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Gender Bender Androgyny Strikes Again

May 26, 2011

There is never a shortage of moonbattery, and when it comes in the form of sexual silliness, it tends to come in truckloads. The most recent example of this comes from a country which seems to specialise in moonbattery. I

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Gender Bender Moonbattery

Mar 29, 2011

The madness of political correctness is especially to be found in a whole range of gender-bending activities being promoted by radical activists and social engineers. They are intent on destroying not only marriage and family, but gender and sexuality as

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Pregnant Males and a Lost Civilisation

Apr 5, 2008

One keeps wondering just how far down the gurgler society can continue to go before it fully and finally implodes on itself. The moral madness that passes for political correctness and open-mindedness is spinning out of control today. And as

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