More Madness, More Messed Up Children

It seems daily we are now hearing about radical social experiments and the terrible toll they are taking on our children. These radical social upheavals are leaving devastation in their wake, and our kids are suffering big time.

Consider another case of madness, again involving the new world order of fractured families brought on by homosexual confusion. A lesbian “mother” is battling to stop the homosexual father of her child from having his homosexual lover declared one of the child’s parents. The incredibly bizarre story in today’s Herald Sun continues:

“The Family Court heard this week the mother had been in a relationship with another woman for about 10 years when she asked a gay friend to impregnate her. The court heard that even though the child’s mother and father lived apart they agreed they would both have a role in the child’s upbringing. The mother, however, is fighting attempts by the father to have the court recognise his gay lover as the child’s second father. The court heard allegations that the child’s father was involved in sadomachistic sex and bondage, had an interest in child porn and possessed a magazine containing an article about a father who had sex with his son. The man denies the claims, which were made by one of his former lovers. The mother’s lawyer told the court the boy would automatically spend time with his father’s lover when he had access to the child and that there was no need to have him formally noted as a co-parent. She said the father’s lover was acting out a political agenda by trying to have authorities officially recognise him. The court was told the father wanted the child to have two fathers and two mothers.”

How much more freakish and depressing can a story get? Multiple parents; multiple partners; kinky sex; and children booted around like footballs. This is simply reprehensible. Children are the most innocent and the most vulnerable members of our community. As such they should be treated with the utmost consideration and the utmost care. Their needs should always come first.

Yet we have allowed radical minority groups to ride roughshod over the interests of the child, simply so that adults can satisfy their sexual lusts and greed. It has long been said that any society that does not look after and protect its most vulnerable members has ceased to be civilised.

The Western world is certainly losing any claims to being civilised. What we are witnessing is a new barbarism. Adult lusts are trumping children’s wellbeing. Selfish adults are squashing helpless children under their heels, all in the name of tolerance, non-judgmentalism, and alternative lifestyles.

This must stop, and it must stop soon. The descent into barbarism begins slowly but quickly picks up momentum, and tends to soon become unstoppable. For the sake of our children, this plunge into darkness must be resisted with all the energy we can muster. Our children deserve no less.


As a follow-up to yesterday’s story about the lesbians suing over IVF twins, the mother of the girls had lost her capacity to love, her partner said in court today. Sorry, but I am not buying a bit of this nonsense. The truth is, love is a choice, not a feeling. If you bring children into the world, you choose to love them, regardless of your feelings or circumstances.

To say that the capacity to love has been lost is really to say that a selfish person has put her own wants and desires ahead of her own daughter. This lesbian has already said that the birth of the twins had a negative impact on her career and her relationship. Exactly. When people indulge in a me-first jet-setting lifestyle, things such as extra children can become a real inconvenience. They become a major obstacle to a life of self-centredness.

Evidently this couple wanted just one child, a trophy child, added to their list of wants. Two children were not what they had in mind. But there are no cash-back return policies for unwanted children.

But the homosexual lifestyle is all about pleasing adults and satisfying their lusts, not considering the needs of children. Why are we not surprised that this horrid state of affairs just seems to get worse with each passing day? When we treat children as guinea pigs in radical social experiments, the contrast between real family life and this failed alternative lifestyle becomes all the more apparent.

All heterosexual families have their share of problems, but we simply make matters much worse when we redefine the family out of existence by catering to various alternative lifestyles. Unless we say enough is enough, the crazy combinations and permutations will simply continue to spin out of control, while the institutions of marriage and family will further be eroded. And children will be the biggest losers.

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14 Replies to “More Madness, More Messed Up Children”

  1. The biological mother and her female partner who were the recipients of donated sperm and through IVF gave birth to two little lives obviously did not receive proper psychological testing to ensure they would be suitable parents. This is the resonsibility of the IVF clinicians.

