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Euthanasia Myths

Sep 5, 2006

Pro-death advocates continue to peddle misinformation and maliciousness about their cause. Two recent episodes illustrate this point. Both are covered in an article by John Ferguson in today’s Herald Sun (September 5, 2006). The article (“Last rites for the euthanasia

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What is at Stake in the Euthanasia Wars

Sep 2, 2006

When American Terri Schiavo was allowed to die a slow and painful death by starvation under court order, it marked a turning point in the battle over euthanasia. Just as Roe v Wade was a watershed case in the abortion

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The Case Against Euthanasia

Feb 1, 2002

Euthanasia is not about making sick and dying people as pain free and comfortable as possible. That is what is known as palliative care, and that is something which is improving all the time. Euthanasia is about allowing other people

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