Pregnant Males and a Lost Civilisation

One keeps wondering just how far down the gurgler society can continue to go before it fully and finally implodes on itself. The moral madness that passes for political correctness and open-mindedness is spinning out of control today. And as usual, there are consequences to such madness.

Consider the latest case of lunacy. The media has made much of a so-called pregnant male. Of course this is no such thing. This is a pregnant woman. Tracy, a lesbian, decided she wanted to become a man ten years ago. So she undertook some sex-change activities, including removing her breasts and injecting male hormones, while retaining her sexual organs. She was declared to be a man, legally, and then took a wife.

She is now Thomas Beatie, and is six months pregnant by means of sperm donation. This is, to say the least, a novelty, so she/he has gained a lot of media attention, including a recent appearance on Oprah. It was quite a spectacle. Here was this strange mix of swollen belly, bearded face and high-pitched voice, holding hands with his/her wife. It’s the sort of thing one went to ogle at in a circus freak show in days gone by. Now such bizarre cases of social engineering appear on Oprah, make a lot of money, and seek to convince us that they are fully normal, and are as entitled to have a child as anyone else.

Jessica Cantelon picks up this story in a recent column. She first questions all the media hype about this: “If Thomas’ situation were a medical phenomenon that doctor’s couldn’t explain, it might warrant some attention. But this is no medical mystery, simply because Thomas is not really a man. ‘He’ is a biological woman – a lesbian once named Tracy – who decided several years ago to undergo breast removal surgery and take male hormones to grow facial hair. Legally Thomas is a man, but with reproductive organs that are still fully female. Finish unraveling the gender-bending layers, and what sort of news story are you left with? ‘Woman becomes pregnant.’ Big deal.”

She continues, “But the media are eating this up because it’s a freak show. This pregnant woman looks and behaves like a man, and a story like that is just too good to pass up. As our research intern puts it, Thomas is not so much a freak of nature, but a freak of culture – a freak of culture that happens to mesh perfectly with the media’s prevailing liberal ideology.”

This is part of a radical social experiment to achieve a gender neutral society, to implement universal androgyny, to deny sex differences. “These media narratives seem to all play the same tunes: It’s okay to be born a woman who wants to be a man. It’s okay to be a man who wants to bear a child. It’s okay to be born a woman who becomes a man who wants to bear a child. Seriously, the combinations are endless. Radical leftists use culture-freak stories like these to further their vision of a gender-neutral society. The male-female ‘dichotomy’ is being deconstructed as we speak. Say goodbye to the neat simplicity of the two sexes, and say hello to the gender spectrum.”

Consider how this is already playing out in society: “Restrooms at the University of Southern Maine were designated as gender neutral, albeit briefly. A bill passed in California last fall that made unlawful the discrimination of persons based not only on their gender, but also on their ‘gender identity and gender-related appearance.’ And in Colorado, an eight-year-old boy came back to class as a girl. The administrators at this same school are also going the route of unisex restroom facilities. Yes, the gender-neutral locomotive is gaining traction. And it’s sacrificing basic human nature on the altar of political correctness.”

But is human nature in fact so malleable and so gender-neutral? “For decades second- and third-wave feminists have argued that women deserve the same as men, and now this has morphed into the unsubstantiated claim that men and women are the same. Science disagrees. As neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine, M.D. discusses in her book The Female Brain, differences between the sexes abound in their brain structure and functions. Biology goes a long way in validating traditional behavioral differences that gender-neutral advocates try to relegate to social constructs.”

Concludes Cantelon, “The blurring of gender lines is not a new thing. But it is meeting a new, unprecedented level of acceptance – all in the name of an alternative moral code known as tolerance. (The word tolerance is getting mangled by those more interested in pushing an agenda than in fairness or egalitarianism). Ensconced in this ideology is the oft-evoked belief that all people have a right to (fill in the blank) with full acceptance from society. No stranger to the victim card, Thomas Beatie falls right into line. ‘I’m a person,’ she whines to Oprah. ‘And I have the right to have my own biological child’.”

