Let’s Con Those Gullible Christians

It looks like the Greens and Labor are having a competition to see who can win the homosexual booby prize. They are stumbling over each other as they rush to get same-sex marriage legalised in Australia. They are nicely showing their true colours here – both are in bed with the militant activists, and don’t give a rip about the rest of the country.

And they are hoping that most Christians will be so clueless that they can get away with this, simply by promising to make ‘exemptions’ for churches so they won’t have to do the marrying. Yeah right, tell me about it. There is no such thing. Once this goes through, every Christian in the country – expect for those who have already sold their souls to the devil on this issue – will be adversely impacted.

Here is how a breaking news story describes these moves: “Two pieces of legislation aiming to legalise same-sex marriage will be presented to federal parliament next week. Labor backbencher Stephen Jones will table his private member’s bill on Monday, while a second will be jointly sponsored by Greens MP Adam Bandt and Tasmanian independent MP Andrew Wilkie.

“Both are likely to include protections for churches that refuse on religious grounds to marry same-sex couples. Mr Bandt wants both bills referred to a parliamentary inquiry which is considering another piece of Greens legislation on the same issue.

“While he and Mr Wilkie were moving early on the matter, Mr Bandt cautioned the best approach to get the laws through would be to take time and make it a cooperative multi-party effort. He wants all MPs to vote according to their conscience. Labor MPs have been given a free vote on the issue, but not those in the coalition. The Greens deny trying to usurp Labor efforts. Mr Bandt said he tried to meet Mr Jones this morning to discuss cooperating on the issue but the Labor MP had cancelled.”

It does not matter a hill of beans how many “protections” they try to seduce naive Christians with: same-sex marriage is always and only a bad idea, regardless of whether churches get a bit of reprieve or not. I have just written a new book documenting the many reasons why SSM will be bad news for everyone. And this site has plenty of articles where I also spell this out as well.

And any so-called exemptions will not be worth the paper they are written on. Every Christian will be impacted by this. Whether you make wedding cakes, rent out halls for public functions, do marriage ceremonies, or rent out rooms, all will be forced to deny conscience and faith, and cater to the activists’ every whim.

You see, once something is legalised, and a new “right” is created for a special interest group, there will be corresponding obligations placed on everyone else. If there is a newfound “right” to SSM, then all Australians will be expected by law to conform to this new right, and cater to it.

But don’t take my word for it. Just look at what has happened around the rest of the world. Wherever special rights have been given to the homosexual lobby, it has been real bad news for the rest of the community – Christians especially.

Here are just a few recent examples of this. I simply offer the headline, date, and opening paragraph of the news reports:

“Canadian Court: Marriage officials must marry homosexuals”
January 10, 2011
“The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal declared this morning that proposed legislative amendments that would have allowed Saskatchewan’s marriage commissioners to refuse to perform same-sex ‘marriages’ on religious grounds are unconstitutional.”

“Army: court-martial Chaplains for ‘religious, conscience’ objection to homosexuality”
March 24, 2011
“The U.S. Army has officially threatened military chaplains they must either embrace the new openly homosexual military, resign from service, or face court-martial for their ‘religious, conscience’ objections.”

“Tory MP calls for churches to be banned from holding marriages if they refuse gay couples”
PinkNews, September 2, 2011

“MPs vote to stop civil servants refusing to carry out gay weddings”
November 15, 2011
“Dutch MPs voted on Tuesday afternoon for a change in the law to prevent civil servants refusing to conduct gay marriages.”

“Lesbian couple mulls action against Christian wedding cake baker”
November 16, 2011
“An Iowa baker who politely declined to provide a wedding cake for two lesbians based on her Christian values may face legal action from the couple.”

“Gay rights activist calls for boycott of Salvation Army Christmas fundraiser”
November 28, 2011
“Gay rights activists who object to the Salvation Army’s biblical stance on homosexuality are launching their annual call to shut down the organization’s Christmas fundraiser.”

“A New Jersey judge ruled against a Christian retreat house that refused to allow a same-sex civil union ceremony to be conducted on its premises, ruling the Constitution allows ‘some intrusion into religious freedom to balance other important societal goals’.”
January 12, 2012

“Attorney Says School Threatened, Punished Boy Who Opposed Gay Adoption”
January 24, 2012
“A 15-year-old Wisconsin boy who wrote an op-ed opposing gay adoptions was censored, threatened with suspension and called ignorant by the superintendent of the Shawano School District, according to an attorney representing the child.”

And one of the prime pieces of evidence is what has happened in the American state of Massachusetts. Since they legalised SSM in 2004, all hell has broken out. This is all very nicely documented in this very important paper which every single one of you should read: www.massresistance.org/docs/marriage/effects_of_ssm.html

So do not for one minute let these slick shysters con you into thinking, ‘well, maybe it won’t be so bad – they are kindly allowing us a bit of room here.’ They are doing nothing of the kind. They are just trying to lull to sleep those gullible and naive Christians out there who really don’t have a clue what is really going on here. They thrive on our ignorance and apathy.

So please, every one of you, look at the document I linked to above. It is only 4 pages long, but it will be some of the scariest reading you will have ever come across. But we must know what is going on. The first step in winning this battle is knowing the enemy. The second step is to learn from history. The link above will help you in both areas.

I have also discussed what radical changes have occurred in Massachusetts here: www.billmuehlenberg.com/2010/12/10/same-sex-marriage-who-says-nothing-will-change/

To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed. We dare not let these fraudsters pull a fast one over us. Please take the warning as seriously as you possibly can. If you don’t, and SSM goes through, everything will change. Everything.


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