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Coffee Culture Wars

Jun 13, 2012

You may not know it, but the culture wars are being fought on many levels, including at the level of some of your favourite caffeine cafes. Even those who sell you coffee have gotten involved in some of the bigger

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But We Told You So

Jun 8, 2012

Actually I and others have been making these warnings for years now. Sadly they often fall on deaf ears – on those who are asleep, apathetic, indifferent, and unconcerned. And of course the activists mock me and pour scorn on

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Even More Attacks on Faith and Freedom

Jun 6, 2012

Well it’s been a week or two, so the collection of yet more outrageous cases of anti-Christian bigotry by the homosexual militants is building up. So to clear this backlog (temporarily), I better run through some of the most recent

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What We Are Up Against

May 31, 2012

Anyone who stands up for faith, family and freedom today knows full well that the other side fights dirty. This is to be expected of course – given their paucity of solid arguments, facts or evidence, they find it is

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Let’s Get Those Lousy Christians

May 25, 2012

OK, so the militants are not saying it quite as clearly as that, but this is exactly what they are after: to fully and finally shut down the churches – at least all churches which still take the Word of

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Equal Opportunities Are Only For Some

May 15, 2012

As if we still needed proof that our various ‘Equal Opportunity Commissions’ and the like are anything but, we now have the story of an EOC member being forced to resign. And his heinous crime? He actually believes marriage is

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Homosexual Marriage: Everything Will Change

May 15, 2012

Consider this headline: ?“An equal opportunity commission board member who signed a submission against same-sex marriage has resigned.” A respected doctor and community leader has been forced to resign for a horrific crime: yes, he dared to say marriage was

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Moonbattery Multiplied

Apr 27, 2012

There is never a shortage of things to write about, especially with all the regular cases of moonbattery besieging the West. Any day of the week a number of headlines will confirm that the moonbats are alive and well, and

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Shouting Down the Opposition

Apr 25, 2012

The good thing about a democracy is that all sides of hotly debated topics can get a hearing. Or at least that is how it is supposed to work.  But increasingly when one side tries to get a hearing,

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More Scenes From the Tolerance Wars

Apr 20, 2012

I have written quite often now about how the groups shouting the loudest about the need for tolerance and acceptance have been the most intolerant and un-accepting groups around. And we all know who I mean by one particular group

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Weekly Gaystapo Activity Update, #3617

Mar 11, 2012

OK folks, another week, another batch of ugly anti-Christian bigotry and anti-freedom activism from the homosexual thought police. As I have documented many dozens of times now, the militant homosexual activists will not rest until every single thread of opposition

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On Persecution

Mar 9, 2012

I often write about cases of Christians being persecuted, the church coming under attack, and Christianity being targeted. In the West we find cases of this occurring every day. A war has been declared against Christianity, and things are getting

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Outlawing Home Bible Studies

Feb 24, 2012

As the secular left state gets bigger, it seeks to sideline and neutralise any rival claimants to power. One great way to achieve this goal is to seek to eliminate all mediating structures. A mediating structure is any grouping that

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Let’s Kill In the Name of Tolerance

Feb 23, 2012

Today if you simply speak up for heterosexual marriage, you will be the target of horrific death threats – even if you are a child. Such is the utter hatred, depravity and demonic nature of the homosexual militants. As one

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Obama’s Imperial Reach and War on Faith

Feb 11, 2012

I have written before about President Obama’s attempt to erect Big Brother statism and his war on Christianity in America. And I have mentioned his most recent assault on the church, his draconian plans to tell Catholic and other health

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The Global Persecution of Christians

Feb 9, 2012

There is one group today which is experiencing more persecution worldwide than any other group. And at the same time this seems to be one of the most ignored stories by the mainstream media. If you had only the MSM

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War Has Been Declared

Feb 7, 2012

My side did not start this fight – the other side did. But as long as they keep raining missiles down on me, my family, and my friends, I will fight this with every breath I have. I refer to

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More College Crackdowns on Faith

Feb 4, 2012

A secular war has been declared against people of faith, and our Western universities are leading the charge. I have documented numerous examples of how our higher education system is deliberately and regularly targeting people of faith – Christians especially.

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