Homosexual Marriage: Everything Will Change

Consider this headline: ‎“An equal opportunity commission board member who signed a submission against same-sex marriage has resigned.” A respected doctor and community leader has been forced to resign for a horrific crime: yes, he dared to say marriage was between a man and a woman, and children deserve to be raised by their own biological mother and father. I wrote about his story earlier: www.billmuehlenberg.com/2012/05/13/finally-some-good-news-and-some-common-sense/

The homosexual mafia have once again got their way and shown their true colours. They are destroying freedom and democracy slowly but surely. Every day we witness another example of the pink jackboots in operation. It is getting uglier by the day, and shows no signs of letting up.

For years now I have been documenting the constant war which is being waged against those who value marriage and family, those who value freedom, and those who are people of faith. All three have been heavily hammered by homosexual activists and their supporters in high places.

Here I offer just some recent examples of this. They are only the tip of the iceberg, but they very nicely demonstrate the battle we are in, and how special rights for homosexuals in general, and homosexual marriage in particular, will change everything. With so many examples to choose from, and so little space here, let me just offer the headline, date, and perhaps the opening paragraph of each recent news item. I will begin with last year and move up to more recent times:

“Canadian Court: Marriage officials must marry homosexuals”
January 10, 2011
“The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal declared this morning that proposed legislative amendments that would have allowed Saskatchewan’s marriage commissioners to refuse to perform same-sex ‘marriages’ on religious grounds are unconstitutional.”

“Army: court-martial Chaplains for ‘religious, conscience’ objection to homosexuality”
March 24, 2011
“The U.S. Army has officially threatened military chaplains they must either embrace the new openly homosexual military, resign from service, or face court-martial for their ‘religious, conscience’ objections.”

“Tory MP calls for churches to be banned from holding marriages if they refuse gay couples”
PinkNews, September 2, 2011

“MPs vote to stop civil servants refusing to carry out gay weddings”
November 15, 2011
“Dutch MPs voted on Tuesday afternoon for a change in the law to prevent civil servants refusing to conduct gay marriages.”

“Lesbian couple mulls action against Christian wedding cake baker”
November 16, 2011
“An Iowa baker who politely declined to provide a wedding cake for two lesbians based on her Christian values may face legal action from the couple.”

“Gay rights activist calls for boycott of Salvation Army Christmas fundraiser”
November 28, 2011
“Gay rights activists who object to the Salvation Army’s biblical stance on homosexuality are launching their annual call to shut down the organization’s Christmas fundraiser.”

“Case of counseling student forced to undergo pro-homosexual ‘sensitivity training’ goes to court”
December 2, 2011
“After losing at a lower court, a counseling student at a public university in Georgia who was threatened with expulsion because she expressed discomfort with counseling homosexuals, is pleading her case before an Appeals Court this week.”

“Macy’s fires woman for refusing ‘transgender’ man access to women’s fitting room”
December 8, 2011
“A woman has been fired from a Macy’s department store for denying a man dressed as a woman access to the women’s fitting room. ‘I had to either comply with Macy’s or comply with God,’ said Natalie Johnson.”

“All Ontario teachers will be forced to undergo ‘diversity’ training by 2013: minister”
December 22, 2011
“By 2013 prospective teachers in Ontario will be required to undergo focused training in ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender diversity,’ says a cabinet minister in Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government.”

“A New Jersey judge ruled against a Christian retreat house that refused to allow a same-sex civil union ceremony to be conducted on its premises, ruling the Constitution allows ‘some intrusion into religious freedom to balance other important societal goals’.”
January 12, 2012

“Amsterdam chief rabbi suspended for gay stance”
January 18, 2012
“The Orthodox Jewish community of Amsterdam suspended its US-born chief rabbi on Tuesday for cosigning a declaration which said homosexuality was a ‘treatable’ inclination.”

“Attorney Says School Threatened, Punished Boy Who Opposed Gay Adoption”
January 24, 2012
“A 15-year-old Wisconsin boy who wrote an op-ed opposing gay adoptions was censored, threatened with suspension and called ignorant by the superintendent of the Shawano School District, according to an attorney representing the child.”

“Gay activists attack church over same-sex marriage message”
15 February 2012
“Same Sex Marriage supporters attacked Wallsend, NSW Presbyterian Church last night in response to a message criticising same-sex marriage displayed on the building’s outside notice board.”

“All Dutch schools must teach about homosexuality, cabinet decides”
February 17, 2012
“All primary and secondary schools are to be required to provide pupils with information about homosexuality, ministers agreed at their Friday cabinet meeting.”

“Criticize homosexuality in Sweden and go to jail: No problem for European rights court”
February 17, 2012
“Anyone challenging the homosexualist agenda in public in Sweden can be sent to prison, and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that this does not constitute any violation of rights. In 2004, the Swedish government charged a group of pamphleteers with ‘agitation against a national or ethnic group,’ a crime that carries a maximum penalty of 2 years in prison.”

“Qld Labor candidate expelled after homophobic rant”
February 21, 2012
“Teenage Queensland ALP candidate Peter Watson has been expelled from the party after admitting to a series of anti-gay rants on the internet.”

“Brazilian government demands apology from televangelist for ‘homophobia’”
February 21, 2012
“A Brazilian federal prosecutor is demanding that a televangelist retract certain statements he made in 2011 which the prosecutor says incited ‘hatred’ against homosexuals – a thinly veiled threat of future legal action.”

“14-year-old homeschooled girl receives death threats for defending marriage”
February 22, 2012
“A 14-year-old homeschooler who testified before the Maryland state senate against a bill redefining marriage has been the subject of cyberbullying, vicious name-calling, and death threats.”

