Our Anti-Bullying Bullies – And Some Clueless Christians

Everyone – except the hard-core ideologues of the left – can now see what a joke the so-called Safe Schools program is. Indeed, the whole world can now see that the chief architect of this “anti-bullying” program is a bully himself/herself.

Roz Ward was caught out attacking and bullying a Trump supporter in Melbourne recently, and in this case the photos sure do not lie. Ward is a Marxist thug, and like so many of his/her leftist colleagues who go on and on about tolerance, is not in the least bit interested in tolerance when anyone dares to differ.

ssc-ward-10While this photo says it all, let me recap things for those not in the know. Pictures have emerged showing how Ward was trying to rip a hat off a young man at a “No to Trump” rally in Melbourne recently put on by the Monash Student Association.

This clear case of bullying has renewed calls for the sacking of Ward. The Marxist hardliner has already caused controversy by posting a photo of the homosexual flag on Facebook with the comment: “Now we just need to get rid of the racist Australian flag on top of state parliament and get a red one up there and my work is done”.

The comment about the red flag of communism is not some slipup. This Marxist has made it clear that the Safe Schools Coalition (SSC) is in fact all about pushing Marxism in the schools. As he/she proudly stated, “I not only teach people how to be gay, I teach them how to be gay and communist, so invite me to your school if you will.”

The quote is from a 2013 Marxism Conference and is found here: https://twitter.com/Marx_Conference/status/317775712499159041

Ward also has made it quite clear that the SSC is not about bullying. It is “not about stopping bullying…but about supporting gender and sexual diversity”. See here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5uNocBCw3Q&feature=player_embedded

Thus people have rightly been critical of both Ward and the SSC. With this latest example of leftist intolerance and bullying, many are now saying it is time for Ward to go. As one news item reports today:

Premier Daniel Andrews appeared to condemn Ms Ward’s actions when he was asked if it was appropriate for her to grab the man’s hat….
Liberal MP Tim Smith led calls for Ms Ward to resign. “Daniel Andrews mate Roz Ward must resign after being caught harassing a bystander because she didn’t like his hat,” he tweeted. Writer Kate Doak, who says she worked on the Safe Schools steering committee said Ms Ward must go.
“As a now former @SafeSchoolsAust national steering committee member, I think that Roz Ward must go from @latrobe after this,” she tweeted. Managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby Lyle Shelton said it was “beyond comprehension” that public money continued to be spent on Ms Ward’s Safe Schools program.

So even secular leftists are getting real uneasy about this hard-core Marxist. And well they should be. Both Ward and the SSC are completely unacceptable. Yet incredibly we have some rather clueless Christians who still are supporting it, thinking it is just peachy.

That is just mind-boggling, but biblical discernment has long been on the wane among many Christian groups, especially those moving in a more trendy “progressive” direction. As I wrote just a few days ago, the Victorian Salvation Army has decided that they will throw their full support behind this diabolical program: https://billmuehlenberg.com/2016/11/16/compromised-christianity-treachery-betrayal/

The reaction to that article has been most revealing. It has already been shared many hundreds of times all around the world. Salvos have personally contacted me not just from Australia but from overseas to tell me how utterly shocked they are at this senseless decision.

They are incredulous that an organisation that claims to be based on biblical Christianity would support this immoral pro-homosexual indoctrination program. The overflow of grief and outrage I personally have received from so many Salvos tells me just what a shocking and totally unbiblical decision this was.

It never should have happened, and they never should have been so public and so proud in defending this satanic program. We would expect the atheistic Greens to do something like this, but never a Christian organisation, especially ones founded by the holy and godly Booths.

While countless Salvos worldwide have been shocked and dismayed at this madness, there have been some who have actually defended this terrible decision. I have heard some really bizarre defences over the past few days. For example, one wrote and said that the leadership must have thought and talked about this a fair amount first, so it must be God’s will.

Good grief! Simply making a decision is no guarantee it is a biblical or godly decision. Christian leaders can and do get it wrong – often. Church history is full of this. And this was one of the worst decisions I have encountered in quite some time.

Others made the foolish claim that we had no right to criticise the Salvos publicly and it was slanderous to do so. Um no. One simply has to read the Bible to see that public sin always warrants public rebuke. When a leader in a Christian organisation very publicly and proudly makes a statement contrary to biblical teaching then of course there should be a public response.

And that is just what they got: a very strong and solid public response. How could this not be the case? Indeed, given what a perverted, immoral, anti-child and pro-homosexual program the SSC is, I am surprised they thought they could get away with this without a very concerned response from a very concerned public, especially from countless very concerned Salvos.

