When Sexuality Goes Feral

The sexual revolution is in full flight, and has been so for some decades now. Voices of sanity back in the 60s warned that this would not be good – and they sure were right. The disastrous consequences of the sexual revolution continue to unfold and be fully displayed to a world losing the ability to even be shocked anymore.

Every day we learn of more cases of sexual moonbattery, sexual perversion, and sexual idiocy. Everyone is harmed by this massive social experiment, but it is often our children who are the biggest losers. The destruction of this sexual tsunami shows no signs of abating, and it will only likely get much worse in days ahead.

Of course much of this is driven by the militant homosexual lobby and their efforts to destroy marriage and family and even the very idea of biological sexuality. For them one’s sex is purely a matter of social construction, and biology has nothing to do with who we are as sexual beings.

Thus the whole push for all things transgender is all the rage at the moment. And it is costing us all big time. Let me look at a few recent examples of this. In the US transgender students are making life hellish for other students. California recently passed a law allowing transgender folks to do their thing, and everyone else must simply acquiesce to this.

The new law, Assembly Bill 1266, says that school districts may not bar transgender students from same-sex settings, such as men’s basketball teams or women’s locker rooms. This moonbeam law is already being challenged, and rightly so, but we have plenty of other examples of this already occurring.

Take the case of a Colorado school. One report states, “The push for radical transgender rights in schools is trumping privacy rights at one Colorado high school. A male student at Florence High School who claims to be a transgender has been harrassing girls in the bathroom.

“When parents complained, school officials said the boy’s rights as a transgender trumped their daughters’ privacy rights. As the controversy grew, some students were threatened with being kicked off athletic teams or charged with hate crimes if they continued to voice concerns.”

Mind-boggling! And America is not alone in this madness. Consider a case from Europe: “A Belgian transsexual has chosen to die by euthanasia after a botched sex change operation to complete his transformation into a man left him a ‘monster’.

“Nathan Verhelst, 44, died yesterday afternoon after being allowed to have his life ended on the grounds of ‘unbearable psychological suffering’. It is understood to be the first time someone in Belgium has chosen euthanasia after a sex-change, and comes soon after it emerged that it is now the cause of nearly one in 50 deaths in the country.”

This is becoming such a big problem that there are even organisations now set up to help those who regret their sex-change. The Sex Change Regret website says this on its homepage: “The Belgrade Center for Genital Reconstructive Surgery says that they have received 1,500 requests for reversal surgery. If sex change regret is so rare, why are so many requesting reversal surgery? If sex change regret is so rare, why are surgeons offering reversal surgery?”

The stories found there are well worth reading. Melanie Phillips expressed deep concern about all this some years ago. In 2004 she wrote a piece about “The sexual identity free-for-all”. In it she discussed a Gender Recognition Bill which gives rights to transsexuals.

She said: “So biological facts are to be replaced by the fantasies of feelings. For feeling like a member of the opposite sex does not make it true. Even after surgical or hormonal treatment, people still remain chromosomally a man or a woman, a biologically unalterable fact.

“The anguish of transsexuals may impel them to seek surgery to realise their fantasy of belonging to the opposite sex. For a few sufferers, it works. But doctors say that, more often, the transsexual is left with a mutilated body while the mental torment continues unabated.

“Indeed, in a number of tragic cases the transsexual has sought to reverse the treatment and return to his original sex. Are we really to believe that such a man becomes a woman and then turns back into being a man? Isn’t this rather a man with a distressing psychological problem? And will his birth certificate keep changing, along with his mind?”

She concludes, “More profoundly, this bill continues the systematic attack being mounted upon all moral and social norms, to the extent of challenging what it is to be a human being. It illustrates how our society is unravelling, through the substitution of irrational feelings for demonstrable facts.

“For the arguments behind this bill are no more reasonable than saying that, if someone believed sincerely they were a chicken, they should have a birth certificate declaring they had been born a chicken. The general silence and acquiescence in the face of this are simply astonishing. It’s as if the nation is anaesthetised. The outcome will be a sexual identity free-for-all, and a further descent into a moral vacuum.”

Much more recently Roslyn Phillips also wrote about the transgender craze afflicting us so heavily now: She first looks at the issue of homosexuality: “These conditions are not genetic, and do not result from unusual hormone exposure in the womb.

“If that were so, identical twin studies would find that where one twin is homosexual, the other twin is always homosexual too. A study of identical twins from a large Australian twin register found that where one twin is homosexual, the other – with the same genes – is heterosexual in nearly 90 per cent of cases.

“Similarly, although the incidence of transgenderism is much lower than same-sex attraction, twin studies show that the condition is not genetic per se. Parental mental disorders have sometimes been suggested as a contributing factor, along with sibling relationships, bullying, family dysfunction and influences outside anyone’s control….

“So what should schools do when faced with the problem that one of their boy students wants to be treated as a girl – wear the girls’ uniform, play girls’ sport, use the girls’ toilets? We could ask the same question about anorexic students, who need psychological help – counselling, family therapy, possibly anti-anxiety medication.

“Schools should not change their rules or arrangements in order to accommodate one student with a disturbed body perception. The outside world does not do so. Transgender students deserve special counselling to help them cope, but allowing them to wear opposite sex uniforms and use opposite sex toilets would not prevent other students from noticing and commenting on their real sex.”

She concludes, “The famous Johns Hopkins Hospital in the US used to do sexual reassignment surgery – but ceased after patient follow-up found that even though few regretted their operations, psychological problems remained. Chief psychiatrist Dr Paul McHugh decided that he would do better to concentrate on fixing minds, not genitalia.

“Transgender treatment, like anorexia treatment, may take many years. It is best begun early. Schools should not, by policies which reinforce body misperceptions, delay the process.” Yes quite right. We are creating far more problems than we are solving when we allow the transgender bandwagon to spiral out of control.

It is time to say “enough is enough” to the sexual revolutionaries and their never-ending agenda to remake society in their own disordered and confused image.


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