Democrats, Death and Deicide

The contrast between the two main American political parties keeps getting more and more obvious. The Republicans, for all their faults, value God, faith, freedom, free markets, family, and support Israel, among other things. The Democrats on the other hand seem to value secularism, socialism, statism, and social suicide.

They can hardly claim to be friends of the family, of Christianity, of Israel, of free enterprise, and of limited government. Indeed, simply note what the main emphases have been at the Democratic National Convention. It has been all about abortion, contraception, homosexual marriage, and bashing the Republicans. Nothing of real substance in other words; nothing which most Americans would be concerned about.

They are clamouring on about all sorts of radical lefty social engineering agendas, but saying and doing nothing about the real issues which impact Americans: the economy, education, family life, and so on. Oh, and you won’t hear anything about that $16 trillion debt they helped to rack up. Nope, wouldn’t want to spoil the party with that one.

Indeed, they won’t want to look closely at what has actually happened under BHO during the past four years. But I am happy to share some of this: A triple A credit rating is now just double A. The 5% unemployment rate is now nearly 9%. Gas then cost $1.80 a gallon, now it is $3.80. And 52 months of continuous jobs growth is now replaced with 42 months of high unemployment.

But hey, what are a few inconvenient truths when you are trying to pat yourself on the back and con the American people that somehow another four years of this is going to be a great thing for the country. Oh, and BTW, simply to point out these facts of course automatically makes me a racist.

Never mind the fact that I would love to have an Allen West or Alan Keyes or Mia Love or even Condi Rice over a liberal whitey as POTUS. And don’t get me started on how so much of the MSM deliberately ignored covering any of the black speakers at the RNC. Nothing like a bit of censorship to help push agendas.

Simply taking Obama’s pro-abortion and pro-infanticide position should be enough to convince any rational and moral human being – let alone someone claiming to be a Christian – not to vote for this guy. A short video here on his love of the death mill Planned Parenthood should be all we need to steer clear of this modern day King Herod and his Slaughter of the Innocents:

And if that still does not convince you of the evil of abortion, and why no one claiming to be a true follower of Jesus Christ can vote for a party with abortion on demand as part of its official party platform, then you might try watching this one, if you dare:

On top of all this, these Democrats – who claim to be so in touch with the average American – at first refused to even allow God to be dragged into their convention, or the nation of Israel. But after a major backlash, they had to relent, and a motion had to be made to allow both back on to their platform.

But to allow such a change, there had to be a clear 2/3 majority in support. Well they never got that two-thirds. Indeed, the whole world knows they did not. They actually had to call for a vote on this three times. And in each case the ‘no’ vote got louder and clearer.

Thus we can affirm that at least half – if not more – of all the Democratic delegates there did not want God, or the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital – to go ahead. Yet the chairman just ignored the clear and consistent ‘no’ votes, and pretended the motion passed anyway. You can watch this entire appalling episode here:

This is simply incredible stuff. I love what Father Peter West had to say about all this: “If God gets booed at your Party’s Convention, you’re in the wrong Party.” Amen! What kind of party is it that actually boos when someone simply wants God to get a tiny look-in at a convention?

This is clearly – if we did not already know this – a party of radical secular lefties. They seem to hate God, hate Israel, hate America, hate freedom and hate democracy. They just want to see King Obama back in for a second term so they can really let him loose to do even more damage.

And Obama has promised to do just that – if he gets in again he will let his entire radical crusade loose on the American people. If you thought things were bad now, just wait till what comes during the next four years – if America lasts that long under his reign of terror.

There is little doubt that this man has been among the worst US presidents ever, and he will simply prove this beyond any shadow of a doubt if he gets back in. His pro-death stance alone should convince us all of this. Indeed, any guy who can actually say, “I would never punish my daughters with a baby” has got rings around King Herod big time. God help us all.

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