Numerous longstanding Salvos have told me just how out of touch the leadership has been to their concerns on this issue, and sadly on other issues as well. So had I said absolutely nothing about this, the response would have been exactly the same. Dozens of other concerned Christians around the world are already reporting on this, just as numerous homosexual websites have been gloating in this announcement from day one.

And of course it is not at all slanderous to publically offer a response when people perceive the gospel of Jesus Christ being radically undermined and threatened by those proudly promoting a pro-homosexual program which is diabolical in nature and is doing untold damage to children.

Jesus was not being slanderous when he publically challenged the Pharisees, or Paul the Judaisers, or the Booths the opponents of their day. It is the holy calling of all Christians under God to discuss these matters, and not sweep them under the carpet and pretend everything is just fine when it is not.

Given how many concerned Salvos have told me how they will now sadly be leaving this organisation and no longer supporting it tells us exactly how very serious this is for so many ordinary godly Salvos who have been utterly heart-broken and devastated over this issue.

It seems tens of thousands of ordinary Salvos are being put in a hard place because of this unwise and unbiblical decision by some of their leaders. So we must continue to pray for these leaders who so wrongly went down this path, that they will see how mistaken they have been, repent, and change course so that the glory of God can again be manifest.

I for one am so very grateful for this mass reaction against this incredibly bad decision. Indeed, had no Salvos made a stink, that would have indicated just how far this group has fallen. But because they are making a very loud stink from all around the world, that gives me real hope that God is still there in the organisation, and there is still hope for it.

So keep praying that some godly wisdom will prevail here, and real repentance will take place. And pray that God keeps exposing the pernicious nature of this program and of its militant activist leader Roz Ward. The Victorian Opposition has already said they will scrap this wretched program if they win office, so pray for that as well.

Our children are far too important, and we should not allow them to be sacrificed on the altar of the radical homosexual and gender bender militants.

http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/state-politics/antibullying-advocate-roz-ward-harasses-bystander/news-story/213d135b14bb8d68c826acb7912a4962?nk=5ff3b94b0f8a9bce69e413836b535605-1479688116 http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/anti-racism-supporters-counter-protest-over-united-patriots-front-true-blue-crew-organised-trump-victory-rally/news-story/6d8137887f4e9af5ee1a323126f4eabc?nk=46d9faba2a17baae89364df1b9664f00-1479772379

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27 Replies to “Our Anti-Bullying Bullies – And Some Clueless Christians”

  1. Oh Bill I also pray that the Christian parents will start at least raising the question at school council level on these curriculums. They need to understand that fortunately schools in Australian have school councils who are responsible for the governance of all school aspects including curriculum but not staff information or issues. We are empowered but not using it.
    I live in a small country town 3 hours North of Melbourne and last week attended a teacher parent information session on dealing with Pornography by Maree Crabbe -It’s time we talked.
    The message Shared was we are to critique the porn kids watch and use the Harm minimisation approach. The power point had play boy mag shots and it was one doggy show. The final slide was A pic of Roz Ward with Maree giving her a great wrap with her closing statement “this is mandatory.” Sadly I was the only person to question her information or the lack of in relation to how porn harms our kids.
    Building Respectful Relationship curriculum has arrived in the country Vic schools it is equally as despicable as Safe Schools. Christian parents please rise up and least voice your view to school council so that the council members themselves can be educated.

  2. Seriously, unless one looks carefully at the, er, ‘upper thoracic’ region, you would think it was a man.

    And woe betide the young man if he had defended himself in even the gentlest manner; he’d have been pilloried across the media as sexist, homophobic & transphobic for daring to raise a finger against a darling of the Marxist intelligentsia.

    Total you-know-what for brains. Not a single redeeming feature.

  3. Bill, thanks for this. I’ve been out of the loop the last few days.

    I just can’t believe that the salvos have put their support behind safe schools. Just incredible, what is happening to christians throughout the western world? This is utter madness.

    I passed this onto my sister in law, who is a donor to the salvos. She was unaware and has informed me she will be writing to their HQ and pulling her financial support.

    Thanks for your work. With prayers, Tristan.