“And she’s right. Nobody is telling Tracy that she can’t have her child. Unlike women in China fighting against government-forced abortion, Tracy enjoys complete reproductive freedom. But she isn’t satisfied at the freedom to have a baby; she wants freedom from strangers’ odd looks and natural bewilderment at a bearded pregnant lady.”

Thus the circus freak show has now gone mainstream. This gender-bending madness is a sign of a society in terminal decay. And as mentioned, there are consequences to all this. Transgenderism often results in very real negative physical and emotional effects. But it is not just the adult who is affected. Consider the child of this bizarre union. Being deprived of a father is bad enough. Having a home life that is not much more than a freak show with a frenzied media presence is another cross he or she will have to bear. And the child cannot even be breastfed by his own “mum”. This is simply a case of child abuse, pure and simple. Where will it all end?!

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  1. It’s amazing how people who do crazy things will go to extraordinary lengths to be recognized. And naturally the media likes to report bizarre stories. It would be interesting to delve into Tracy’s background. I’m sure it is riddled with problems.
    Teresa Binder

  2. The “pregnant man” is an example of a society that places personal “rights” above reality, and has amended the Declaration of Independence from the “unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” to an “unalienable right to happiness” regardless of reality and the effect on anyone else. Therefore the belief is that whatever makes me happy is my “unalienable right” and is beyond challenge.
    This philosophy has spread like a cancer globally due to the media, and appeals to the rebellious nature of man.
    The statement “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything” (Alexander Hamilton) is applicable in our “post-modern” media obssessed society, where image is everything, reality is boring and deviance is entertaining.
    Our western culture has lost it’s direction, and chases anything that appears to hold some interest.
    My concern is that the situation will become worse as moral values disappear into the distance. However, the history of the people of God shows that there is always a “faithful remnant” that remains to rebuild a collapsed society from the ruins.
    Richard Coonan

  3. But why should we be amazed or shocked by this; schools have for sometime been anticipating this and have been preparing the minds of our children for this brave new world where not only ontological but moral and epistemological truths are also deconstructed:

    I am beginning to think that I should not be praying for mercy on our nations but quite the reverse – that God’s judgment would come quickly and that may well be in the form of Islam.

    David Skinner, UK

  4. Another tragic story has come up in the media tonight that I think is relevant. Apparently, a couple (if you can call it that) appeared on 60 minutes. A father and his daughter have had a daughter. This is wrong on so many levels. Some people really are selfish. They think only of themselves and it is the children that are left to suffer. Our society is moving more and more towards people being self-centred, thinking It’s all about me. What makes it even more sad is that a US psychologist was telling the truth saying that this kind of thing is not rare. I can see no way that this downward spiral of our society will stop unless God intervenes. The fact that 60 minutes gave these people airtime despite the fact that the father openly admitted the relationship he had with his daughter was illegal, is shameful. It’s hardly a surprise that this news is then relayed by other media such as

    The more our nation turns away from God, the more depraved it becomes. We should pray for these people, pray for our nation and pray for God’s will be to done. He knows our need and we have to trust him to do what’s best and be ready for him to use us should he so wish.

    Quote from,23599,23494953-2,00.html :

    Mr Deaves admitted that he “initially” thought having sex with his daughter was wrong.

    “Emotions take over, as people no doubt realise, there are times during your life where emotions do rule the heart, it rules the head,” he said…

    Mrs Deaves said the physical relationship with her father was like “a sexual relationship with any other man”.

    For Mr Deaves the sexual relationship was “absolutely fantastic”.

    Matthew Mulvaney

  5. I’ve commented elsewhere on this, but the point needs to be made: as long as a human being is capable of incubating and bearing a child, that human being is a female of the species. No “if, ands, or buts”!

    What really bothers me is not the idea that this woman is pregnant, but that she is legally married to another woman!
    This is “same sex” marriage and it’s done under the subterfuge of being a male and female relationship. If there is any sense of propriety left at all, in the state of Oregon, the marriage should be immediately annuled.

    I’m surprised that this fact is so blatantly reported and yet no one is up in arms about it being counter to even liberal Oregon’s laws regarding marriage.

