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Education Wars: The Battle for Our Children

Sep 4, 2012

There is perhaps no greater battleground than that of the education arena. He who can educate (or indoctrinate) our children will win not only our children but the future. For centuries we have known of the crucial importance of education,

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The End Is Near (Or It Sure Seems That Way)

Aug 28, 2012

If you wanted to come up with a great way of destroying civilisation, simply seek to radically tamper with human sexuality, undermine marriage, and destroy family. That would pretty much do the trick. And we are seeing this happen all

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Real Hate, Fake Hate

Aug 25, 2012

The culture wars continue apace, with the battle over human sexuality as usual taking centre stage. In the old days actual arguments were offered to make one’s case, but given that the activists don’t have too many of those –

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And Then the End Comes

Aug 7, 2012

And so this is how it ends: moral meltdowns, mental malfunctions, and mass mayhem. Entire generations turned into zombies, unable to think, incapable of making moral distinctions, unwilling to run against the tide. Everything the totalitarians hoped for – and

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No Compromise

Aug 3, 2012

In many wars one side at least is not interested in a negotiated settlement. They are not into detente. They want total victory pure and simple. The Nazis were not interested in compromise but in total world domination. The Communists

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When the Activists Spill the Beans

Aug 1, 2012

In the culture wars one side affirms the Judeo-Christian worldview, which includes upholding values like truth-telling, honesty and fairness. The other side, the secular humanists, do not necessarily buy those values, and are often quite happy to lie, mislead, deceive

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More “Tolerance” and “Diversity”

Jul 31, 2012

OK, it’s been at least a week, so I am again far behind my regular “tolerance watch” updates. If you as much as blink, you will miss the latest example of how the militant homosexual thought police are attacking one

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Kiwi Gaystapo

Jul 31, 2012

Yes they are everywhere. I document on a regular basis how the pink mafia are attacking everyone and everything which dares to resist their militant agenda. Whether the haters are doing their thing in Australia, America or elsewhere, they are

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Taking a Stand; Paying the Price

Jul 28, 2012

Let’s face it folks: we cannot stop the haters from hating. They will keep pouring out their demonic rage no matter what we do. But one thing we must not do is allow their poisonous hatred to deter us from

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Chick-fil-A Haters: The Sweet Face of Tolerance

Jul 26, 2012

Many of you have now heard of the latest round in the tolerance brigade’s declaration of war on anyone and anything which dares to affirm heterosexual marriage and resist the militant homosexual lobby. The American fast-food chain Chick-fil-A is now

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Obama’s Anti-Christian America

Jul 23, 2012

Yesterday I wrote about how Obama is cozying up to Muslims, merrily turning the US into a dhimmi state. The obverse of this is his unending war against Christianity. The United States of America – once known as the light

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Brad and Angelina Culture Wars

Jul 12, 2012

OK, so this article is not entirely about this Hollywood power and glamour couple, but I did get your attention right? So now that I have it, please read on, since it does have a fair amount to do with

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The Islamic States of America?

Jul 4, 2012

Picture this: crowds of angry Muslims pelt Christians with stones, hurling abuse and chanting praises to Allah. Sudan, right? Indonesia, right? Egypt, right? Nope: the United States of America. We now have Muslim enclaves in various parts of America which

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On School Chaplains and Religious Freedom

Jun 20, 2012

A High Court ruling has declared that government funding of the school chaplaincy program is invalid according to the Australian constitution. This ruling raises many issues and many questions, and is a very important decision indeed.

One news report covers

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This Is Exactly Where All This Is Heading

Jun 19, 2012

I have to take some comfort from the fact that the prophet Jeremiah basically delivered the same message to a stiff-necked and dull-of-hearing people for some 40 years. Over and over again he made his warnings, but they fell on

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Church and Nation at Risk in UK

Jun 13, 2012

And you thought churches would be safe – hah! You simply fell for the lies of the militants. They keep claiming nothing will change with homosexual marriage, and churches can go on with business as usual. Of course they are

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