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Vignettes from the Islam Wars

Sep 10, 2013

Islam is a fact of life, but the facts are not always good about Islam. Indeed, a political ideology which sees as its goal the overthrow of the West and the establishment of a universal caliphate is always going to

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Sense and Nonsense on Abortion

Jul 26, 2013

The more controversial an issue, the more likely that common sense, rationality, and sound analysis will go right out the window. Instead, knee-jerk reactions, emotionalism, logical fallacies, and nasty attacks on the other person will become the order of the

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Sharia Keeps On Creeping

Jul 25, 2013

The usual way of destroying a nation is of course through things like guns, bullets, tanks, and bombs. A full-frontal assault is one way to wage war against one’s enemies. But there is another effective means to take over a

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God, the West, and People Power

Jul 2, 2013

You would probably not know it if you simply rely upon the mainstream media but there are some remarkable scenes unfolding all around the world right now – mainly in the non-Western world. Massive people power movements are engulfing many

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France, Homofascism, and the End of Freedom

Jun 28, 2013

If you want to know what the end of freedom looks like, simply look at France. With the ruling elites aligning themselves with the radical homosexualist agenda, they have declared war on their own citizens. Things are very dark right

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We’re Not Allowed To Talk About This

Jun 17, 2013

About what? And why can’t we discuss it? The “what” concerns a number of violent and ugly attacks taking place around the world. People are being raped, assaulted and killed, religious buildings are being laid waste, and we are barely

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About All Those “Moderate” Muslims…

May 27, 2013

Now it is always possible that I may have missed something here, but after a horrendous few weeks of Muslim atrocities and bloodshed, the scorecard still seems to read as follows:

-Still no mass demonstrations by Muslim “moderates” condemning the

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The Islamic Republic of Sweden

May 26, 2013

For a week now the city streets of Sweden have been ablaze, yet I bet most of you have never heard of this. And if in the remote chance that you did, you would have heard something about it being

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Islam’s Useful Idiots

May 23, 2013

Lenin called gullible Western supporters of communism “useful idiots”. They were utterly naive about the real nature of bloodthirsty communism, and they became terrific apologists for the communist agenda. They aided and abetted the enemy as it sought to take

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What Happy Hooker?

May 6, 2013

It may be an old profession, but that certainly does not make it right. Prostitution has had it proponents and defenders for centuries, but the truth is, it is bad news for everyone, and certainly bad news for the women

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Islamic Persecution and Intolerance

Feb 20, 2013

As Dutch MP Geert Wilders finds himself being banned from speaking, in much of the country, the message which he is trying to get out is being proven in front of our very eyes. The lack of tolerance and diversity

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The Rights of Children Must Come First

Jan 20, 2013

I have recently written about the monster march which occurred in France in support of heterosexual marriage. As many as 1.4 million Frenchmen and women came out to show their concern for marriage and family, and to stand up against

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Christianity Out, Islam In

Jan 16, 2013

If you want a very quick, yet accurate, overview of the state of religion in the West today, my title is not a bad place to begin. That is basically what we see happening all over the West. As the

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Marriage Sanity in France

Jan 14, 2013

When a million people march in support of traditional marriage, and against homosexual marriage, you know there may yet be hope for Western civilisation. And when this protest takes place in a nation known for its secularism, leftism and radicalism,

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Good News From France

Nov 19, 2012

Just when you thought Western civilisation was on its last legs, a Western nation comes along and surprises you. And when that nation is France, which for so long has embraced secularism and socialism, it is good news indeed. I

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Notable Christians: Abraham Kuyper

Oct 15, 2012

Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) was an amazing figure in so many ways. He was Dutch Calvinist theologian, pastor, politician, newspaper editor, statesman, journalist, educator, and Christian leader. Historian Richard Lovelace called him the greatest evangelical thinker since Jonathan Edwards.

Although known

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