“Alberta readies to impose ‘diversity’ education on homeschoolers”
February 22, 2012
“Homeschooling groups are sounding the alarm this week as the Alberta government prepares to pass a bill that they say threatens to mandate ‘diversity’ education in the home.”

“Preacher’s remarks spark USQ ban”
February 23, 2012
“A United States preacher has been banned from speaking at the University of Southern Queensland tonight due to disparaging comments he made about homosexuality.”

“Stop Catholic schools from distributing ‘homophobic’ literature: leader of UK’s largest union”
February 27, 2012

“Christian vendor blocked from campus”
March 3, 2012
“Under mounting pressure from pro-‘gay’ activists, the student government at a university in Boston voted down a proposal to bring a Chick-fil-A franchise on campus.”

“‘Truth about homosexuality’ pamphleteer arrested, threatened with committal to psychiatric ward”
March 8, 2012
“Bill Whatcott’s controversial campaign to expose the harms of homosexuality has most recently resulted in him being detained by police and threatened with committal to a psychiatric hospital if he didn’t stop distributing flyers at the university of Calgary and adjoining neighborhoods.”

“Christians Who Signed Petitions Investigated”
March 10, 2012
“A prosecutor has decided to pursue and possibly charge members of El Paso area churches who promoted petitions opposing the city administration’s decision to implement benefits for same-sex partners even after voters decided not to allow that.”

“ABC presenter stood down for voicing Katter ad”
Brisbane Times, March 12, 2012
“An ABC radio presenter has been taken off the air after it was revealed she was the voice behind a controversial anti gay marriage television commercial produced for Katter’s Australian Party.”

“Christian minister accused of ‘crime against humanity’ for homosexuality stance”
March 15, 2012
“Two years ago, Scott Lively, author of ‘The Pink Swastika’, addressed members of the Ugandan Parliament, which was considering a bill criminalizing homosexuality. Lively urged an emphasis on therapy rather than punishment, and, after the bill was released he opposed the death penalty provision. Now, on March 14th a lawsuit was filed in an American court alleging that Lively committed the ‘Crime Against Humanity’ by speaking against homosexuality in Uganda.”

“Lesbian with kids in Catholic school demands removal of Catechism quote on homosexuality”
March 16, 2012
“A self-proclaimed ‘lesbian’ whose two children attend a Catholic school near Peterborough, Ontario, is demanding that the Peterborough Catholic school board remove a Catechism quote dealing with homosexuality from a school pamphlet. Ann Michelle Tesluk has started an online petition to pressure the board to action and describes her activities as gearing to make the Catholic Church into an ‘openly gay friendly church’.”

“Liberal outrage in Spain: Homosexual groups seek prosecution of bishop over sermon on homosexuality”
April 18, 2012
“Homosexual groups are seeking the prosecution of a Spanish bishop after he gave a sermon repeating the Catholic Church’s teaching.”

“Kansas law would force churches to host same-sex ‘weddings,’ receptions”
April 24, 2012
“A proposed ordinance in one of the nation’s most conservative states would force churches to rent their property out for same-sex ‘weddings’ and receptions. It would also force any public venue to allow people to use showers, restrooms, and locker-rooms based on their ‘gender identity,’ rather than their ‘sex at birth’.”

“Angry Queers’ damage Driscoll’s Portland church”
April 25, 2012
“A satellite church affiliated with controversial Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll was vandalized early Tuesday and a group calling itself the ‘Angry Queers’ has reportedly taken responsibility. Stained glass and other windows were broken at the Mars Hill Church.”

“Proposed Kansas Law Would Force Churches to Host Drag Queen Parties”
May 2, 2012
“If passed, the ordinance will allow cases against Christian businesses, much as they have done elsewhere to Christian bed and breakfast owners, wedding photographers and others.”

“Nebraska football coach: I’d rather be fired than retract homosexuality remarks”
May 3, 2012
“University of Nebraska’s assistant football coach, Ron Brown, who is facing censure and calls for his dismissal for publicly expressing his biblically-based views against the homosexual lifestyle, has stated that he’d rather be fired than retract his comments.”

“UK Catholic Schools Warned of Breaking Law in Opposing Gay Marriage”
May 9, 2012
“The government of Wales is moving against Catholic schools that are organizing students to protest a new government plan to back gay marriage in that country.”

“California Considers Legislation Making it a Crime to Counsel Children Not to Be Homosexual”
May 9, 2012
“California Senate Bill 1172 would make it illegal for therapists, psychologists, counselors and parents to engage in any kind of ‘sexual orientation change efforts’ against children 18 and younger. Violators could be subject to arrest, fines, possible jail time.”

“Victorian psychiatrist questioned over his stance on gay marriage”
AAP, May 13, 2012
“A psychiatrist lobbying against same-sex marriage must explain why he should retain his role on the board of the state’s equal opportunity agency, critics say.”

“Christian Marriage Conference in UK Banned for Opposition to Gay Marriage”
May 14, 2012
“The organizers of a marriage conference in Britain have been told they can no longer hold the event on their regular hired premises because they support the biblical definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.”

All this is just the tip of the iceberg. As more special rights laws and homosexual marriage bills are passed, we will see more and more of this sort of thing. Freedoms will inevitably be stripped away. And the activists know this is and clearly desire this.

In the light of all this, if you are still not convinced, then simply look at what has happened in the American state of Massachusetts. Ever since they legalised homosexual marriage back in 2004, all hell has broken out. This is all very nicely documented in this very important paper which we all need to carefully read: www.massresistance.org/docs/marriage/effects_of_ssm.html

Homosexual marriage changes everything. Who will be the next one to be fired, fined or tossed into jail?


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