The World’s Quickest Case of Christophobia in Action

Hmm, that was a real fast case of anti-religious bigotry:

Well, that did not take long. A brand new CEO has been forced out in record-breaking time. Not even 24 hours into his new job and he is already a goner. I had headlined an earlier piece on this with these words: “Gasp: They Actually Hired a Christian!” But I was too quick to do so, and now I need an update: “Gasp: They Actually Fired a Christian!” See the previous piece here:

Well, he resigned, but we all know he was actually forced out. Wokism will simply not tolerate dissidents. The secular left will NOT allow these recalcitrants to be around. So who am I speaking of here? Was he some career criminal? Perhaps a mass murderer? A suicide bomber? A malicious child molester? Pfft, he was something far, far worse of course. He is Andrew Thorburn and his crime was – yep, you guessed it – to be an open, biblical Christian.

Thorburn had just landed a nice job as CEO of the Essendon Football Club. But for daring to be associated with a church that actually believes its own Scriptures, all hell broke loose. And now he is cancelled – big time. So his illustrious career came to a real quick end. As one news report put it:

The new chief executive of the Essendon Football Club, Andrew Thorburn, has resigned just one day after being appointed to the role. Mr Thorburn’s resignation comes after it emerged the church he leads has published a series of articles critical of homosexuality and abortion. The appointment of the ex-CEO of NAB was announced on Monday, and he was due to take over the AFL club on November 1. Acting CEO Nick Ryan will continue in his role whilst the club commences the process to appoint a new CEO.

Well, it certainly is a good thing that this guy who is clearly further to the right than Attila the Hun is no longer there to cause so much mischief and mayhem – even though he had already said that the sexual status of his footy players would be of no concern to him. But his crimes are just too great to be tolerated.

Here is a statement he just recently released about this sad state of affairs:

Yesterday was one of the proudest days of my life. To be offered the role of CEO of the Essendon Football Club – who I have followed since I was a boy – was a profound honour. At last night’s Crichton medal, I could hardly contain my passion and wonder at the opportunity. I love the club, love the people, and was incredibly excited about the work ahead. I had seen a picture of a club that was not as broken as feared, and that with leadership and focus, could rebound strongly.


However, today it became clear to me that my personal Christian faith is not tolerated or permitted in the public square, at least by some and perhaps by many. I was being required to compromise beyond a level that my conscience allowed. People should be able to hold different views on complex personal and moral matters, and be able to live and work together, even with those differences, and always with respect. Behaviour is the key. This is all an important part of a tolerant and diverse society.


Let me be clear – I love all people, and have always promoted and lived an inclusive, diverse, respectful and supportive workplace – where people are welcomed regardless of their culture, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation. I believe my record over a long period of time testifies to this.


Despite my own leadership record, within hours of my appointment being announced, the media and leaders of our community had spoken. They made it clear that my Christian faith and my association with a Church are unacceptable in our culture if you wish to hold a leadership position in society.


This grieves me greatly – though not just for myself, but for our society overall. I believe we are poorer for the loss of our great freedoms of thought, conscience and belief that made for a truly diverse, just and respectful community.


My faith is central to who I am. Since coming to faith in Jesus 20 years ago, I have seen profound change in my life, and I believe God has made me a better husband, father, and friend. It has also helped me become a better leader. That is because at the centre of my faith is the belief that you should create a community and care for people, because they are created by and loved by God and have a deep intrinsic value.


As it happens, I do sometimes disagree with things I hear in church – but I believe strongly in the right of people to say them, especially when taken in context. Reducing complex matters to a sentence is dangerous. Australia has a long tradition of diversity and religious freedom, and that must include preserving space for religious people to be able to express their religious beliefs.


I am saddened by these events. I wish the Club success, and thank Dave Barham in particular for the opportunity he gave me. I hope the external review leads to great change. I am truly sorry that I will not be able to work with the whole Essendon team, and Brad Scott and Josh Mahoney in particular.

While I think he should have stayed and fought this blatant anti-Christian bigotry and hatred, it is up to him to decide which way to proceed. But this is just another case of hardcore Christophobia in action. And of leftist hypocrisy and double standards.

Just consider what we actually read on the Essendon footy club website: “We strive to make our people proud by becoming the most successful, inclusive, and respected club in Australian sport both on and off the field.”

Um, too bad their inclusion does not include Christians. They could have stood up for him and fought for his right to be there. But like all gutless wonders, they seem to worry more about offending the woke pansies, the mainstream media elites, and the noisy radical minority groups.

