Why Geert Wilders is Right

With well over 30 venues and counting rejecting a visiting Dutch MP, it is getting very hard indeed to see how freedom and democracy have much of a leg to stand on in Australia. Things may already be too late. When a guest speaker is not allowed to warn us of threats to our freedoms, then things may have reached the point of no return.

One of the latest debacles was another Perth venue breaking its contract at the last minute, leaving many hundreds with nowhere to go. So at this late stage Wilders may not be able to speak there at all. In a democracy, allowing those with a different point of view the right to speak is paramount. But we are seeing this screeching to a halt here in Australia.

Of course it is not just the oppressive and undemocratic nature of Islam which is responsible for this reprehensible attack on freedom of speech. The Islamists are being aided and abetted by leftist activist groups. Indeed, they have been the main ones threatening to disrupt and shut down any event featuring Wilders.

The activist groups have been working overtime here, using the social media especially for a search and destroy mission: they have been asking anyone who knows where the meetings will be, or any catering for them, etc, to be exposed, so they can come and be their intolerant best – all in the name of tolerance of course.

The organisers said this about the latest Perth cancelation: “A paid contract is being broken by the manager of reputable four star hotel, scared by the possibility of anti-democratic fringe groups holding a protest outside. We have been working hard on possible alternatives over the weekend, but given required size and lead time for security arrangements required to hold such an event, no suitable venue was available in the shortness of time. We also tried a number of Christian organisations with suitable venues, but their leaders were afraid to help out.

“A school hall was suggested as a last minute option; but neither Mr Wilders nor Q Society will subject children to the likely impact of anti-democratic hate groups holding protests outside their school. We feel very sorry for all who’ve booked hotels and flights, but this is out of our hands. Our sponsors were prepared to more than double the already generous budget for a suitable venue and extra security, but still to no avail.

“The fear of venue managers is just too great. And when fear becomes stronger than civil courage, both the freedom to speak and the freedom to hear are denied. As Voltaire said: ‘If you want to know who rules over you, just find out who you are not permitted to criticise’.

“We realise anti-democratic hate groups will now be dancing in the streets. But this is not the end of it; and sadly they are blinded and do not realise they are dancing on the grave of free speech. Freedom of speech is an absolute; freedom knows no left or right.”

All of this has a name: it is called dhimmitude, and it fully proves Geert’s point. The silencing of all opposition and alternate opinion, which is a hallmark of Islam, is working very well here. So too is the radical left’s hatred of all contrary views.

The odd thing is, all over the West the radical left is in bed with radical Islam. But as soon as the Islamists get into power, the first ones to lose their heads will be these stooges from the left. They and their spineless companions in the mainstream media, and the venue owners, are all simply PC cowards who at the end of the day can be labelled “useful idiots”.

This of course was the phrase Lenin used of all those gullible and ignorant Westerners who actually supported the agenda of the Communists. They were so clueless as to the real aims of murderous Communism that they actually defended Marxism in the West. Yet whenever the Marxists got into power, the first ones executed were all these useful idiots.

Today we sadly have plenty of useful idiots when it comes to the fascist ideology of Islam. Indeed, Islam is a repressive political ideology wrapped up as a religion. And millions of gullible and uninformed Westerners are rushing out to actually defend it! Yet when a nation has a Muslim majority, these spineless and brainless wonders will wish they were not so naive and misinformed.

Just as Communism successfully waged a propaganda war, conning millions of Westerners into believing that they were a benign and peaceful ideology, so too the Islamists have duped millions as well. Thus we have plenty of “interfaith” movements all over the West, fooling the naive and unaware. It is the same with the growing movement known as Chrislam. But see here for more on this: www.billmuehlenberg.com/2009/09/16/sorry-but-i-am-not-buying-into-chrislam/

Of course things like the interfaith movement and Chrislam are all one way traffic. The aim has never been to see Muslims become Christians, or leave their faith. The aim has always been to bring Westerners into Islam, and to see Christians abandon their faith.

So the problem of Islam’s growth in the West – the very thing Wilders is trying to warn us about – is due not just to Islamic expansionism, but Western naivety and credulity. We are allowing ourselves to be taken over by a foreign ideology which is at war with freedom and democracy.

The numerous setbacks for the organisers of Wilder’s tour are proof positive that the Islamists have basically won. We in the West have become so terrified of daring to offend Islam, that we would rather take away our own freedoms, and destroy our own way of life, than appear to have insulted the Prophet and his followers.

This is known as dhimmitude – the condition of second-class citizenship which non-Muslims are forced to endure as Islam gains the ascendency. When this starts happening, then you know that democracy is dead, or at least on its last legs.

The warnings Geert Wilders came here to share with us may not be allowed to be vocalised because of the dhimmi status of Australian society. But his very inability to speak may be even more telling – it fully proves his point: Islam does not allow any contrary points of view. Nor does the radical left.

When the two work together to stifle freedom of speech and crush our democratic freedoms, then we are seeing firsthand tyranny on the march. Geert wanted so much to warn us of all this, and learn from what is already happening in Europe. But the way he has been treated makes for a perfect illustration of our already existing dhimmi status.

We are eyewitnesses to our own execution. These are very sad days indeed for the West.

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