    Steve Foltz

  6. As a counsellor my first thought was “here comes another client” The child to be born from this madness will bear the consequences of these selfish people. Just how long will we as a society continue tp promote this type of abuse before we wake up.
    Sadly I believe that when we finally do try to turn the ship around, and history shows that there probably will be a time when we realise our stupidity, the work will be so much harder and the damage to peoples lives will be so much deeper than we know. We should be praying for this child now and someone should charge these two adults with child abuse.
    Warwick Murphy

  7. Apparently, the biological drive to reproduce that women feel is so strong that it will override the influence of testosterone and a ‘masculine’ lifestyle. Very interesting.

    The whole thing is crazy, Newsweek has a huge feature article about surrogates in a recent issue. What kind of woman would carry twins and then turn them over to a gay male couple as newborns ? THAT is child abuse ! If it is illegal to pay to have sex, shouldn’t it be illegal to pay someone to carry a baby for you ? I really don’t see the difference.

    Irina Sherman

  8. I agree with your concluding comments particularly Bill but also wish to add what about the effect one the child. “Tracey” probably is taking hormones to maintain his appearance. During pregnancy there are changes in female hormones to get the body ready for breastfeeding, etc. Taking male hormones with that… don’t know what effect it would have on the poor child… going to be effected biologically/chemically anyway and confused… having a mum/dad or dad/mum and the other… mum?
    Your views?

    Jane Lui

  9. Live and let live. It is not people who do not, and more importantlly, CANNOT, live a life that fits what some people call normal. Is stupid normal? Or just sitting in judgment and complaining about something different that is disturbing to you and attaching political crap to it.

    People are people. So many different kinds. Have always existed and always will. Do not be one of the narrow-minded who think that certain things deserve to be weighted with the destruction of civilisation. Get a life and get a clue.

    And like I am so sure you are going to publish this. I mean, you should apologize and realize you are acting from a selfish and ill-informed position. It is always best to admit fault where it is required. Here is a good time.

    Ken Daves

  10. David Skinner, WOW, I just read that Melanie Phillips’ article you recommended Reaping the whirlwind. She certainly pulls-no-punches in an excellent appraisal of the sad results on society and families by the social engineers. A must read.

    Ewan McDonald.

  11. Thanks Ken

    Your philosophy of live and let live may sound like a nice theory, but I doubt if you – or anyone else – can really live that way. Do you actually just glibly say live and let live when someone is attacking you? Do you say it when a pedophile wants to molest your kids? Do you say it when a rapist attacks your wife? Do you say it when an arsonist tries to burn down your home?

    Somehow I don’t think so. So while you try to give an air of tolerance and open-mindedness, I am sure even you have limits. And it is pretty clear that you are intolerant and not very open-minded about my beliefs. So your tolerance is pretty limited. Indeed, your worldview is really quite contradictory, it seems. You try to suggest that any belief and behaviour is as good as another, and should not be judged, but then you judge me for my beliefs and behaviours.

    And I am happy to admit fault when I am guilty of such things. But I do not see how in this post I am guilty of anything. It just seems that I am guilty in your eyes, but as I say, being the relativist that you are, you should not be in the business of pronouncing anyone guilty.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  12. Hi Bill,
    Thank you for another great article and discussion. I hope you are well. Keep up the good work.
    Catherine Dodd

  13. Bill,

    You have to be kidding in your response to Ken. A bearded lady getting pregnant in Oregon does not pose a threat to you, your family or your property. Your examples justifying intolerance are the same logical category errors that you so often accuse your critics of making.

    As for this story being “part of a radical social experiment to achieve a gender neutral society”, again you surely jest. It’s nothing more than an oddball story about a couple who pose no threat to anyone.

    Your continual rants about civilisation being doomed might make provocative blog fodder, but they hardly represent considered thought about the reality and impact of human diversity.

