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Angry Atheists With Nothing To Say

Mar 16, 2014

How can you write an 855-word essay and manage to say basically nothing of any significance? It is not difficult if you are an atheist, and especially if you are writing for the leftist Melbourne Age. The trouble is,

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Be Wary of “Progress”

Mar 15, 2014

Back in 1980 American sociologist Robert Nisbet wrote an important volume entitled History of the Idea of Progress. In it he examined how the notion of progress has had a long historical pedigree, with Christianity and other worldviews offering

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When PC Collides With PC

Mar 3, 2014

What do you do when the two most politically correct and protected groups in the West come to blows? This has to be one of the great dilemmas for the secular left. When their two most fav pet causes come

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Rebutting the Climate Alarmism Ideologues

Mar 1, 2014

A defining feature of contemporary Western culture is the establishment and defence of certain ideological shibboleths that dare not be gainsayed. These PC orthodoxies are enforced with all the fanaticism of any religious cult, and those who dare to resist

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The Systemic War Against Fathers

Feb 28, 2014

Most Western family law courts and systems are greatly skewed against fathers. There is an inbuilt bias against dads, and many are turned into criminals for having done nothing wrong. The facts on this are quite clear. Consider which parent

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You Will Comply, Or Else

Feb 27, 2014

We now know perfectly well that the homosexual juggernaut is not about ‘live and let live,’ but about the complete and total beating into submission of all those who resist the militants’ agenda. Hundreds of examples have now made it

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No More Mild Jesus; No More Tame Gospel

Feb 3, 2014

It is not surprising that the greatest person who ever lived has been relentlessly assailed by those who want to bring him down to size, to soften him, to reduce him, to restrict him, to domesticate him, and to remake

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No Neutrality Here Katy Perry

Jan 28, 2014

I am not much of a fan of pop culture, pop music, or pop celebrities. The whole scene is one big turn off to me – indeed, it is mostly so boring and banal. But unless one is a complete

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Bible Revisionism, Again

Jan 23, 2014

People are always wanting to rewrite the Bible, or revise it to suit their own preferences. That has been going on for as long as Scripture has been available to us. It contains all sorts of politically incorrect truths and

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Abortion By the Numbers

Jan 20, 2014

Abortion is the greatest killer known to man. No one of course knows how many babies have died at the hands of their own parents throughout history. And even since the dreadful day 41 years ago in America when Roe

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On the Crucifixion of Cory Bernardi

Jan 13, 2014

There have been two main groups targeting Cory Bernardi all week: the rabid secular left which always hates anything coming from a conservative and a Christian, and so-called “Christian” feminists. I am not sure which group is worse in terms

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Biblical Intolerance

Jan 7, 2014

Christians should of course have as a primary goal to be more godly, to be more like our Lord. We should seek to emulate, imitate, resemble, and come closer into conformity to who our God is. We do this by

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Away With Your False Gospels

Jan 1, 2014

OK, it is the New Year, so no sense in beating around the bush. I have resolved to keep promoting truth in 2014, regardless of how many people take offense and/or break fellowship with me. Time is short, truth matters,

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A Culture of Bullying and Intolerance

Dec 31, 2013

We now know without the slightest doubt that the homosexual militants are a pack of bullies who thrive on intimidation, stand-over tactics, and thuggery. And they are clearly one of the most intolerant groups on the planet. They have declared

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Tolerance Can Be So Intolerable

Dec 18, 2013

Anyone who regularly reads my columns should know by now that whenever you hear the word tolerance you should flee for your life, or at least proceed with great caution. That is because most of the folks screaming about tolerance

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Christianity, the West, and the Future

Dec 15, 2013

Christianity is good for the West. In fact, without it, there would be no West – at least a West as we know it today. Moreover, Christianity is good for the world. These claims cannot here be argued for, although

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Nelson Mandela: More Inconvenient Truths

Dec 7, 2013

I have said it often before: if you want to live a real quiet and peaceful life, just don’t think anything, say anything, do anything, care about anything, or work for anything. Of course you would basically be dead then.

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