MSM Complicity in Evil

No sooner had I penned an article on the London terror attack, and no sooner had I penned an article on “useful idiots” in the West who are aiding and abetting Islamic jihad, when the mainstream media came along doing the very thing I said they would. I watched our network television evening news broadcasts doing what can only be described as Islamic propaganda.

In my earlier pieces I said that the lamestream media would bend over backwards to whitewash this whole thing, to play down the obvious motivation for all this, and to cast Muslims – yes Muslims, as the real victims here. I knew that the “I” word and the “M” word would be mostly absent. And sure enough this is exactly what transpired.

I managed to watch most of the major channels and their coverage of the event. First of all, it was often buried way down in the news broadcasts, as if it were hardly of any importance really. And when it was covered, it was a brief, matter-of-fact affair – just another murder in London.

One would be hard pressed to know it had anything to do with Islam at all. Most would not even mention this aspect. But perhaps predictably, the worst offender of all was “our” ABC. You know the one – the network which is subsidised solely by our tax dollars, and serves little worthwhile purpose for its existence, at least when it comes to accuracy and balance in news coverage.

On both its 7pm news and its 7:30 Report the way they handled this was just despicable. While a few of the other networks had the courage to play some of the video that was shot of the Muslim with the meat cleaver in his hand and blood on his hands, the ABC did a very careful job of censorship here.

That is, while one or two other networks actually played the bit where he said he was doing all this for the sake of Islam, the ABC cut out all references to Allah and so on. One of their reports actually started with his words about ‘sorry that women had to see this’. Ah, wasn’t that sweet of the killer – and so nice of the ABC to run that bit only.

Throughout the attack they were shouting “Allahu Akbar” (Arabic for “God is great”). They then demanded that the horrified onlookers film them as they ranted over his mangled body. One woman bravely did, and it is her video clip that the networks used – but some more selectively than others.

The guys with the blood and the knives said in part, “We swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. The only reasons we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day.” This key portion was not shown by the ABC.

Instead on the 7:30 Report we had the dhimmies at the ABC actually say this in their segment: “A man was hacked to death by two men who appear to be Muslim militants”. Appear to be?! Appear to be?! What more do you want for heaven’s sake?

Muslims chanting Islamic phrases and speaking directly about Allah, and the ABC wonders what the motivation was. Indeed, they even said that in the report as well! You still don’t know? You really have no idea of what was motivating the pair?

And then of course the rest of the report was a case of the ABC wringing its hands, worried about the poor Muslims who might be thought a bit less of after this attack. They highlighted “far-right” groups protesting all this. They had the mandatory Muslim apologist appearing, telling us how worried he was about a climate of fear and so on.

Well maybe there is a good reason for a climate of fear. After all, how many dead Britons must there be before you understand that not everyone is exactly thrilled with jihad on their own soil. And of course we still await the mass marches by “moderate” Muslims protesting these killings. Strange, but we never seem to see such protests. There is always just mind-numbing silence.

But the ABC did not highlight any of these inconvenient truths. It just wanted to portray Muslims as the victims here. It is clearly time to put the ABC out of its misery. With pro-Islamic reporting like that, it is certainly time for them to go.

Much of the MSM has long ago decided that whenever Islam and the West collide, they will do all they can to side with the Muslims. They have become the useful idiots which Lenin spoke about regarding communism. The West could withstand Islam and jihad if it believed in itself, had leaders who did too, and had a media which was not pushing the Islamic line.

But none of this seems to be the case, so the West is handily destroying itself from within. And the Muslim activists are sitting back laughing as it all unfolds.

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  1. This is extremely chilling. And it’s only a matter of time before we witness the same thing on Australian soil. The left wing MSM has blood on its hands.
    David van der Wal

  2. And the weak Libs have decided not to sell the ABC and SBS. Give ’em more tax payers dollars so they can continue to bash the Coalition. Smart.
    Damien Spillane

  3. I must say that while agreeing with Bill’s analysis entirely, I can’t agree with calls to privatise the ABC. It does some things well, without commercial bias, and best of all, without constant interruptions with commercials, and while it is there we can hope (I hope we can hope) that it can be improved. We need more public outcry when serious bias is observed. Once it is out of public hands there would be far less chance of that being effective.

