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Dhimmitude, Delusion and Deception

Apr 11, 2015

That Muslims are working overtime in the West to transform our societies into Islamic outposts where everyone submits to Allah, and sharia law becomes the law of the land, is not surprising. It is happening all the time as I

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Home Truths on Family

Dec 13, 2014

We know that as the family goes, so goes the nation. No society can survive without strong families. That is why the enemies of society in the West have always worked so hard, targeting families. Once the family is weakened

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Christians, Compromise and Carnality

Aug 12, 2014

That huge numbers of Christians today are selling out big time concerning their faith is not surprising. We were warned about this 2000 years ago. Jesus and the disciples made it perfectly clear that many would abandon the faith, succumb

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Hamas, Gaza and Truth-Telling

Aug 4, 2014

One very telling political cartoon making the rounds shows US Secretary of State John Kerry at a table with a Hamas terrorist and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. The Hamas militant has a child human shield in one arm with a

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We Have Forgotten

Aug 2, 2014

“Lest we forget” was meant to remind us not to forget. But it seems that we have done exactly that – and in very quick fashion. The horrors we witnessed last century at the hands of the Nazis in Europe

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Promoting Paedophilia

Jul 8, 2014

The world has rightly been shocked over revelations that big name entertainers like Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile have been found guilty of horrible child abuse crimes. But sadly this is really just the tip of the iceberg it seems.

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The Church On Sinking Sands

Jul 7, 2014

One advantage of getting a bit older is that the helpful tool of hindsight kicks in, and perspective is enhanced over the flow of years. You start to see the bigger picture, even if just over the period of your

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No, We Are Not From the Same Faith Tradition

Jul 3, 2014

It is quite common for Muslim apologists and clueless Christians to ramble on about how the big three religions all have a common source, and that we are all really spiritual brothers. They claim that Islam, Christianity and Judaism all

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The Myth of Moderate Muslims

Jun 17, 2014

So did you hear about the mass demo of Muslims in Sydney worried about Islamic extremism? Did you catch the big turnout of Muslims in Paris denouncing jihad? Did you notice the tens of thousands of Muslims marching in London

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Christianity, Culture and Compromise

Jun 15, 2014

The pressure to water down the gospel and to simply accommodate to the surrounding culture is an ever present reality. There is always the strong temptation to simply compromise on biblical absolutes in order to be more readily accepted, to

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This Is Sydney, Not Saudi Arabia

Jun 14, 2014

Let me state a few basic truths here: Perhaps most Muslims are peaceful and decent folks who pose no real threat to our way of life. But that just cannot be said about Islam. This is a religion – really

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Let’s Grieve For All Children

May 29, 2014

The world rightly mourns when a horrific headline appears about the death of young children. Often we read about one tragedy or another in which babies, toddlers and/or children are cruelly lost. It is never easy to understand or accept.

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The Church, East and West

May 6, 2014

As an American who has lived a long time in Australia but is now back in Europe again, it is interesting to see how the church of Jesus Christ is faring in various places. The global Christian movement is of

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Please, Let My People Think

Mar 31, 2014

Is biblical discernment at an all-time low in the Christian church today? Is the ability of Western Christians to think critically, carefully and logically at a premium today? Any incisive Christian observer would have to offer an unambiguous ‘yes’ to

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The Significance of the Mosque

Mar 28, 2014

Mosques are appearing all over the West. Is this something to be applauded – an indication of healthy multiculturalism at work? Or is it something to be concerned about – another example of creeping sharia and stealth jihad? To properly

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The Poison of Political Correctness

Mar 19, 2014

I am sure there must be plenty of websites out there with nifty names such as PC Watch, or PC Loony Tunes. If there are not, they could easily be set up. Simply documenting the zillions of cases of political

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Alicia Gali, Women and Islam

Mar 17, 2014

So why write about a particular story which first took place some six years ago now? Because this tragic case is all too representative of how women are treated in Islam – even how Australian women are treated in Muslim-majority

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