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Alien Invasion, or the Meaning of Christmas

Dec 23, 2007

We in the West live in an overwhelmingly secular culture that says materialism is the only reality. There is no supernatural, only the natural. There is no metaphysical reality, only the physical. Matter alone matters. Or as Carl Sagan

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Recruiting Kids to Hate God?

Dec 16, 2007

Children’s author Philip Pullman has written a “Dark Trilogy,” the first volume of which, The Golden Compass, is now a major motion picture. Nothing wrong with that, except Mr Pullman is a man on a mission. You see, he

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Good Intentions, Unhelpful Outcomes

Dec 15, 2007

When Chamberlain visited Hitler, he was full of good intentions, even though he was being pretty naive. He came back from his meeting proclaiming “Peace in our time”. Of course in less than a year the world was at war.

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Salt and Light Business

Nov 27, 2007

Every once in a while I seem to need to restate the case for Christian social and political involvement. Mind you, I have made it numerous times in the past, but I keep getting critics – some friendly, some not

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Why Do the Nations Rage?

Nov 25, 2007

This famous phrase, made even more famous by Handel in his Messiah, comes from Psalm 2. The whole Psalm is about the nations, and their limited and temporary nature, in contrast to the everlasting God. The Psalm reminds us

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How to Think About “A Common Word”

Nov 19, 2007

Last month a number of leading Muslims issued the document “A Common Word Between Us and You.” The letter, delivered to world Christian leaders, was from 138 prominent Muslim imams and scholars. It urged Christians and Muslims to find common

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Self-Esteem and the Question of Origins

Nov 13, 2007

There is little doubt that in the Western world there is a growing malaise centred on low self-esteem. Our sense of self-worth and value seems to be at an all-time low. The indicators are as prevalent as they are ominous:

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We Need Some Heroes

Nov 12, 2007

Heroes are in short supply nowadays. We don’t seem to have a need for them. Or we find them off-putting. Indeed, if anything, we seem to now only worship anti-heroes, those who have gained notoriety and fame for all the

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How to Vote in this Election

Nov 10, 2007

On such a hot potato subject as this, a few preliminary disclaimers. First, it would not be wise for me to presume to tell other people how they should vote at the upcoming Federal election. That I will not do.

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Rebutting the Neo-Atheists

Nov 1, 2007

As the recent atheist diatribes get more shrill and more dogmatic, the paucity of their arguments become more apparent. Even though their missionary tracts are now pouring forth from the presses at a growing rate, mere volume of output does

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A Major Rethink on Church Growth

Oct 31, 2007

Hot on the heels of some recent articles I penned on megachurches comes a revolutionary report questioning the very basis of much of the megachurch movement. My earlier articles sought to raise a few questions about church growth and some

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The Bitter Fruit of the Coercive Utopians

Oct 30, 2007

We are getting glimpses of the future, and it is not looking too good. We are seeing how radical political agendas are being implemented throughout the Western world, along with the ugly consequences which inevitably follow. Indeed, some nations are

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Contentment in an Age of Excess

Oct 26, 2007

The biblical understanding of wealth, possessions and stewardship is not easily summarised in a short essay. But even a very brief examination of these issues should certainly include the biblical theme of contentment. The Christian life is to be characterised,

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The Church as Hospital

Oct 24, 2007

I was asked recently for my thoughts on a Melbourne Age article about homosexuals in the church. It had to do with the Anglican Church and its view on homosexuality. It quoted a very liberal Anglican lay woman who bewailed

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Are We Ready To Die?

Oct 23, 2007

Death is a subject that most people really don’t want to discuss or even think about. And fair enough: if the materialist worldview is correct, and this life is all there is, and once we die, that’s it, then death

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Sin, Forgiveness and Consequences

Oct 14, 2007

More than once I have been involved in debates with fellow believers over the broad issue of God’s forgiveness and what that entails. More specifically, some have argued that since Christ forgives us, we should not only forgive others, but

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