Hijacking Good Causes To Promote Radical Agendas

Bullying has always been a problem. I faced it in school as did most people. It is a very common occurrence, but it is not amiss to seek to at least lessen it. In its extreme forms it can lead victims to attempt suicide, so it is well worth dealing with.

And there have been all sorts of victims of bullying:
-if you are an ugly kid you likely will be bullied;
-if you are a fat kid you likely will be bullied;
-if you are a skinny kid you likely will be bullied;
-if you are an acne-ridden kid you likely will be bullied;
-if you are a kid from the wrong side of town you likely will be bullied;
-if you are an ungainly kid you likely will be bullied;
-if you are a very bright kid you likely will be bullied.
-if you are a very nerdy kid you likely will be bullied.

The point is most kids have been bullied for all sorts of reasons. Such bullying is of course wrong, but it tends to be quite normal. But a major concern is when one special interest group seeks to politicise this issue, and hijack it as a means to promote their own harmful agenda.

The homosexual lobby has hopped onto the anti-bullying bandwagon big time, and has basically taken it over for the promotion of their radical social engineering activities. They have thus perverted a worthwhile initiative and turned it into yet another means to force an unwilling population to embrace their agenda.

Just recently a major homosexual activist in the US, Dan Savage, in fact bullied a student audience so much that dozens of them got up and left his talk – even though his message was about anti-bullying! See his hate-filled talk here: www.lifesitenews.com/news/video-anti-bullying-leader-slams-bible-harasses-christian-high-school-stude

For a good rebuttal of his twisted thinking, Michael Brown offers us this quite helpful three-part response:

And as I document in my new book, Strained Relations, the homosexual activists are doing plenty of this type of bullying. They are doing all they can to ensure that those who dare to disagree with them are fired from their jobs, fined, or imprisoned – all in the name of tolerance and acceptance of course.

And in their “anti-bullying” programs they are making all sorts of outrageous claims, such as: if you do not legalise homosexual marriage, you will cause more homosexual vilification and suicide. Even at the recent federal government hearings on this which I attended, the radical politicians were pushing this foolish line.

They are parroting the disingenuous remarks of the homosexual activists that “homophobia” is the cause of all the homosexual mental health problems, and for higher suicide rates. But as I document in my book, this is blatant baloney. One simply has to look closely at the places where homosexuality is overwhelmingly accepted.

In places like Amsterdam, San Francisco and Sydney, guess what you find? Yep, homosexual suicide rates and mental, psychological and physical health problems are just as high there as elsewhere. The truth is, there is something inherently wrong with the lifestyle itself.

It is an unhealthy, high-risk and dangerous lifestyle. And because it is so contrary to the obvious way nature has designed us, of course it is going to lead to all sorts of unhealthy outcomes – both physical and emotional. Even the homosexual medical community admits to all this. Simply look at these two sites to see how dangerous this lifestyle is:

And these are homosexual websites, let me remind you. Legalising homosexual marriage is going to do nothing to solve these health issues, or to reduce higher than average suicide rates amongst homosexuals. Yet those who should know better are falling for the homosexual indoctrination – hook, line and sinker.

Consider the Victorian “conservative” government for example. Premier Ted Baillieu has just said that he plans to “create his government’s first gay and lesbian ministerial advisory committee”. And the justification for this? Bullying and suicide is part of the reason he gave. With clueless ‘conservative’ leaders like this, no wonder we are in such big trouble.

This Liberal leader is just as ignorant and easily misled as are the Greens and Labor Senators who told me last week that only legalising homosexual marriage will help these homosexual youth. What utter foolishness. As I said, the facts speak otherwise.

Maggie Gallagher has written about this same issue in the US, and her words are worth recording here: “Gay students are also more than twice as likely to report having had sexual intercourse before age 13 – that is, to be sexually abused as children. They are three times as likely to report being the victims of dating violence, and nearly four times as likely to report forced sexual contact. A majority of LGBT teens in Massachusetts reported using illegal drugs in the past month. (Perhaps most oddly, gay teens are also three times as likely as nongay teens to report either becoming pregnant or getting someone else pregnant.)

“Forced sex, childhood sexual abuse, dating violence, early unwed pregnancy, substance abuse – could these be a more important factor in the increased suicide risk of LGBT teens than anything people like me ever said? The deeper you look, the more you see kids who are generally unprotected in deeply tragic ways that make it hard to believe – if you are really focusing on these kids’ well-being – that gay marriage is the answer.

“And that’s exactly what the Youth Risk Behavior data also show: In 2001, gay teens in Massachussetts were almost four times more likely to have attempted suicide (31 percent vs. 8 percent). In 2007 – after four years of legalized gay marriage in that state – gay teens were still about four times more likely to attempt suicide than nongay teens (29 percent vs. 6 percent).

“Whether you are looking at their faces or looking at the statistics, one thing is clear: These kids need help, real help. They should not become a mere rhetorical strategy, a plaything in our adult battles. Each of these teens is a child of God. And each one deserves better from all of us that becoming a ‘teachable moment’ in someone else’s culture war.”

Quite right. So by all means let us do what we can to stamp out all bullying, and not politicise this issue to promote a radical agenda. I don’t see special campaigns for fat kids or ugly kids here. Why are governments simply listening to just one group – the homosexual activists?

As one pro-family leader has commented: “Teen suicide is always a tragedy. But tragedies should never be manipulated in order to advance an agenda – especially one that lures youth into an immoral, disease-ridden lifestyle.”


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