Even More Attacks on Faith and Freedom

Well it’s been a week or two, so the collection of yet more outrageous cases of anti-Christian bigotry by the homosexual militants is building up. So to clear this backlog (temporarily), I better run through some of the most recent examples of this homosexual fascism.

As I have said so often now, the activists know full well that everything will change when homosexual marriage gets foisted and forced upon a nation. Special rights for homosexuals always mean the rights of the majority are stamped upon.

The militants are lying through their teeth when they claim such radical social engineering changes will impact no one. They know that everyone will be adversely affected, especially the churches. And that is their goal: to completely shut down all churches and anything or anyone else that dares to oppose their agenda.

So consider these recent shockers. You might want to be sitting down first however. Consider Exhibit A: “A ruling from Judge Tim L. Garcia in the New Mexico Court of Appeals says states can require Christians to violate their faith in order to do business, affirming a penalty of nearly $7,000 for a photographer who refused to take pictures at a lesbian ‘commitment’ ceremony in the state where same-sex ‘marriage’ was illegal.

“Judges Cynthia Fry and James Wechsler joined in the ruling by Garcia, which involved Elane Photography, whose owners, Elaine and Jonathan Huegeunin, are Christians and declined to do photography for lesbians Vanessa Willock and another woman.

“The women complained under the state’s anti-discrimination requirements and a state commission, the New Mexico Human Rights Commission, imposed the penalty, which now has been affirmed by the appeals court judges. The judges explained in the 45-page ruling that the photography company is a ‘public accommodation’ and those cannot discriminate under state law based on ‘sexual orientation’.”

So even wedding photographers are not safe from the long reach of the militants and their judicial cronies. But wait, there’s more. Consider Exhibit B from England: “The Health Service has removed the word ‘dad’ from a pregnancy handbook for fear of offending gay and lesbian parents.

“Officials decided to use the term ‘partner’ throughout the 200-page guide, titled Ready Steady Baby, after receiving a complaint that ‘dad’ was discriminating against same-sex couples. But the omission of the word has angered some campaigners who claim that traditional family values are being undermined. The NHS feared that the term ‘dad’ may offend same sex couples and therefore replaced it with ‘partner’ (picture is posed by models)

“Norman Wells, of the Family Education Trust, said: ‘This is all part of an agenda to present as natural a type of family that cannot be created by natural means. The NHS should not be squandering taxpayers’ money to advance the cause of a minority interest group. No matter how much effort is made to present positive images of families headed by same-sex couples, the fact remains it takes a man and a woman to create a child’.”

There they go again: a miniscule percentage of the population holding the overwhelming to ransom. But we still need to consider Exhibit C: “A bill gagging therapists from pursuing same-sex attraction therapy with minors dissatisfied with their sexual orientation has passed the California state Senate. The controversial bill by Democratic State Sen. Ted Lieu was amended for the fifth time before it was approved by state senators 23-13 along party lines. It will now go to the state Assembly.

“SB 1172 had initially made it a crime for a mental health professional to conduct sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) with a consensual client ‘by means of therapeutic deception,’ which was defined as ‘a representation by a psychotherapist that sexual orientation change efforts … can or will reduce’ homosexual conduct or desire. The latest version, which scrapped nearly the entire bill besides initial declarations, kept only the ban on SOCE for minors.”

So there you go folks: our enlightened social engineers running California want to deny any young person the right to leave a lifestyle he or she is unhappy with. They will remain trapped in this dead-end lifestyle whether they like it or not. So much for freedom of choice.

But it is not just the US and the UK that is guilty of this homosexual thuggery. Canada is a world leader in all this. Indeed, there has been so much loss of freedom and anti-Christian bigotry emanating from all their pro-homosexual legislation, that it really is becoming a new PC gulag.

Consider this chilling new article by veteran Canada observer, Michael Coren. I offer his opening paragraphs: “A considered and empathetic opposition to same-sex marriage has nothing to do with phobia or hatred, but that doesn’t stop Christians, conservatives, and anybody else who doesn’t take the fashionable line from being condemned as Neanderthals and bigots. This is a lesson that Canadians have learned from painful experience.

“Same-sex marriage became law in Canada in the summer of 2005, making the country the fourth nation to pass such legislation, and the first in the English-speaking world. In the few debates leading up to the decision, it became almost impossible to argue in defense of marriage as a child-centered institution, in defense of the procreative norm of marriage, in defense of the superiority of two-gender parenthood, without being thrown into the waste bin as a hater. What we’ve also discovered in Canada is that it can get even worse than mere abuse, and that once gay marriage becomes law, critics are often silenced by the force of the law.

“Although precise figures about gay marriages in Canada are elusive, there are thought to be fewer than 30,000, after an initial surge of around 10,000 as soon as the law was passed. But if large numbers of gay people failed to take advantage of the law, the law certainly took advantage of its critics. Again, definitive figures are almost impossible to state, but it’s estimated that, in less than five years, there have been between 200 and 300 proceedings — in courts, human-rights commissions, and employment boards — against critics and opponents of same-sex marriage. And this estimate doesn’t take into account the casual dismissals that surely have occurred.

“In 2011, for example, a well-known television anchor on a major sports show was fired just hours after he tweeted his support for ‘the traditional and TRUE meaning of marriage.’ He had merely been defending a hockey player’s agent who was receiving numerous death threats and other abuse for refusing to support a pro-gay-marriage campaign. The case is still under appeal, in human-rights commissions and, potentially, the courts.”

His concluding paragraph contains words of warning which we all need to take to heart: “The Canadian litany of pain, firings, and social and political polarization and extremism is extraordinary and lamentable, and we haven’t even begun to experience the mid- and long-term results of this mammoth social experiment. I seldom say it, but for goodness’ sake learn something from Canada.”

Quite so. Learn from Canada, and California, and New Mexico, and the UK. All over the Western world as the homosexual juggernaut marches on, freedoms are being stripped away, religion is coming under attack, and conscience is being violated.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


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