I have been saying this for years now: the secular left does not just want to be left alone to do their own thing. They want – indeed, demand – your approval, celebration and promotion. They want you to bow the knee to their agenda – or else.

Recalcitrants are not wanted. In fact, they will be targeted, hounded and destroyed. Welcome to our Brave New World where Christianity is now a threatened species. And it will keep getting worse if we do not wake up real soon and start taking a stand.

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22 Replies to “The World’s Quickest Case of Christophobia in Action”

  1. I have written to Daniel double speak Andrews and expressed my disgust at his blatant support for bigotry

  2. I suspect he was trying to keep the club out of hot water, but at least he fired a good clear parting shot about the wider problem of exclusive inclusiveness on his exit.

  3. Bill, thank you for (once again) saying it like it is. I was deeply saddened and angered to hear this on the news tonight but, unfortunately, not surprised. Obviously the ABC introduced the item by saying such things as it emerged that Andrew Thorburn “leads a Christian church that publishes homophobic material and has labelled abortion murder”, Apart from other typical ABC speak, who should pop onto the screen but the premier who added his ‘two bobs worth’ by stating in his typical arrogant, ill-informed way, “Those views are absolutely appalling. I don’t support those views; that kind of intolerance, that kind of hatred..” Why are we not surprised? If Christians haven’t woken up before this, now is certainly the time. To be salt and light means to be seen and ‘felt’ does it not? Keep up the great, challenging work.

  4. By Lord God’s grace may Andrew Thorntin persevere in his eminent decision to hold to conscience . He sides with the teaching of his church which by media description is orthodox and right in its application to pro-life and sexuality. He will be a light in darkness, more useful in the Kingdom of God and doubtless rewarded for his faithfulness.
    Thanks for article Bill

  5. The tired old pagan rhetoric of Premier Andrews and his ilk reminds me of much of the environmental lobby’s push against coal, gas, oil and nuclear power. There is no discernment in their ravings, only snake-oil. Such persuasive charisma as they possess leads many to agree in public, but not when cruising the supermarket shelves. Their inclusivity is hypocrisy. Good for the goose, but not the gander. The only way they can defend such balderdash is to keep their nose in the air, which is proof that they are being led by it.

  6. What if Thorburn was a practising Muslim upholding its standard theology concerning homosexuality etc? Would Essendon (and apparently some EFC members cancelling their memberships) have reacted the same way? Just curious.

  7. Facebook are preventing the IPA from expressing their view on “the Voice”. Yes, we live in such an inclusive society…

  8. So sad and tough that Mr Thorburn has left. It is tough to stand in today’s ‘throw away society’. Yet makes one stronger for what they believe.

  9. Premier Dan Andrews is scared to death of bringing the “gay mafia” down on his head if he said anything else.

  10. Thanks Joanna. But given that Andrews is 200% in bed with the gay mafia, he is not afraid of them at all. He fully supports their agenda and is doing all he can to crush biblical Christianity. He knows exactly what he is doing to bring Christianity to an end while giving the sexual revolutionaries everything they want. So we need not make any excuses for him here.

  11. @Christine Crawford: I’d like to pay my respects to the open borders policy of the previous custodians of this land. Without their generosity the refugees from England would have had to go to NZ. As it is, a few clashes of culture aside, the previous policy makers reconciled almost instantly to the newbies with their food, clothes, shelters and tools.

  12. Oh dear! A sad day for Christians and for our whole community. Organisations say inclusion then they exhibit exclusion. I am a Christian. When will I be excluded because of my Christian beliefs? Probably soon, when I speak out against bigotry, evils etc.

  13. Why should we be surprised by this event when Jesus spoke about it over 2000 years ago?! Mark 13.

  14. Well written Bill. Yes, Jesus said it all before to His disciples, “If they hated me, they will hate you.” Can you tell me the name of Andrew Thorburn’s church so I can send a message of encouragement to him?
    It was great to hear the words of Peter Dutton tonight when he strongly opposed discrimination in the workplace based on one’s religion.

  15. “They want – indeed, demand – your approval, celebration and promotion.”

    Exactly! You WILL burn a pinch of incense to the rainbow flag. I fear soon this will be expanded to you will bend over and receive the “gay sacraments”. Celebration and promotion will no longer be enough. You MUST participate! If THEY want sex with you that’s all that will matter!

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