    David Morrison

  4. Thanks David. I see no reason whatsoever for taxpayers to keep alive this atrocious network. Let it stand on its own two feet if it can in a free market. There is no reason why we have to keep propping up this thing. So we will agree to differ here.

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  5. A real case of the three wise Monkeys in regards to Islamic Ideology, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, for which we will all have regrets.

    Leigh D Stebbins

  6. Once again Bill, thank you for your honest reporting. Something that eludes the media today. When will Governments learn that these Muslims are not in our Countries to be nice citizens. They are here to cause harm and every day another boat load of them arrives and the Government officials are there with welcome arms handing them everything they demand. Whilst our own pensioners and needy have to wait years for medical and Dental etc. We are being invaded from within and the powers that be sit on their hands. Thanks.

    Gloria Gaske.

  7. In my younger days I remember the ‘no war’ peaceniks attempting to influence mainstream media and public opinion over the Vietnam war. It worked to some extent too; the treatment returning Vietnam vets got was little short of appalling. Nowadays it seems we have been saddled with the ‘war -what war?’ appeaseniks who, due to the digital and social evolution that has occurred since the sixties, operate in a more deadly manner.
    John Davis

  8. I am not sure if this is true, it might be that the ABC radio isn’t quite as bad as the TV?
    In their report this morning they mentioned that one of the attackers was a convert to Islam from a “devout Christian family”. That statement says a lot and not much good about Christians.
    Bill, you know how you keep pleading with people to wake up, I wonder if it is too late for that anyway, for one the people who are asleep are not very likely to visit this site or others like it. A while back someone made a comment about American states having the right to separate from the federation. I believe Australian states have the option in the constitution also. Just wondering if that might be the only way to salvage something and then regroup, grow and get back on the front foot.
    Many blessings
    Ursula Bennett

  9. All true and a tragedy because of it. I also worry about the consequences of this cowardice by politicians and commentators. The real and under-appreciated enemy is of course that evil serpent whose singular goal is to destroy as much as he can before he finally bites the sulphur. A multi-cultural ideology only succeeds when it has successfully divided a once (fairly) unified nation into warring tribes and ignoring the sharia cult plays directly into that mentality, because there are people in every nation who will no longer sit back and be abused. Then we enter into a time of chaos where the only one who wins is the biggest and most violent of tribes…something to look forward to.
    However a hopeful alternative is that Australia will circumvent the inevitable in the same way that England did during the 18thCentury – revival! Pray for it.
    Mike McMeekan

  10. Thanks guys. Here is a video worth watching. At first he may seem like just some young hothead, but in fact he is quite informed and articulate about the situation in the UK. It is not just jihadists who are the problem, but a government and media who are completely derelict in their duty. An informative and fact-filled 21 minute clip which we all should watch (but with a few profanities – apologies).

    Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

  11. Will someone do Australia a favour and abolish all funding for the ABC?

    Marcus Anderson

  12. 3AW reported that “SUSPECTS” were shouting “POLITICAL STATEMENTS”. Any questions?

    Alex Sagin

  13. Thanks Bill I watched the video and unfortunately I agree with what Robinson had to say. As a Christian it is very disturbing to acknowledge such a future (in the natural) but the truth is that unless the country’s leaders stand up to creeping radical Islam, there will be violence and as Robinson says, they will have to accept at least a large part of the blame.
    Mike McMeekan

  14. Apathy is bringing on the whirlwind of retribution I fear, but panic won’t help. When I’m tempted to panic I remind myself that I just need to know what God expects of me, in all this, and try my best to live up to that. I knew exactly what to expect of the M.S.M. on the reporting of this horrific murder Bill, because you’ve been keeping us informed for so long. May God continue to bless and protect you and your family.
    Anna Cook

  15. “You really have no idea of what was motivating the pair?”

    Reminds me of Harry Callahan (‘Dirty Harry’ films):
    “If a naked guy waving a meat cleaver is chasing a woman down the alley, I DO NOT assume he’s collecting for the Red Cross!”

    John Angelico

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