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No More Business As Usual

Nov 11, 2014

Suppose you were a Christian pastor preparing your sermon for next Sunday in a less than peaceful and settled environment. Suppose you are a Christian in the Middle East with IS breathing down your neck, or in Africa with Boko

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Commemorating the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Nov 8, 2014

Twenty-five years ago a momentous event in recent human history took place. People around the world watched with amazement and delight as a trickle of movement between East and West Berlin led to a mighty torrent, as the wall of

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Multiculturalism and the Sharia Wars

Nov 1, 2014

The problem with what we see every day in our news headlines is that a lot of terrible things are not just happening overseas. For example, the demonic horror of IS has a home grown element to it as well.

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Sharia Keeps on Creeping and Creeping

Oct 22, 2014

So, another week, another batch of alarming cases of stealth jihad and creeping sharia in action. As I have so often said, one could devote all one’s energies 24/7 just trying to keep up with all these cases. While much

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We Have Forgotten

Aug 2, 2014

“Lest we forget” was meant to remind us not to forget. But it seems that we have done exactly that – and in very quick fashion. The horrors we witnessed last century at the hands of the Nazis in Europe

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Burqa Bans

Jul 6, 2014

With Islam steadily making major inroads all over the West, and with so many Muslims refusing to blend in with the Western host cultures, remaining instead in their own cultural ghettos, the issue of the burqa (the full body covering

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The Myth of Moderate Muslims

Jun 17, 2014

So did you hear about the mass demo of Muslims in Sydney worried about Islamic extremism? Did you catch the big turnout of Muslims in Paris denouncing jihad? Did you notice the tens of thousands of Muslims marching in London

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Islam and Science

Jun 7, 2014

There are many myths about Islam being circulated, not just by Muslim apologists but by Western dhimmis. Take for example the idea that science, culture, the arts and learning all flourished under Islam while the West went through some “Dark

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D-Day: Courage for the Battle

May 27, 2014

Next week will be the 70th anniversary of D-Day. On June 6, 1944, at 6.30 am, the Allied invasion of Normandy began. Having just been in England and Europe days ago, this historical moment especially stands to the fore in

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Global Sharia and Jihad

May 17, 2014

Every day we find the political ideology known as Islam wreaking havoc, chaos and bloodshed worldwide. The biggest threat to freedom and democracy today may well be coming from this archaic religion. Monitoring the various cases of creeping sharia and

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European Decline, European Renewal

May 13, 2014

My whirlwind trip through Europe is now at an end, with my last days being spent in the UK before heading home. While revisiting Europe has been great in so many ways, it has also been quite depressing in other

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The Church, East and West

May 6, 2014

As an American who has lived a long time in Australia but is now back in Europe again, it is interesting to see how the church of Jesus Christ is faring in various places. The global Christian movement is of

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Europe, War and the End of History

May 5, 2014

One does not need to be expert in history to know that Europe has had its fair share of wars. For far too many centuries war, battles and conflict have raged throughout the continent. Last century we had the two

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Holland, Home and C. S. Lewis

May 4, 2014

OK, another instalment in my irregular theological travelogue series (hey, it is not every day I am in Europe!). And while most folks may not associate the great Christian apologist with the Netherlands, there is, as almost always, a method

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Calvin and Geneva

Apr 29, 2014

As part of my mad dash through Europe – or parts of it – let me focus briefly on the Swiss city of Geneva. It is of course a famous city of the Reformation period, and today noted as an

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L’Abri, Europe and Christian Hope

Apr 27, 2014

OK, perhaps we should now consider this to be an irregular series, with a title needed something like: “Bill’s European Travelogue and Worldview School”. It is hard not to write such articles when in Europe. And being in the Swiss

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