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Sleaze and the Super Bowl

Feb 1, 2014

Porn and sleaze are now everywhere. Indeed, the mainstreaming of porn has been going on for quite some time now. For example, music video shows like MTV or Rage in Australia are little more than vehicles for the continuous display

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Porn, Prostitution and Sexual Trafficking

Nov 20, 2013

Pornography is not a victimless crime. It is a social evil with very real negative social impact. Sure, it has been mainstreamed and legitimised big time the last few decades, but it remains nonetheless a soul-destroying evil. No matter how

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The Human Trafficking Curse

Nov 4, 2013

It was overwhelmingly Christianity which worked to abolish slavery around the world. Because of the tireless efforts of abolitionists like Wilberforce, most of the world no longer has to deal with this horrific sin against humanity. However, there are still

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Porn Wars

Sep 28, 2013

Just a few decades ago I and others were regularly warning about the dangers of pornography. But the almost universal response back then was ridicule, scorn, mockery and derision. We were said to be holy rollers, wowsers, killjoys and worse.

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Our Sexual Wasteland

Sep 27, 2013

If a group of evil conspirators plotted to destroy the West, top on their list would be the plan to ravage it with everything sexual. Unleashing a tsunami of porn, sleaze and over-the-top sexuality would be a leading means by

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Taking On the Porno Plague

Sep 6, 2013

Dealing with porn at an ISP level became an issue again yesterday when Tony Abbott’s team mooted some sort of filtering system, perhaps along the lines of what England had recently embarked upon. Whether it is an opt in or

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Taking Back Sexual Wholeness

Jul 29, 2013

Anyone except porn lovers and radical civil libertarians knows what a destructive tsunami the porn plague has been. It has devastated relationships, marriages, families and countless individuals in a downward spiral of degrading addiction.

And for some of course it

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The Sleaze Merchants Are At It Again

May 1, 2013

Want to destroy a society without too much effort? Easy, just get to the kids and target them. If you can reach the kids then you have basically gotten to all of society. And that is happening all around the

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Sleaze Abandoned for Marriage and Family

Apr 29, 2013

In the West today women have been reduced to sex objects and seem to exist only to titillate men. Our hyper-sexualised, pornified culture reduces women to pieces of meat on display. If the sexual revolution was meant to bring liberation,

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Sleaze School

Dec 6, 2012

That society is inundated with pornography in every shape and form goes without saying. The even more worrying thing about this is how it is found where it really shouldn’t be found, such as in our schools. But public education

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Attacking Our Children – In Schools

Nov 28, 2012

Society at large is becoming a quite unsafe place for children. Indeed, one could argue that Western societies have basically declared war on our children. Instead of protecting them, nurturing them, and carefully guiding them, we have effectively tossed them

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Sexuality: Recommended Reading

Jul 17, 2012

The greater any gift is, the greater it can be perverted and distorted. This is especially true of the gift of human sexuality. Its abuse and misuse seems to know no bounds today. Some 65 years ago C. S. Lewis

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Facing Up To the Porn Plague

Jun 2, 2012

There is little question that one of the most devastating results of the sexual revolution has been the proliferation of pornography in all forms, and the huge number of casualties as a result of this. Countless men have become enslaved

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Countering the Porn Plague: Selected Resources

Jun 2, 2012

Pornography is a social tsunami destroying our societies, ruining our marriages, busting up our families, enslaving our men, and killing our kids. I wish I could say this was just happening outside of the churches. But sadly the Christian world

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Cultural Disintegration and Sexual Suicide

May 7, 2012

Way back in 1956 Harvard sociologist Pitirim Sorokin wrote an important volume called The American Sex Revolution. In it the noted academic warned of the direction the US was taking as it cast off all moral restraint, and elevated

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Some Wins on the Porn Front

Feb 11, 2012

While there is heaps of bad news out there concerning the culture wars, every once and a while we get some good news. It may not come as often as we like, but when it does come it is well

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