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You Will Be Hated

Sep 17, 2015

Christians are a funny lot. They will go on and on about how they claim every promise of God. But when it comes to crunch time, they don’t really believe that for a moment. What they do believe is that

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On the Book of Daniel

Sep 11, 2015

I am reading the book of Daniel once again and have been so impressed with the fact that it is such an utterly remarkable book in so many ways. The short book is divided into two main parts: chapters 1-6

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Refugees and “Discrimination”

Sep 11, 2015

With the Australian government now committed to taking 12,000 Syrian refugees, with an emphasis on persecuted Christians, a lot of really dumb reactions have been forthcoming. As usual, it mainly comes from the leftists and their allies, including the Muslim

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Rainbow Reality: Submit or Else

Sep 2, 2015

When the militant homosexual lobby and its supporters tell you no one will be adversely impacted when homosexual marriage goes through, they are lying. They knew full well that everything changes – for the worse. Everyone must bow the knee

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The New Outcasts

Aug 19, 2015

I am an outcast. I am an untouchable. I am a leper. I am the scum of the earth. Why, what did I do? Sexually abuse a child? Torture kittens for the fun of it? Murder my own family? No,

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Facing Up To Persecution

Aug 3, 2015

Hands up, who enjoys persecution? OK, so no one does. Fair enough. I don’t either. But whether or not we like something has nothing to do with if it is bound to happen. And the Bible makes it perfectly clear

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Suffering and Eschatology

Jul 12, 2015

While the doctrine of Christ’s return is a grand and glorious biblical truth, there is some room to move on the particulars. One’s views on the end times can differ with that of others, but Christian fellowship can still be

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Faith and Family Feud

Jul 7, 2015

Let’s admit it. Most Christians really do not believe what is in their own Bibles. Sure, they give lip service to Scripture all the time. They claim to be Bible-believing Christians, and they may even take their Bibles to church

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The Ugly Abortion Ethos

Jul 4, 2015

Any culture which teaches its people that it is perfectly OK to kill their own babies is a culture that will end up with plenty of hardened hearts and deadened consciences. It is impossible not to. To sink to such

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This is How Homosexual Marriage Impacts Me

Jul 1, 2015

I have lost count of the number of times homosexual activists and their supporters have asked me the question: “How does gay marriage personally impact you?” Incredibly, they really believe that this question is some sort of knock-down argument which

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SCOTUS and the New Homo-Tyranny

Jun 28, 2015

Anyone with their eyes open, and/or not pushing the secular left agenda, should know by now that when special rights and marriage rights are granted to homosexuals, everything changes, and those who suffer the greatest are biblical Christians.

The two

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More Islamic and Homosexual Sharia

Jun 23, 2015

In an earlier piece I noted the frightening similarities between the Islamic war on faith, family and freedom, and the homosexual war on faith, family and freedom. The attempt to push Islamic sharia law throughout the West is destroying democracy

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