    They also should have been warned that if more than one fertilized egg was implanted, multiple births could ensue – this is also the responsibility of the clinicians.

    Creating designer babies has become big business and it might just be that one of these little bubs does not meet their parent’s perceived expectations and so they find one twin less loveable that the other.

    When society accepts that the most vulnerable in our society – newborn babies – can be ordered from a catelogue of suitable sperm donors, why are we so surprised when some babies fail parental product testing criteria and need to be returned for a refund?

    Patti Smith

  2. Hi Bill, It would be good if the two newspaper articles and your astute comments could be read by every Australian. There is a crucial message here. Homosexual manipulation of marriage and child-bearing, child-raising is taking our society down to the depths. How low can it go? Wake up Australians and fearlessly speak up against it. At election time, make sure your vote will help empower politicians who hold strong moral standards. I’m preaching to the converted I realise. Better get a letter written and posted!
    Dawn McGregor

  3. Again, well done Bill for clearly sharing the confusion and twisted situaitons that mixed up multiple partners get into.
    People need to be responsible for the consequences of their actions. Does it show their lack of maturity?
    Bill, thanks for standing strong God’s way, the only right and true way. We have God on our side.
    Judith Bond

  4. Bill, I was led to your site in the early part of this year, when I was Googling “What makes civilisation collapse?” I found this:

    At that time, the British Government was debating as to whether Roman Catholic Church Adoption Agencies should be exempt from the SORs and thus not be forced to place children with homosexuals and lesbians. Gerald Howarth MP said; “Tony Blair has given us 20 months to adapt 2,000 years of Christian teaching. It’s unacceptable.”
    Ben Summerskill, chief executive of Stonewall, the very embodiment of Haman in the Esther story, a man who at present has free rein to wreak havoc on children and families in Britain and a man Oliver Cromwell would have had no qualms in sorting out, said: “We felt six or twelve months would be a reasonable period for agencies to retrain their (adoption) staff but if it takes eighteen months to reverse a thousand years of prejudice, we can probably live with that.”
    In your article, Bill, you quote Will Durant who said: “From barbarism to civilization requires a century; from civilization to barbarism needs but a day.” Well we are standing, helplessly, watching Satan apply his exegesis before our very eyes.
    Dawn Mcgregor, get writing – before the thought police come knocking on your door.
    David Skinner, UK

  5. Bill and fellow correspondents,

    The comments on the report were running vastly in favour of the general theme “grow up you gold-diggers”.

    There were even comments from professed lesbians expressing their embarrassment at the childishness of this pair.

    Others complained about a double standard – that people don’t complain about “hetero couples” who do the same thing ie. launch legal action.

    Some saw the light better and actually wrote asking “what are these children going to feel like, and what kind of taunts will they receive when they go to school etc.?”

    John Angelico

  6. Hey Bill
    Of course there is hope for civilisation! I’m actually very surprised at how angry and fearful people in the public are getting at this story. Why do the acts of two very selfish women necessarily spell a decline of civilisation and values? Does this necessarily mean that all same-sex couples will start to follow suit? We don’t even know the verdict of the case yet! I think it highly unlikely that these women will win their case, but if they do, then I think there should be an uproar – but for now, all this emotion and rhetoric over the acts of two selfish women before anyone even knows the outcome of the legal case seems like a big waste of energy.
    Matt Page

  7. Thanks Matt

    But I will always be passionate about the protection and wellbeing of children. These two cases are just some of the more extreme cases, but similar sorts of cases can be cited. And where did I say all same-sex couples will follow suit?

    While most homosexual couples may not be guilty of the insanity involved in these two cases, it still can be argued that child neglect, if not abuse, occurs in every instance of homosexual adoption or access to children through ART.

    In every case, the fundamental right of a child to be raised by his or her biological mother and father is being denied to them, and deliberately so. All this in spite of the mountain of evidence which demonstrates so clearly the overwhelming advantages of being raised by one’s own biological parents.

