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Taqiyya, Dhimmitude and Sydney Terrorism

Dec 16, 2014

It now seems pretty clear that the mainstream media is just about fully in bed with Islam, and will not say a word contrary to it, but will instead accept without question every single line the Muslim apologists throw at

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Calling Out the Climate Alarmists

Oct 28, 2014

While the climate alarmists and their supporters in the mainstream media continue to dish up their doom and gloom scenarios, more sober voices are making it clear that this may be one of the biggest scams of our lifetime. It

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Islam, Taqiyya, and the Media

Oct 9, 2014

Ignorance is bliss, or so we are told, and it seems we have truck-loads full of ignorance when it comes to the three items mentioned in my title. Most people know next to nothing about Islam, and that may well

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Say No To Islamophilia

Oct 1, 2014

It seems that every day we hear of two things going on. One, horrible massacres, killings and violence done by Muslims in the name of Islam. And two, Western dupes and dhimmies warning against the dangers of “Islamophobia”. They seem

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Our Dhimmi Lamestream Media

Sep 30, 2014

The mind-numbing imbecility and cowardliness of the lamestream media never ceases to amaze me. It is simply staggering just how duped and deceived our MSM is, especially when it comes to something like Islam. Indeed, when you have dhimmi dupes

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Whatever Happened To Evil?

Sep 25, 2014

We no longer believe in evil it seems – at least in the Western world. Hardly anyone takes the concept seriously anymore. Until recently of course we did believe there was such a thing as evil, but now we think

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Yep, I am Now a Terrorist

Sep 25, 2014

A leftist from the lamestream media thinks I am a terrorist and what I do is equivalent to IS beheading people. Yes, she actually said that. But then again, this gal may be in a contest to see who can

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Um, the Terrorists Are Already Here

Sep 24, 2014

OK, so let’s see if I have this straight: In the past week or two an Islamic bookshop is raided; homes of suspected Islamic militants are also raided; the Islamic State declares all Australians a target; Muslims are discovered “sightseeing”

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Australian Jihad: The Aftermath

Sep 19, 2014

The news of the major foiled Islamic terrorist raid in cities around Australia is still developing, and we keep learning more about what was being planned. For example we now know that attacks on Parliament House in Canberra were also

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Hamas, Gaza and Truth-Telling

Aug 4, 2014

One very telling political cartoon making the rounds shows US Secretary of State John Kerry at a table with a Hamas terrorist and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. The Hamas militant has a child human shield in one arm with a

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More Media Manipulation

Jul 17, 2014

One could rightly ask: Why bother doing media interviews if you know they are going to deceptively distort and twist your words to push their own agenda? Good question. It sure does happen – and often. But not always thankfully.

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And They Call This Research?

Jul 9, 2014

OK, another set of banner front-page headlines telling us that children do just peachy keen in homosexual households. Yep, it must be some rock-solid research there. After all, the mainstream media has run with it, and the homosexual activists are

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“Moderate” Muslims and Western Dupes

Jun 25, 2014

The ongoing saga of radical Islamist Uthman Badar continues to make the news. And as to be expected, the only thing more repulsive than the man himself are all the Western dhimmis who are falling over themselves to defend the

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More Mental and Moral Meltdowns

Jun 11, 2014

One question almost too difficult to answer concerning the state of so much of the West today is this: which is worse, our mental meltdown or our moral meltdown? Chances are they are both equally abysmal. We live in a

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The ABC, Q&A, and Stalinism

May 6, 2014

In an Internet age news travels fast. I can be sitting in the middle of the Netherlands and within moments learn about events happening far away on an Australian TV show. I even shared a video with my companions about

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Australian Sharia and Dhimmitude

Apr 6, 2014

I have been warning folks for years now: creeping sharia and stealth jihad are alive and well in Australia. Every day it seems we see more examples of the political ideology of Islam making inroads in this nation, stripping away

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This Is How They Operate

Mar 6, 2014

With over 25 years involved in debates with all the usual suspects, especially in the mainstream media, I have long ago gotten a pretty good understanding of how the other side operates. And I can tell you that it just

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