Law, Licence and Lunacy

The law historically has done one of three things: it has prohibited something, permitted something, or promoted something. And we often see a certain behaviour or activity go through these three stages. Sometimes they can go from being promoted or permitted to being prohibited, as with cigarette smoking.

Governments in the West once fully permitted cigarette smoking, but when it became more and more clear what an unhealthy and dangerous lifestyle it was, many active steps were then taken to radically reduce the behaviour. High taxes, bans in public places, advertising campaigns, and so on, were all used to deter the activity.

Perhaps one day smoking may be banned altogether. So that is one example of this pattern in reverse. But let’s consider another example, of the pattern playing itself out from beginning to end. Take the issue of homosexuality. In the West until recently this behaviour was pretty much everywhere prohibited.

But constant agitation by homosexual pressure groups resulted in almost all bans being lifted, and the lifestyle became fully permitted. But things did not stop there. Everywhere in the West the homosexual lifestyle is now being aggressively promoted and encouraged by governments and our ruling elites.

It has become a mission of most Western nations to force feed its citizens on all things homosexual, whether the majority like it or not. I have documented many dozens of examples of this on this site. Most Western countries are actively and relentlessly pushing the homosexual lifestyle, and in fact have gone so far as to now penalise and punish anyone who dares to resist this.

So we have gone full circle here, from prohibition to active and relentless promotion. The heavy hand of the law is being used to foist this lifestyle on everyone, even if the masses are not exactly thrilled about all this. And the odd thing is, in light of the cigarette smoking example, we are going in the completely wrong direction here.

With smoking, governments intervened heavily and were quite happy to step on individual liberties in the name of protecting the health and safety of its citizens. Given that smoking not only harms the smoker but can harm others, as in passive smoking, the state took often draconian steps to reduce the risk and save lives.

Homosexuality is of course an equally destructive lifestyle, which results in very real harm, and even in premature death. But instead of seeking to deter this dangerous and high-risk lifestyle, governments now are actively promoting it and celebrating it.

The double standards here are mind boggling. The power of the law to change opinions and behaviour is well known. We rightly speak about the normative effect of the law. When an action is given legally acceptable status, the state is sending out strong social signals that such activities are good and to be embraced.

So when governments promote and encourage homosexual behaviour, they are urging their citizens to accept and celebrate this unhealthy lifestyle. Soon almost everyone is getting in on the act, pushing the radical homosexual agenda, and mercilessly seeking to crush any remaining opposition to it.

Consider another recent example of this. A recent headline says this: “BBC ‘should be bold in gay coverage’.” The story goes as follows: “The BBC has been urged to be ‘more creative’ and ‘bolder’ in how it represents lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people across its output. The recommendation was made by experts contributing to a BBC review on its portrayal of LGB people. The report’s contributors called on the corporation to feature more LGB people in its news and current affairs, sport and children’s programming.”

There you go: the BBC is being urged to promote pro-homosexual propaganda everywhere – in the news, in current affairs, even in sport, and worse yet, in children’s shows. Yep, get ‘em while they are young. Indoctrination works best when started early. So just brainwash these little kids quite early on, and they will become loyal and compliant PC zombies for life.

Talk about promotion, endorsement and pushing an agenda. England, like the rest of the world, would never have dreamed of anything like this some short decades ago. But the normative effect of the law has taken its course: from prohibition to permission to promotion – all in a generation or so.

The truth is, the normative effect of the law can and does change everything. Even those groups and institutions which should know better end up going along with the government’s PC agenda. So we even get renegade churches promoting homosexuality, instead of standing on the Word of God and resisting this immoral lifestyle.

Consider what an apostate church in New Zealand has just done. It has erected a large billboard outside with the words, “It’s Christmas. Time for Jesus to come out.” Baby Jesus in the manger is pictured with a rainbow halo around his head.

As one report states: “‘Some scholars have tried to make the case that he might have been gay,’ St. Matthew’s Rev. Clay Nelson said in a statement. ‘But it is all conjecture. Maybe gay, maybe not. Does it matter? There is almost nothing in the record of his teachings about sexuality while there is plenty about the perils of being rich,’ Gardy added. ‘Certainly he always supported the marginalized in society’.”

This is what is known as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. No, Jesus was not homosexual; yes, Jesus did say a fair bit about God’s purposes for human sexuality; and yes, it does matter – big time. This is simply deception and apostasy on a major scale. This leader has abandoned the clear teachings of Scripture. Indeed he has rejected them, and decided to become an active promoter of the homosexual agenda.

This is yet another indication of the fact that when a society starts to promote and advocate for immorality and radical PC agendas, everything gets swept along in the deluge. We expect non-believers to embrace all this PC claptrap, but when so-called Christian leaders embrace and promote it, then you know we are in very dark days indeed.

We have come a long way from prohibition. Some would call this progress. But anyone who still has a conscience and a brain knows that this is not progress but regress. It is deterioration on a mammoth scale, and the scary part is it has not yet fully bottomed out.

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