis, given his behavior in embracing drugs, instead of his family or employment, shouldn’t be alcohol dependence or heroin dependence, but ‘scumbag.’ And I then have quickly added that they can do better than that—that they must choose to do better than that, because, deep inside, they are good and decent and lovable. I tell them they can find the courage to do the right thing, instead of the wrong thing. Yes, I sometimes use the word ‘wrong.’ I judge them. It helps.

“I would not hesitate to tell a pedophile that his desires are to injure and torture a child—that they are morally wrong—and that it is his responsibility to ferret out the source of those destructive desires and extinguish them. I wouldn’t for a moment commiserate about how hard it is to live in a society that criminalizes the acts he is moved to commit.

“Suggesting to pedophiles that their thoughts and impulses are ‘understandable’ and that they won’t be judged by the members of B4U-Act is the kind of message that encourages them to push harder to change what they think of as unfair laws that keep them from their base desires. I hate to say I told you so, but . . . well . . . OK, I won’t.”

Examples of the sexualisation of our children, and the push to normalise adult perversions can be found all over the Western world. Consider what is happening in Switzerland at the moment. One report says this: “Kindergarten children in Basel, Switzerland will be presented this year with fabric models of human genitalia in a ‘sex box’ to teach them that ‘contacting body parts can be pleasurable.’ The kit for teachers to give sex-education lessons to primary school children uses models and recommends having children massage each other or to rub themselves with warm sand bags, accompanied by soft music.”

Great, just what little five year-olds need. Fortunately not everyone was thrilled with the idea: “Daniel Trappitsch of the Citizens for Citizens association called the idea a ‘catastrophic development.’ ‘Sex education, sure, but it shouldn’t been done this early and it certainly shouldn’t be obligatory,’ he said. His group said they would fight the proposal.”

And consider similar sexual insanity in the US. The Obama government – arguably the most anti-family and anti-faith government ever in the US – is pushing these anti-child measures as well. “The Obama administration is renewing efforts to promote sex to children — following on the heels of decisions by the pro-abortion president to de-fund abstinence education programs that have helped teenagers.”

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services claims that “Children are human beings and therefore sexual beings. It’s hard for parents to acknowledge this, just as it’s hard for kids to think of their parents as sexually active. But even infants have curiosity about their own bodies, which is healthy and normal.”

This is what it says about masturbation for example: “Parents should only be concerned about masturbation if a child seems preoccupied with it to the exclusion of other activities. Victims of sexual abuse sometimes become preoccupied with self-stimulation.”

Again, not everyone has fallen for this rubbish. Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, said this: “The idea that ‘children are human beings and therefore sexual beings’ is one of the most destructive myths of the sexual revolution. To a large extent, this myth may be traced to the ‘research’ conducted by Alfred Kinsey, including the infamous ‘Children of Table 34’ experiments, which involved the deliberate sexual abuse of children as young as 6 months old under ‘experimental’ conditions.”

I have discussed in detail – and the details are sickening indeed – the perverted activities of Kinsey and the child abuse he took part in elsewhere. I urge every single one of you to see for example this article:

Sprigg continues: “The fact that young children are aware that their bodies include genitalia hardly makes them ‘sexual beings,’ and it is improper (and potentially dangerous) to treat them as such before puberty. Sex is sex, whether ‘experimental’ or not, whereas abstinence is abstinence –and the latter should be the expected standard of behavior for unmarried teens.”

Finally, if you ever wondered why so much decadent, sleazy and perverted stuff flows out of Hollywood, it seems there is a very good reason for this.  Consider this headline: “Actor Claims Pedophilia Is Hollywood’s Big Secret”. Here is how the article begins:

“Actor Corey Feldman recently went out on a limb to talk about something nobody wants to talk about in Hollywood: sexual abuse of children and child actors – otherwise known as pedophilia. In ABC’s specific interview with Feldman, the actor makes some disturbing claims. Being famous and underage, he said, caused serious damage to him and his friends, including loss of innocence and a lost childhood. ‘I can tell you that the No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia. That’s the biggest problem for children in this industry. … It’s the big secret,’ Feldman said.

“‘I was surrounded by [pedophiles] when I was 14 years old. … Didn’t even know it. It wasn’t until I was old enough to realize what they were and what they wanted … They were everywhere, Feldman, 40, said. The trauma of pedophilia contributed to the 2010 death of his closest friend and ‘The Lost Boys’ co-star, Corey Haim, Feldman said. ‘There’s one person to blame in the death of Corey Haim. And that person happens to be a Hollywood mogul. And that person needs to be exposed, but, unfortunately, I can’t be the one to do it,’ Feldman said, adding that he, too, had been sexually abused by men in show business.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in a war. This is a war being fought with the highest of stakes, and the prize will be our very children. Either we abandon them to despicable sexual perverts, or we stand up for them and fight this evil every step of the way.

Which side will you be on? It’s your call. I know which side I am on.

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