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Religion and September 11

Sep 13, 2008

As we commemorate the tragedy of the Islamic assault on America seven years ago, there is still much fuzzy thinking about religion and terror. A secularised and demoralised West is confused about at least two things: the continued threat of

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On Barack Hussein Obama

Sep 12, 2008

Very soon the US elections will be upon us. Conservatives are pinning their hopes on a McCain/Palin victory. Liberals/leftists are hoping the Obama/Biden team will make it in. Indeed, the left in many ways has turned Obama into a bit

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Before You Kick the Bucket

Aug 27, 2008

There was an interesting item in today’s papers. It seems that the author of an adventure travel guide, Dave Freeman, passed away recently, aged 47. Co-authored by Neil Teplica, the best-selling book, 100 Things to Do Before You Die,

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The Pressing Need for Integrity

Aug 24, 2008

On a regular basis media reports highlight some politician, celebrity, community leader, sports star or high-flyer falling from grace. Whether through drugs, sex, dishonesty, abuse of power or corruption, there seems to be a constant stream of cases of well

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On Christian Leadership Failures

Aug 23, 2008

The news of the downfall of a major Pentecostal Christian leader in Australia has most of the Christian community abuzz. And given that the story has been splashed all over the secular media, it certainly has non-Christians talking as well.

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On Biblical Love

Aug 12, 2008

Without doubt the love of God is one of the great themes of the Bible. It may also be one of the more misunderstood themes as well. This is not the place to enter into a fully-orbed discussion of this

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China, the Olympics and Humans Rights

Aug 2, 2008

In less than a week the Games of the XXIX Olympiad will begin. While the world’s attention will be on the athletes, the competitions, and the medal count, others will be feeling the effects of an oppressive regime which has

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Those Sensitive Fundamentalists

Jul 29, 2008

Fundamentalists can be a sensitive lot. When their faith-based worldview is challenged, they can become quite ornery and defensive. When it is pointed out that their religion has little to do with evidence, and much to do with stubbornly held-to

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Homosexual Lawsuit against the Bible

Jul 23, 2008

If nothing else, the steady stream of madness and moral decrepitude one encounters on a daily basis at least keeps life interesting. It is hard to stay bored in such an environment. Consider as an example this quite recent news

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On Dealing with Atheists

Jul 23, 2008

It is amazing, when you think about it, that a major newspaper like the Melbourne Age actually pays people to do little more than write columns attacking the beliefs of millions of Australians. Atheist Catherine Deveny writes regular columns insulting

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Bioethics, Hollywood, and the Biblical Worldview

Jul 17, 2008

Several years ago R. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, made a profound observation: “Christians are sleeping through history as new medical technologies threaten the very meaning of human life.”

He was referring to the fact that

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On the Importance of Apologetics

Jul 11, 2008

There are many top-notch Christian apologists on the scene today. They are doing a superb job of demonstrating the reasonableness of the Christian faith, and answering the many criticisms of the new militant atheists. One such apologist is Christian philosopher

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