  4. Why do people bother calling him a “her”. It’s obviously a guy in the photo. In fact, Roz is obviously a guy in every photo.
    But the whole gender reassignment game is such a fraud. Gender is set at DNA level – so no amount of chemicals, hormones and makeup can ever change that. A person who is convinced they want to be the opposite sex is believing in vain that medicine can do that miracle for them. Sorry sunshine – it can’t actually happen. You are born a certain gender and the best you can hope for is to try to fight against it your whole life. And it’s a battle you can’t win, a battle against your very DNA. Oh, did we mention side effects of all those chemicals trying to override your DNA? Cancer anyone? Those who sign up for gender bending are simply handing themselves over as a medical experiment for the rest of their lives. One would hope doctors have better things to do with their time. It’s a mental disorder, not a wrong body.

  5. It’s amazing how all the people promoting Safe Schools are shouting about diversity, tolerance and love. They practise the opposite and shut down any diverse or Christian viewpoints that question the programme being taught to our children and are extremely intolerant and hateful of these diverse viewpoints!

  6. Oh dear Bill, There seems to be no end to the trouble in our nation and state at the moment. You always address the most concerning and dangerous ones, affecting the peace of our places in society, thank you, this matter causes me a lot of unrest too. Your pictures alone are scary enough, as I too just realised the figure in focus was the same one on the stage in the video you shared the other day, with the lady/man admitting that the so called safe schools program was not about anti bullying but about supporting gender and sexual diversity, that explains a lot about the deception people are falling for and why government schools in particular prefer this deranged program to CRE classes, I fail to understand.

    Do these people involved, understand that there will be no peace in our country or state while this nonsense is allowed to continue and that removing Christian Religious Education from classrooms was a big green light to this dangerous form of indoctrination of defenseless children, which is much more harmful to school aged children and our society as a whole than learning about our sinless Savior? Jesus came to bring peace and equality, why would one be threatened by all that he teaches that is wholesome and good for our souls? God is certainly not a bully either, he is actually very patient in leaving the decision to follow his Son and believe his words all up to us, where’s the threat? It is not about a grab for land either, contrary to the misguided thinking of some, Godly discipline is love, why would one not like to discipline their children to show them how much they are loved by their parents in particular with concern for their welfare? School aged children need to know they are loved by their parents and creator God and all about reading, writing and arithmetic, not about adultery and sexual abuse with or without their parents knowledge at school, this ought to be left to parents!

    Keeping our faithful God’s commands, living by every word that comes from his mouth, reading about how he sent his Son to die in our place in the Bible, is not harmful to children at all, in fact Jesus is the model of perfection, his standards, although somewhat difficult to keep, are for our protection and life to run smoothly, he understands when we make mistakes. Why would we want to turn to any human ideologies like Marxism or humanism which do not win us any favors with our creator or help us to learn to love each other much less prompt us to seek the forgiveness we all crave, that Jesus freely gives us? The behavior of Mr/Ms Roz Ward appears deplorable and not a way I would feel comfortable teaching even my enemies that they ought to go, but some will do what they will anyway and not like to listen to a lady like me with strong Christian convictions to do God’s will. After all, that would mean an end to violence and destruction, sought through God seeking us and belief in the free gift of salvation through the blood shed by our Savior, Christ Jesus the Lord on the cross, to redeem us from sin and death in the world he created good!

    All other ways but Jesus’ way, eventually lead to misery and destruction and reliance on oneself or other gods, made of stone or wood or money which ultimately cannot save us or keep us from harm, because they are lifeless, Jesus will give us new life; he is the way and the truth and the life, there is no other way to the Father except through him; a new home and a loving family for all eternity, all one needs to do is turn from sin, to seek him seeking us. Soon I hope that more state schools will request RE classes to resume, which promote a life of love and respect for parents and those in authority, sanctity of the marriage covenant as God made it, protection of children in families as well as belief in the truth of our creator God. It’s great to hear that our government is at last waking up to the deception of the Safe Schools program and other pro-homosexual programs.

    You are a true champion of the faith Bill, very courageous indeed there ought to be more faithful Christians around like you, peace and good will to you a this time especially, let’s pray that everyone will know safety in the loving arms of the Father this Christmas in particular. Blessings from Sandra.

  7. I too am a donor to the SA and have been in touch with the Sydney office. I wanted to know if the Victorian Branch of the SA is the decision maker for all Australian SA. I was told that NSW/Queensland Branch is separate from Victoria, but I’m still somewhat in the dark whether NSW/Queensland Branch is endorsing the Victorian decision. The man sounded sympathetic towards it.
    I told him that I considered the whole SSP gross government sponsored child abuse and would direct my donations to other worthy causes unless I could be satisfied that NSW/Qlnd. SA steers a wholly different course.

