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Rethinking the Welfare State

May 21, 2007

The welfare state arose just after the second World War and has been a dominant – and growing – feature of the West ever since. Many criticisms have been levelled against the welfare state over the years. The main concerns

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Is There Hope For Europe After All?

May 10, 2007

OK. I promise. No more articles on France. At least for a while. But given all the articles I have penned recently on the demise of Europe, when some genuinely good news comes along about the moribund continent, it is

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A New French Revolution?

May 8, 2007

The recent presidential election in France may well be cause for guarded optimism. Certainly the election of Sarkozy is greatly preferred to that of Royal. He clearly has a big job ahead of him. But it seems to me that

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Conservatives 1, Socialists 0

May 7, 2007

On Sunday the French people voted for center-right candidate Nicolas Sarkozy as their next president. Sarkozy, a pro-American conservative, received just over 53 per cent of the vote, while socialist Segolene Royal managed just under 47 per cent.

The loss

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Who’s a Totalitarian Now?

Jan 24, 2007

The twentieth century witnessed the onslaught of several totalitarian regimes, all of them atheistic or secular in nature. While things are a bit more quiet in the West at the moment, a creeping totalitarianism is still apparent. This totalitarianism comes

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Will Europe Survive?

Nov 7, 2006

There is good news and bad news concerning Europe. The bad news is, it is in a mess. Having rejected its Christian heritage and embraced secular humanism big time, Europe has been in decline for quite a while now. And

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Free Speech and the Free West

Oct 16, 2006

Freedom of speech has never been absolute. Crying ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre, we are rightly told, is just not on. So there is often a balancing act going on in democracies. But freedom of speech is a hallmark of

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France, America and the Real World

Oct 4, 2006

Bernard-Henri Lévy is not your average French intellectual, for at least three reasons: what he says usually makes sense; he is more or less conservative; and he does not hate America. That makes him a rather rare chap indeed.


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When Nations Commit Suicide

Feb 27, 2006

Many Western nations are committing cultural hari-kari because of their commitment to extremist agendas and radical ideologies. Probably the two most noted examples of this would be Canada and the Netherlands. Both nations have pursued such radically dysfunctional and politically

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Follow the Swedish Model

Jul 15, 2000

In June over 200 people gathered in Sydney’s Parliament House for Drug Summit 2000. Organised by Major Brian Watters of the Salvation Army, Jill Pearman of Drug Watch, and Rev Fred Nile MLC, the three-day summit brought together experts in

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