But We Told You So

So, do you know what ‘compersion’ means? Do you know what a ‘vee’ is? Are you up on your ‘NRE’s? If not, you had better get up to speed real quick, because this is the future, and the future is almost here. And when all this has come upon us, and some of you are not too thrilled about it, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

I know I am not supposed to say, ‘I told you so’ but I must tell you so and I will keep on telling you so, until it is too late for me to do so, and I am imprisoned for my “hate crimes”. But while some freedom remains, I will keep making these warnings, and hope that they don’t all fall on deaf ears.

The truth is, I and others have been warning for years now that opening the door to same-sex marriage will simply open the door to group marriage and other “loves”. There is a very real slippery slope in other words, and we had all just better start getting used to it – unless we will finally stand up and be counted here, and start speaking out before it is too late.

In my new book I show in great detail how the arguments for SSM are the exact sorts of arguments being used for other types of “love”. Polyamory, bestiality and incest are all argued for in the same way homosexual marriage is being argued for.

After all, love is all that matters, and we need real marriage equality, and love doesn’t discriminate, blah, blah, blah. These limp arguments which are routinely dragged out for SSM are fully applicable to all these other sorts of “love”. I have documented this time and time again. Consider a few recent articles:


Indeed, the push for polyamory (group love) is getting almost as strong as the push for SSM. Just today in the Weekend Australian we find a major article on all this. It is worth quoting the opening paragraphs: “For weeks, Sydneysiders and Melburnians who believe menages-a-trois and other polyamorous relationships can be just as committed, loving and valid as marriage between a man and a woman, slaved away together to earn their place in the sun. They drew up plans, sawed wood, hammered nails.

“Finally, in early March, it was ready: the first float celebrating polyamory to join the colourful flotilla in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. For psychologist Nina Melksham, it marked the moment when the poly community, like gays and lesbians a generation ago, had come out of the closet to stand up and be counted.’The polyamory community has always been supportive of the values of equality and acceptance,’ Melksham told Inquirer this week. ‘Participating in the Mardi Gras was a natural way for us to affirm these values.’

“Boosted by this success, Melksham and her polyamorous friends are planning an even bigger show for next year’s festival. The polyamorous community has a further cause for celebration. They believe last weekend’s vote by the ALP national conference to change the party platform to legalise same-sex marriage is a base on which they can build.

“The agenda now is to seek recognition and the removal of prejudice against multiple-partner relationships, perhaps legislation to grant them civil unions and even legalised polyamorous marriage. ‘My personal view is that any change that moves us towards a more loving, open and accepting society can only be a positive,’ Melksham says.

“Melksham runs a counselling practice in Lilyfield in Sydney’s inner west catering to polyamorous clients. She describes her own domestic arrangements as ‘a bit complicated at the moment’: she lives with her former husband, who she describes as her ‘best friend’, and is in a ‘vee’ relationship with two boyfriends who live separately. ‘I had the experience of being deeply in love with more than one person at a time. I had the choice to either deny the reality of the situation or grow and become a more accepting and tolerant person’.”

Do you see how the rhetoric and sloganeering is exactly the same? ‘Tolerant,’ ‘accepting,’ ‘loving,’ ‘open,’ and so on. The exact same brainless phrases, rancid rhetoric, and empty arguments being used for SSM are being used by all these other sexual libertines.

And the sad part is, so many of us have been warning about this for so long. Yet for the most part our warnings have gone unnoticed. And those who should be the most concerned don’t seem to even give a rip. We have so many Christian leaders and celebrity pastors who have actually thrown their lot in with the sexual activists.

Even more sadly, decades ago pro-family groups warned that when marriage gets messed with, the slippery slope will come into play big time. They warned back then that if de facto relationships were put on a par with married couples, then the door would forever be open, to even same-sex marriage.

They were of course loudly and widely derided and vilified at the time. They were told they were nutters and that this would never happen. Of course today I and others are being told exactly the same thing. I am called an extremist and a nutter and a panic merchant because I warn about the slippery slope today.

Homosexual activists especially target me and seek to mock me and ridicule me. Yet the move for other types of “love” is all around us, and as they see SSM come to pass, as certain as night follows day, they will promote their “love” and keep on demanding their “rights” until they too get just what they want.

And when all this comes to pass, all that will remain will be for people like me to say, from our jail cells, ‘We told you so’.


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