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Religion, Politics and the Media

Aug 29, 2006

Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott recently gave a speech in which he sought to defend the place of faith in the political arena. An edited version of his speech was reprinted in the Australian (August 24, 2006). In the article

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Aborting Babies To Look Younger

Aug 24, 2006

Pro-lifers have long warned that there are many ugly reasons for pursuing research on embryos. The cosmetics industry is one such reason. It has long relished creating beauty products from aborted foetuses. A recent article in London’s Daily Mail (August

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Christian Persecution Hots Up

Aug 23, 2006

Christianity has always been a persecuted religion. But recently this has become even more serious, especially at the hands of Muslims throughout the world. That is the conclusion of British writer Anthony Browne in an article entitled, “Church of Martyrs”.

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Crime and (Leftwing) Misdemeanours

Aug 21, 2006

Why is it that on a daily basis we seem to hear of outlandish crimes, and equally outlandish sentences handed out by our courts? Why does criminal activity seem to thrive, and why does our judiciary seem more concerned about

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Stem Cell Deception

Aug 19, 2006

In both Australia and America there is a major battle taking place over stem cell research. As readers of this site will be aware, there are two main sources of stem cells: embryos, or non-embryos. Adult stem cells (ASCs) have

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Feminists and Islam

Aug 17, 2006

Why do feminists and those of the Left seem so indifferent about Islamic extremism? Why are radical women who often have been part of the anti-war movement so willing to get into bed with jihadists? Why is the sisterhood so

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Defining Family Out Of Existence

Aug 16, 2006

Mark Tooley, writing in the latest American Spectator (August 15, 2006) notes that it is not just marriage that homosexual activists want, but the entire redefinition of family and relationships. He argues that the radical homosexual agenda includes not just

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Why Israel Must Act

Aug 14, 2006

The current conflict in southern Lebanon raises a number of issues. Moral and political clarity is needed to understand what the fighting is really all about. William Bennett recently penned an opinion piece (National Review Online, 11 August

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Pell on Islam

Aug 14, 2006

In the June/July issue of First Things there appeared an important article by Sydney Catholic Archbishop George Pell. Entitled “Islam and Us” he examined the emerging of Islam and its place in the West, and how we should respond.


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Capitalism and Biotechnology

Aug 14, 2006

Writing in the Spring 2006 issue of The New Atlantis, Eric Cohen has an interesting article entitled “Biotechnology and the Spirit of Capitalism”. In it he looks at how unfettered capitalism and unbridled Big Biotech are quickly becoming a

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Population Trends: Myth and Reality

Apr 14, 2006

Nicholas Eberstadt  has written extensively on population issues over the past few decades. His writings are an important antidote to the gloom and doom prophets such as Paul Erhlich. In this article (written for the Winter 2006 edition of

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Another Look at Jesus

Dec 25, 2003

Two years ago on this day the Herald Sun featured an opinion piece by Andrew Bolt entitled, “Even heathens can learn from a man who wasn’t the Son of God”. Given that this was Christmas Day, Mr Bolt’s piece was

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