    So yes, I am bothered greatly whenever I see children disadvantaged in life, just so that adult’s lusts and selfishness can be catered to, be it homosexual or heterosexual.

    The truth is Matt, it is never a waste of energy to stand up for the rights and the interests of children.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  8. Matt Page are you serious or are you simply trying to get a reaction? For this one case to have even got to this stage shows just how blunted the moral conscience of the prosecution service has become. Not many decades ago these two would never have dared to go anywhere near a court. What has changed is the confidence, arrogance and fearlessness of the stiff-necked, and those determined to have their wills be done – to defy all laws of conscience and decency. Go into any school today and you will see wholesale children knowing and demanding their rights.
    I read somewhere of how a man, during the late thirties, in Germany, saw for the first time a Jew being publicly humiliated. At first he was horrified; the second time he saw such a scene he was troubled, the third time he felt a little uneasy and so on and so on until eventually he barely noticed such barbarism taking place around him.
    In Bill’s article, When Nations Collapse, 2006/0707, to which I referred to above, Lord Macaulay (1800-1859), the English writer and historian, described that a nation’s destiny doesn’t just happen; it is a process, with one stage imperceptibly leading to another. Somewhere else someone said: Sow a thought and reap an action. Sow an action and reap a habit. Sow a habit and reap a character and finally, Sow a character and reap a destiny. We are reaping that which was sowed forty years and fifty years ago – arguably longer.
    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance is also another true statement.
    David Skinner, UK

  9. Thanks again Bill for your tireless effort and for your perseverance. Despite some very negative remarks from those who disagree with your articles you have chosen to stand firm for what you (and those you represent..i.e us) believe in. Its not just a matter of being passionate about the protection and well-being of children, its also the impact it would have on our society as a whole that should be taken seriously. I don’t think we need to be expects in psychology to know what baggages these poor kids have to carry or how they are going to impact our society. And as David Skinner puts it so articulately in response to Matt Page’s comment, we do reap what we sow.
    Marion Teh

  10. History indicates that the alternate minority appear to be regularly challenging the status quo with a loud and interminable assault on political decision makers until they win. History also indicates that the Christian Church in recent decades has literally given up the conviction of the ‘Holy Ghost’. Our expectations for political and societal leadership from the church elders is seriously misplaced. They are not trained or equipped for such a role and we err by expecting them to do so.
    Ray Robinson, Wollongong

  11. Dear Bill,
    Keep up the good work. As you say the gay revolution is creating havoc in our society.
    Regards, Pat O’Brien

  12. How is it that the homosexual lifestyle is about “pleasing adults and satisfying their lusts, not considering the needs of children”.

    Sure there are some homosexuals out there in the gay community where that may be the case, but to say that about the “homosexual lifestyle” is just one massive generalisation with no real justification, not to mention an insult to the gay community. There is no real lifestyle that suits the majority of homosexuals, just like heterosexuals.

    I have to agree the cases that you speak of are messed up, but the fact that those people are gay, has very little to do with it. What about all the affairs, bondage, child porn, rape incidents etc, that involve heterosexuals. Does that mean that it is a part of the heterosexual lifestyle? No, it doesn’t. People are just people, and no matter what minority, there are going to be those few that are a little messed up. So don’t generalise.

    I don’t expect this comment to be accepted either.


  13. Thanks Ann

    But the reason why your comment should not be posted here does not have to do with content, but the rules. You are supposed to provide a full name here.

    This article (and others like it here on this site) make it clear that children do best when raised by their own biological mother and father, all things considered. Sure, one can find exceptions, but exceptions should not make the rule.

    And you simply compare apples and oranges here. It simply does not follow to say that if some heterosexual couples are messed up, then other lifestyle arrangements should be fully allowed and justified.

    This is not a matter of generalisations, but of 40 years of social science research and evidence. Children have a fundamental human right to be born into, and raised by, a biological two-parent family. The wellbeing of children is the issue here, not the whims of adults with alternative lifestyles.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

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