Adventures in Ghana

Well this may explain a few things:

If you are wondering why my website seems to have dried up of late, it is because during the past 30 hours or so I have been doing a lot of travelling. I finally made it to Accra, Ghana a few hours ago. I will soon hit the hay as I do not seem to be able to sleep while travelling. So things will be all rather quiet on this site for a while.

I am not sure how much time I will have available for writing articles or moderating comments over the next few days. I fly back home Friday night and arrive Sunday morning. Prayers are appreciated for the various meetings and talks thanks. And keep praying for travelling mercies as well thanks.

I speak a few times this week and have a number of meetings I am attending. One of the events I will speak at is this one:

A large percentage of this nation is Christian, and many folks here are concerned about not going down the same destructive paths that the West has gone – especially not running with various anti-family policies. So I and some others will be sharing with various groups on how to stand strong for faith, family and freedom.

I hope to post more on all this soonish. So I may just add bits to this article over the next few days. But time permitting I hope to write on some other issues as well. As I say, your prayers are always appreciated.

Tuesday update

Hmm, this article seems to have disappeared from my website! So I will post it again with some updates from today. Not sure what happened there!

It seems good and efficient roads are not big ticket items here – takes an hour or two to get anywhere, so I am spending a lot of time in a car going nowhere fast! Cars and people selling stuff and motorcycles are all jostling for positions. I am surprised there are not heaps of accidents!

Our meeting today was to organise a national response to the inroads of homosexual activism in Ghana and Africa. Ghana seems to be leading the charge here. Most of the population is Christian, including the President. The African people do not approve of homosexuality! But activists are seeking to push it here anyway.

I and some others spoke to around 130 professionals, doctors, politicians, lawyers, etc today on the homosexual agenda in Africa. I shared a bit about how the West blew it and how we let Africa down. There are many good people here fighting the good fight.

I did some media interviews at the end of the afternoon. Funny, here the media is still keen to get our point of view. In Australia I almost never get the media contacting me anymore. They do not want to talk about these issues in Australia. But in Ghana things are different.

Tomorrow I and a few other speakers will do a breakfast at Parliament House, sharing with politicians the need to stand strong here. I will also do more media interviews afterwards. But I am still exhausted, so another early night to try to catch up on sleep is needed.

Keep praying for my week here. God is at work in Ghana and doing important things to save Ghana and Africa from the dark agendas of the militants. The churches here are far more awake and on fire than back home. One Ghanaian asked me why the churches have not been strong in Australia on this issue. I said because most of them are dead!

That is largely true. Most churches and Christians in Australia do not need reform or revival – they need resurrection! Ghana Christians seem far more serious about their faith and the threats to it. They put us to shame. We need more believers like those found here.

Keep praying for me and the others speaking this week.

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  1. As the West descends into a Post-Christian Dark Age and ethics akin to pre-Christian pagan European mores reassert themselves in the West, Africa may yet become a refuge for Biblical Christian culture from the new barbarisms of a disintegrating increasingly secularised Western civilisation. The dystopian visions of Charles Darwin and his cousin, Francis Galton could be reversed with a redeemed Africa outgrowing and out-thriving a moribund, shrivelling, increasingly narcissist Western world.

  2. Here is an article by Canon Hassan John about how the homosexual activists make things worse for homosexuals in Africa. Essentially, they were tolerated in private, but now governments are seeing it, correctly, as an attempt by the West to impose its immorality on them.

  3. Hi Bill,
    Have a safe trip. God Bless. I look forward to your updates.

  4. Dear Bill,
    I have just listened to your talk in Ghana. I am in the audience and have been blessed by the experiences you shared. In deed, we must stand up to say it as it is. Families are important. Marriage is between a man and a woman. May God protect us as we continue to fight the increasing attacks on families.

    Have a safe 36 hours flight.


  5. Well said, Bill. As many people know, you actually have to get out of Australia to countries that still have full churches to realize how bad things are in Australia. My observation for years now has been that the future of the church is in Asia and Africa.

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