Yet More Scenes From the Passing Madness

Sometimes the moonbattery from the secular humanists, the sexual revolutionaries, and the social activists comes in so fast and so furiously, that dealing with each one in individual articles becomes impossible. So here I can only mention a number of recent cases of madness in fleeting fashion.

It is quickly becoming well nigh impossible for me to single-handedly keep up with all this idiocy, deviancy, and delusion. If I were rich and famous I could hire some staff to help me handle this avalanche of radical social engineering and creeping totalitarianism. But for now let me just try to keep you abreast of what is happening around the world.

The first case involves some pretty whacko misotheist moonbattery. One of our leading atheists has shown his true colours by actually arguing for the creation of an atheist temple! I kid you not. We have always been arguing that God-hating is actually a religious belief system, so it is nice of Alain de Botton to come along and make our case for us.

Here is how one article discusses this proposal: “Plans to build a £1m ‘temple for atheists’ among the international banks and medieval church spires of the City of London have sparked a clash between two of Britain’s most prominent non-believers.

“The philosopher and writer Alain de Botton is proposing to build a 46-metre (151ft) tower to celebrate a ‘new atheism’ as an antidote to what he describes as Professor Richard Dawkins’s ‘aggressive’ and ‘destructive’ approach to non-belief. Rather than attack religion, De Botton said he wants to borrow the idea of awe-inspiring buildings that give people a better sense of perspective on life.”

No comment needed. My next example of moonbattery concerns yet another attempt at redefining marriage. And it really does seem to make some sense. After all, if we can believe the twisted logic of the homosexual militants that marriage can be about two men, then why not one woman and one building for life?

Yep, you heard me right. A woman has just married a warehouse – really. Don’t take my word for it. Consider this news item: “A beaming bride, a crumbling warehouse – Babylonia Aivaz said it’s a love that will never die, as she exchanged wedding vows with the Seattle building on Sunday. Aivaz and the 10th and Union warehouse entered into a self-described ‘gay marriage,’ surrounded by friends singing of love and united against displacement in their neighborhood by means of new development.

“Aivaz told the crowd of approximately 50 people about her relationship with the building, which is slated to be demolished in a week to make way for a new apartment complex. In December, she said, she and 16 Occupy Seattle activists linked arms and occupied the warehouse to fight against gentrification and for community space. ‘I was transformed by the event,’ she said.”

She seems transformed all right. Her mind has been transformed to mush. But in an age of homosexual marriage, who are we to deny warehouses the right to marry? How can we be so building-phobic? Marriage equality for all structures!

Speaking about special rights for homosexuals and others with “unique” sexual preferences, get a load of this item from today’s press. An activist QC from NSW evidently believes that homosexuals are above the law, and when it comes to sentencing, they should be given much more lenient sentences.

As a report states, “Gays and lesbians will be given a get-out-of-jail-free card under proposals to soften the state’s bail laws currently before Attorney-General Greg Smith. Other alleged offenders who are deemed ‘vulnerable’ – including transgender, young or old people and those of ‘multicultural background’ – would also be given an advantage when applying for bail under proposals in a review of the bail laws ordered by Mr Smith….

“The secret review paper, from Hal Sperling QC, has been distributed to key stakeholders like the Bar Association for further comment before a final report is presented to Mr Smith and taken to cabinet.”

Oh, so they are “vulnerable” are they? OK then – let’s just scrap the rule of law and the idea that we are all equal under the law. Let’s just give even more special rights and preferential treatment to homosexuals. We don’t in any way want to bruise these poor vulnerable folks.

But while homosexuals continue to be granted special favours and rights, they continue their militant campaign of stripping them away from others. Every day we have more examples of homosexual activists targeting faith and family groups. Consider a few more recent cases:

In Ontario, Canada, the activist pro-homosexual courts are taking aim at church groups, telling Catholic schools they must have homosexual clubs whether they want them or not. “After Ontario’s Catholic trustees took a strong stand against homosexual activism in a new anti-bullying plan last week, Ontario’s government has slammed the plan for failing to allow for single-issue clubs for homosexual students. ‘We’ve been absolutely crystal clear that we expect students to participate in groups and have the issues important to them talked about,’ Education Minister Laurel Broten told the Catholic Register’s Deborah Gyapong on Monday.”

And in England a Christian psychotherapist is facing court for simply trying to help a homosexual who wanted to leave his dangerous lifestyle. For daring to agree to his request, and offer him real choice, the gay inquisitors have been foaming at the mouth.

It seems it is all one-way traffic here. Those who want to embrace the homosexual lifestyle are quite free to do so – indeed, they are actively encouraged to do so. But those who seek to get out are treated like apostates, and those who seek to help them are treated as criminals.

Finally, more anti-Christian bigotry in America. The president’s health package, known as Obamacare, will force everyone to be involved in abortion and contraception, even if they have religious or other problems with such activities.

On January 24 the Department of Health and Human Services affirmed its earlier ruling that mandated almost all employer health plans to fully cover contraception, sterilization procedures and abortion-inducing drugs. This has put the government on a warpath with pro-life groups in general, and the Catholic Church in general.

And just to show Obama’s hatred for life, and his radical pro-death credentials, his administration is seeking to block pro-life ads being run during the Superbowl. So much for freedom of speech in Obama’s America. It seems that only the pro-death camp there has real freedom.

Phew! That’s a lot of social activism and moonbattery. I may need to set up more websites just to keep up with all this madness. At least I will never suffer for want of things to do. Not when all the nutters, moonbeams, misotheists and radical social engineers are working overtime to destroy the West.

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