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I Hate Mothers

May 12, 2012

Well, no, I don’t – but plenty of other people seem to. But don’t take my word for it. Please watch this video. It is one of the most bizarre, ugly and reprehensible videos you will see on this Mothers’

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Sweden, Sex and Sanity

May 3, 2012

This title should really be, ‘Sweden, Sex and Insanity’, but the alliteration breaks down a bit then. Insanity is however just what we are witnessing here. Sadly I have had to write about Sweden before. It has been on the

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The Ugly Face of Feminism

Jan 23, 2012

I have already briefly spoken to a quite appalling opinion piece by a noted feminist, but because of more pressing engagements – the celebration of my 30th wedding anniversary – I was rightly pulled away from a proper assessment of

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Abortion Anniversary

Jan 22, 2012

There are two anniversaries coming up which I am very much aware of. Tomorrow is my 30th wedding anniversary, which is something to always remember and celebrate. But today is the 39th anniversary of Roe v Wade, the famous American

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Can Sweden Get Any Worse?

Jun 27, 2011

Why is it that some nations keep appearing in the top five moonbat nations of the year category? Why do some countries consistently take out the prize for being the most politically correct, and therefore the most morally numbed and

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Women in Combat

Apr 12, 2011

In a move which only can be described as jumping out of the pan into the fire, the Australian government has come up with this brilliant idea: in order to deal with sexual abuse issues and the poor treatment of

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Women, Quotas and Affirmative Action

Mar 9, 2011

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and one of the sillier things said in relation to it came from someone who should have known better. I refer to Liberal heavyweight Joe Hockey and his comments about quotas for women. He said

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Maternity Leave and the Mother Wars

Mar 29, 2010

A brand new survey of what women really want concerning paid maternity leave is most revealing. Contrary to the usual line that basically all women want a paid career, with perhaps family thrown in on the side, this new Galaxy

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The Importance of Mothers

May 5, 2009

Mother’s Day is almost here. It is a no-brainer to declare that mothers are important. But we live in a no-brainer age in which the very concept of motherhood is now under attack. Thus we must come to the defence

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Women and Abortion

Oct 13, 2008

With the recent passage of a very liberal abortion bill in Victoria, we see once again the way in which telling lies for one’s cause can pay off. The pro-death camp has been quite successful at promoting falsehoods, half-truths and

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Home Truths about Working Families

May 29, 2008

The Rudd Government speaks incessantly about working families. The recent Federal Budget was all about working families. Government policy is aimed at working families. So just who and what exactly are these working families?

Certain terms are simply government code-words,

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Women and Islam

Feb 22, 2008

The unfortunate remarks made by the Archbishop of Canterbury recently were fairly widely condemned, and rightly so. However, there were some individuals who sought to defend his comments. Even a few Christians have sought to put a good spin on

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Feminists Speak Only For Themselves

May 31, 2007

All ideologues like to think they speak for all mankind, while in reality they usually just speak only for their own little clique. The feminist movement is a case in point. Feminists claim that they are the voice of all

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Women Doing It To Themselves

Apr 2, 2007

The international feminist movement is an interesting beast. It claims to represent how women think and feel on various issues, yet it seems quite selective in the concerns it raises. Indeed, various feminist ideologies in fact war against women. Consider

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The High Cost of Free Love

Jan 15, 2007

The sexual revolution has taken its toll on an entire generation, but the biggest losers have been women. Despite all the feminist nonsense that men and women are identical, they are not. Women are as different in their sexuality as

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