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“Moderate” Muslims and Western Dupes

Jun 25, 2014

The ongoing saga of radical Islamist Uthman Badar continues to make the news. And as to be expected, the only thing more repulsive than the man himself are all the Western dhimmis who are falling over themselves to defend the

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More Mental and Moral Meltdowns

Jun 11, 2014

One question almost too difficult to answer concerning the state of so much of the West today is this: which is worse, our mental meltdown or our moral meltdown? Chances are they are both equally abysmal. We live in a

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The ABC, Q&A, and Stalinism

May 6, 2014

In an Internet age news travels fast. I can be sitting in the middle of the Netherlands and within moments learn about events happening far away on an Australian TV show. I even shared a video with my companions about

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Australian Sharia and Dhimmitude

Apr 6, 2014

I have been warning folks for years now: creeping sharia and stealth jihad are alive and well in Australia. Every day it seems we see more examples of the political ideology of Islam making inroads in this nation, stripping away

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This Is How They Operate

Mar 6, 2014

With over 25 years involved in debates with all the usual suspects, especially in the mainstream media, I have long ago gotten a pretty good understanding of how the other side operates. And I can tell you that it just

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Climate Capers and Inconvenient Truths

Jan 2, 2014

By now most of you have heard about the stuck ship in Antarctica. Stuck for a week now, with two other ships also prevented from carrying out a rescue, the situation has captured world attention. Four failed attempts at a

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Privatise the ABC

Nov 5, 2013

“Our” ABC is nothing of the sort. Sure, we are all forced to fund it through our hard-earned tax dollars, but it is certainly not mine, or that of most Australians. It does not reflect the whole of Australia, but

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Our ABC Lie Makers

Nov 2, 2013

So are you aware of the fact that your tax dollars are going to pay the PC zombies to lie publicly, and promote the agenda of the homosexual activists? The recently established ABC FactCheck unit is anything but. It would

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On the Situation in Egypt

Aug 19, 2013

Most people in the West have no idea what is really happening in Egypt right now, because the mainstream media is not doing its job properly. It is derelict in its duties, and most of what you hear about the

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A Tale of Two Women – of Faith

Jul 15, 2013

Faith and the mainstream media do not exactly mix. About the only time you see the two going together is when the latter is seeking to do a hatchet job on the former. The MSM is overwhelmingly comprised of secular

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We’re Not Allowed To Talk About This

Jun 17, 2013

About what? And why can’t we discuss it? The “what” concerns a number of violent and ugly attacks taking place around the world. People are being raped, assaulted and killed, religious buildings are being laid waste, and we are barely

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Debate ABC Style

May 28, 2013

If there ever was a reason to immediately halt taxpayer funding of “our” ABC, it was last night’s edition of Q&A. Of course just about every episode of this show for the past five years has been reason enough

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Kate, Sex, Lies and the Truth

May 27, 2013

Here is another story you likely did not hear about in the lamestream media. And if you did, you would have gotten a terribly one-sided slant on all this. So how many of you know about Kaitlyn Hunt? Nope, didn’t

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MSM Complicity in Evil

May 23, 2013

No sooner had I penned an article on the London terror attack, and no sooner had I penned an article on “useful idiots” in the West who are aiding and abetting Islamic jihad, when the mainstream media came along doing

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Another ABC Stacked Deck

May 21, 2013

I know full well whereof I speak. I have been on far too many of these debate programs over the years. I have done dozens, perhaps hundreds, of these debates on radio, TV and elsewhere over the past 25 years.

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