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More Scenes From the Tolerance Wars

Apr 20, 2012

I have written quite often now about how the groups shouting the loudest about the need for tolerance and acceptance have been the most intolerant and un-accepting groups around. And we all know who I mean by one particular group

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Weekly Gaystapo Activity Update, #3617

Mar 11, 2012

OK folks, another week, another batch of ugly anti-Christian bigotry and anti-freedom activism from the homosexual thought police. As I have documented many dozens of times now, the militant homosexual activists will not rest until every single thread of opposition

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On Persecution

Mar 9, 2012

I often write about cases of Christians being persecuted, the church coming under attack, and Christianity being targeted. In the West we find cases of this occurring every day. A war has been declared against Christianity, and things are getting

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Outlawing Home Bible Studies

Feb 24, 2012

As the secular left state gets bigger, it seeks to sideline and neutralise any rival claimants to power. One great way to achieve this goal is to seek to eliminate all mediating structures. A mediating structure is any grouping that

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Let’s Kill In the Name of Tolerance

Feb 23, 2012

Today if you simply speak up for heterosexual marriage, you will be the target of horrific death threats – even if you are a child. Such is the utter hatred, depravity and demonic nature of the homosexual militants. As one

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Obama’s Imperial Reach and War on Faith

Feb 11, 2012

I have written before about President Obama’s attempt to erect Big Brother statism and his war on Christianity in America. And I have mentioned his most recent assault on the church, his draconian plans to tell Catholic and other health

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The Global Persecution of Christians

Feb 9, 2012

There is one group today which is experiencing more persecution worldwide than any other group. And at the same time this seems to be one of the most ignored stories by the mainstream media. If you had only the MSM

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War Has Been Declared

Feb 7, 2012

My side did not start this fight – the other side did. But as long as they keep raining missiles down on me, my family, and my friends, I will fight this with every breath I have. I refer to

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More College Crackdowns on Faith

Feb 4, 2012

A secular war has been declared against people of faith, and our Western universities are leading the charge. I have documented numerous examples of how our higher education system is deliberately and regularly targeting people of faith – Christians especially.

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Yet More Scenes From the Passing Madness

Feb 1, 2012

Sometimes the moonbattery from the secular humanists, the sexual revolutionaries, and the social activists comes in so fast and so furiously, that dealing with each one in individual articles becomes impossible. So here I can only mention a number of

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Censorship and the MSM

Jan 25, 2012

If you want to know what is happening in the world, don’t rely on the mainstream media. At least, if you want to know about all the non-PC events, and the ones the secular left MSM refuses to cover, then

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More Nasty Christophobia

Jan 19, 2012

Three quite thuggish articles in as many days demonstrate that anti-Christian bigotry is alive and well in our mainstream media. All three pour contempt on Christians who dare to express their faith in public. All three are basically hate pieces

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When the Hate Pours In

Jan 16, 2012

There is a very familiar pattern that emerges when one gets involved in the culture wars in the public arena. Especially if one is a Christian as well, there is a very predictable course of events which will occur whenever

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Truth is Hate

Jan 13, 2012

On the outside wall of the Ministry of Truth building are the three slogans of ‘The Party’: “WAR IS PEACE,” “FREEDOM IS SLAVERY,” “IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.” Those who have read Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell will be quite familiar with

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Yet Another Ugly American

Dec 14, 2011

Hot on the heels of some ugly nonsense from the US President, the American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has demonstrated that she can be rather ugly as well, if not rather naive. She has just been involved in two

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Creeping Sharia, Yet Again

Dec 7, 2011

Hot on the heels of my public debate with a leading Muslim last week, plenty more examples of what I warned about in my talk are coming to light. Indeed, there are far too many to choose from, so let

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The Iron Curtain of PC Censorship

Nov 16, 2011

In Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, or Mao’s China, an integral part of maintaining those totalitarian police states was the heavy hand of censorship. All contrary points of view had to be ruthlessly and forcefully resisted and silenced. No thinking except

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Truth Telling Is Now Hate Speech

Oct 17, 2011

This site has provided one example after another of how in the modern Western world, the militant activists have all but destroyed democracy and freedom of speech. Countless examples of radicals running amok have been proffered here, and each new

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