Readings in Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility

The issues of God’s sovereignty and foreknowledge, predestination and election, man’s free will and responsibility, have been debated since the beginning of the Christian religion. Augustine and Pelagius were early antagonists, as were Calvin and Arminius a millennium later. Thus the debate is not new, and it still rages today.

This very brief bibliography looks at some of these issues in detail. Obviously it is a very limited and narrow range of titles I offer here. I do not include the earlier writers such as Calvin and so on. Indeed, this bibliography could blow out if I do not radically proscribe what volumes I include here.

Many of the books I feature have to do with a new debate which has erupted under the heading of free-will theism, the openness of God, or evangelical process theology. Also included are some titles dealing with issues of eternal security and perseverance.

These volumes cover many aspects of these debates: historical, theological, biblical, exegetical, philosophical, hermeneutical, and pastoral. The books listed here are primarily those written in the last half century. And they primarily are from the evangelical/conservative point of view.

Some of the volumes present various points of view, and some decidedly argue for just one side of the debate. Others offer a helpful pro and con take on these themes, either in a single volume (as in Hunt and White), or in dual companion volumes, such as the two by Horton and Olson, or by Peterson/Williams and Walls/Dongell.

The 45 titles listed here are only a small sampling of the huge literature on these subjects, but they provide plenty of helpful introductory material for those wishing to wade into it all. Happy reading.

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