  8. Hi Bill, just to let you know, I contacted the Vic SA over the SSC affair advising them I would withdraw further support for them as a result of their decision. The following was their reply:

    “Hi Fred

    Thank you for your email. We have passed on your feedback and concerns to the relevant people in The Salvation Army for this matter.

    To provide a bit more information to you, The Salvation Army believes everyone should have the right to feel safe at all times regardless of ethnicity, religious belief, age, sexual orientation or gender identity. All people should be able to access education and live within community without prejudice or bullying.

    So earlier this year The Salvation Army commissioned a study of the Safe Schools teaching resource. The research included the four official guidelines and two independent reviews – one commissioned by the Federal Government and the other published by the University of Sydney.

    The research indicated that if the Safe School guidelines and official resources are utilised, the program fulfils and important social function which is vital given the high levels of suicide and mental health problems associated with bullying in schools based on homophobia or transphobia.

    If you have further questions and for further information please see the official statement here:


    Thank you
    The Salvation Army ”

    They are obviously extremely misinformed and surely must be receiving many other complaints from supporters. I imagine and pray that they are re-thinking the decision they have made.

  9. Thanks Fred for writing in. Sadly you got their useless lame form letter reply which tells us nothing except how clueless they are, or how blind they are to biblical truth. They are living in denial, and one has to ask how many thousands of once loyal supporters must pull out before they wake up to their folly, repent, and get back to being a biblical organisation.

  10. I am thoroughly disappointed by the Salvos for whom I had a high regard Bill. But that’s all over now. It seems to me the supporters amongst the Salvos of this demonic cult are nothing but frauds in very impressive uniforms. I think that uniform is beginning to loose its appeal. They can rattle their tins for all I care but not a brass razoo from me or those I have discussed this issue with. Thanks for your continued vigilance on the evil that’s pervading our society.

  11. Bill, thank you for pointing out the gross error the Salvation Army has made in supporting the Safe Schools program. I saw this kind of direction being taken quite a few years ago, when I left the Salvation Army after 26 years as a soldier, in disappointment and sadness at the unbiblical decisions being made. I believe that because the SA is so dependent now on Government support, it has given in to Government guidelines, and must toe the “party line”. In my opinion, it is no longer a Christian organisation. It is owned by the state.

  12. Yes you nailed it Jan: “I believe that because the SA is so dependent now on Government support, it has given in to Government guidelines, and must toe the “party line”. In my opinion, it is no longer a Christian organisation. It is owned by the state.”

  13. The Salvation Army has also been embroiled in fraud linked to an employment initiative called Jobs Services Australia.

    Have a look at the this video report (at 32:45) and again at 40:36


    In the UK The Salvation Army has been employing unemployed people in their charity shops without paying them proper wages – a practice which is unBiblical. See Jeremiah 22:13 – “Woe unto him that buildeth his house by unrighteousness, and his chambers by wrong; that useth his neighbour’s service without wages, and giveth him not for his work.

  14. Of course the bullying at the protest is just the tip of the bullying iceberg. Imagine how students who do not agree with her wrong thinking would fare at a university that thought that is reasonable to employ someone like her.

  15. Joost Gemeren, The decision was announced by those in Victoria, however it does not only affect Victoria. The Territorial Headquarters (THQ) for the entire southern territory is located in Victoria. This territory covers Vic, Tas, SA, NT and WA. The eastern territory covers Qld, NSW and ACT and while they may not subscribe to this marxist agenda, there is a plan underway to merge the territories so that all of Australia is part of one territory.

    I used to attend a TSA church here in Perth but resigned my membership about 4 years ago when this compromise started to creep in. I raised concerns but was fed the usual weak, false grace garbage. Since they would not hear Biblical sense, my only option was to remove myself from that environment.

    I know people still attending the same congregation and the rot has continued to the point that they are on the brink of a major split, all because “leadership” is pushing an unbiblical agenda.

    Deception has set in at many levels and it’s having a knock on effect. The sheep are being separated from the goats. I just pray truth prevails.

  16. My immediate reaction to the Salvation Army’s decision was to inform them that I could no longer provide any financial support (small though it is) nor could I in good conscience continue to participate in their Red Shield Appeal door-knocking, which I have done for the past few years.

  17. Many thanks Neil and well done. It seems so many others like you have taken a similar course of action. If enough ordinary Salvos and others keeping letting the out of touch Salvo leaders know how they feel, maybe TSA leadership will wake up, repent, and get back to biblical Christianity.

  18. Did not Jesus say to His disciples to be shrewd as snakes and harmless as doves?

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