    Steve Angelino, WA

  14. Thanks Steve

    My response to Ken was simply a general reflection on his attempt at moral relativism, not a direct discussion of our bearded lady. But you misrepresent my remarks anyway. I never implied anywhere here that one bearded lady spelled the end of Western civilisation. What I did imply was that this is yet one more example of a civilisation in moral freefall. Individually such events will have limited damage and fallout. But collectively – as there is a cumulative effect to all these different attacks on marriage, family and morality – there certainly will be some very real, widespread, and negative consequences.

    This particular episode is simply one part of a much bigger assault on such things has the proper understanding of human sexuality, the nature of marriage and family, and the best context for the well-being of children. As I mentioned, how is the child going to cope in such a freak show? But once again, the well-being of children is being overlooked altogether in the interests of political correctness and radical social engineering.

    Screwing up the lives of our children and our social institutions means we are screwing up our future. So yes, this is a big deal, and it does have an impact on me and on every one of us. The fact that this episode does not seem to bother you may tell us more about you and where you are coming from than my supposed intolerance or deficiencies in reasoning.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  15. Bill,

    While the situation is unusual, it doesn’t bother me because, in the absence of actual evidence that the child is suffering from physical mistreatment or psychological disorder, it is no one else’s business.

    Of much greater concern to society should be the many actual homeless children in the world, even in our own country, many of them the product of broken marriages or irresponsible parenting. Such issues rarely get a mention in your narrow-minded view of the world.

    As for a “proper understanding of human sexuality”, what would you know about this subject? Do you have any professional qualifications in this area? Your frequent demonising of any relationships outside heterosexual marriage suggests you understand very little about human diversity.

    Steve Angelino, WA

  16. Thanks Steve

    The evidence, as I said, is there in abundance as to the harm children experience generally speaking when deprived of a biological mother and father. You choose to ignore that evidence because it evidently conflicts with your libertarian ideology.

    And why does concern about this situation imply that I am somehow unconcerned about the homeless? I fail to see the logic in that reckless charge. And why is it a narrow-minded view? Indeed, we know, just as reports have once again confirmed this week, that homelessness is primarily the result of marriage and family breakdown. This website has for years now spoken of the need to strengthen marriage and family, and to resist the many attacks on them.

    And like most people, I rely on experts in various areas, including the area of human sexuality. Just what is your professional expertise Steve?

    As to diversity, it is exactly because of the ideologues and sexual libertines that the very problems you express concern about exist. By promoting any and every type of sexuality, and by pretending they make no difference to the well-being of society and the interests of children, we are simply getting more social breakdown, family disruption, homelessness, sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancies, abortions, broken relationships and ruined lives.

    But hey, so what? As long as people are free to do their thing, and indulge in any type of sexuality, who gives a rip about the huge social costs? Who cares about the common good? Tough luck to our children. Moral and sexual anarchists never really care about the harm their worldview causes. As long as they can indulge their lusts and passions, with no restraints and no one telling them what to do, to hell with everyone else.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  17. I wonder if this is what Rome was like before the end – all circuses and titillations without any substance.
    Michael Mifsud

  18. Steve,
    I you are correct to say that we should all be worried about the current situation that many homeless children find themselves in. No child should have to suffer in such a way and the government and many NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) are constantly working to change this injustice. However, the issue here has to do with the moral decadence that society has fallen into and the repercussion that it is having on society.

    The government puts rules such as speed limits in place as a preventative measure. But society has forsaken its values and has abandoned all form of rational behaviour in the name of convenience. Bill is right in pointing out that this is not a debate on a bearded woman/man having a child, but rather what this will mean to her/his child growing up. A Norwigian and Swedish report says that same-sex couples have a disporportionatly higher percentage of break ups when comparied to hetrosexual couples. Is this the kind of relationship that we want to put children in? Psychological reports have suggested that same-sex relationships are characteristically unstable and are fundamentally incapable of providing children the security they need. The real issue here is not whether a he should become a she, and vise versa, but what the moral repercussions of such decisions are and how they will affect current and future generations. This is not a matter of a narrow-minded propaganda, but rather the impact that selfish moral decadence is having on society. As quality of life is increasing, our ability as human to live a decent life is decreasing. To me, this is a sad state to be in. I can only hope and pray that society will see where it is heading and change before its too late.

    Stephen Herman

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