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What Good Is Christianity?

Nov 24, 2006

The Christian faith gets some pretty bad press nowadays. Certainly much of this is deserved. But for all its faults, the Christian religion is responsible for a tremendous amount of good in the world. But that story is often left

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Atheism Kills

Nov 23, 2006

In these secular times, religion regularly gets a bad rap. And anti-Christian bigotry especially accelerates, with most of the world’s ills, from burnt toast to global warming, somehow pinned on the Christian faith.

Of course Christianity has made its fair

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Christianity and Poverty

Nov 16, 2006

How is the believer to think about poverty, welfare, and the best way to help the poor? Such topics are far too big to consider here, but aspects of this discussion can be briefly addressed.

For example, what does one

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Assessing the US Elections

Nov 10, 2006

Even though it is still early days yet, there have been hundreds of analyses and discussions about the Democratic swing in the recent US midterm elections. There are probably as many different spins being put on the outcome as there

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The Truth About the Religious Right

Nov 9, 2006

There were some very interesting comments about faith and politics made recently by a Victorian Labor MP. Health Minister Bronwyn Pike said that we all must be concerned about the sinister “influence of the religious right” in Australia. (Jason Dowling,

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Religious Demographics

Oct 30, 2006

While certain religions are growing in some parts of the world, they are in decline in other parts. But the decline of one religion is often met by the rise of another.

Consider the Christian faith. As Philip Jenkins wrote

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The Demise of the Australian Democrats

Oct 24, 2006

Several recent events surely spell the end of the Australian Democrats. Three in particular come to mind: their electoral decline of the last few years; the announced retirement of one of their leading stars; and their continued war against religion.

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Separation of Church and State

Oct 20, 2006

There is a lot of confused thinking about the concept of separation of church and state in particular, and the role of faith in public life in general. The former is often used by secularists to insist that religion should

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Faith and Politics. Part 1.

Oct 17, 2006

The recent declaration by Labor MP and aspiring leader/PM Kevin Rudd that the left side of politics needs to capture the Christian vote, and that it is not the sole domain of the right, raises a number of issues.


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Faith and Politics. Part 2.

Oct 17, 2006

Social Justice Concerns

A bit more needs to be said about the left’s insistence that they alone are the real champions of social justice. Rudd in particular and the left in general make much of the idea that we need

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Religion, Sanity and Secularism

Oct 5, 2006

Religion in the public arena has been getting a lot of attention recently. The Australian Democrats are fearful of Christian influence in politics. (Indeed, I was attacked in the Melbourne Age today by their leader over this very issue.) On

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In Defence of Theology

Sep 26, 2006

We live in an age that is hesitant about, or indifferent to, the use of reason, study, mental discipline and religious education. Truth is under attack, religion is despised, and logical thinking is often ignored. Needless to say, in such

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