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Some Home Truths on Abortion

Feb 17, 2012

As I have stated so often, it is absolutely essential that we get truth out into the public arena. This is especially important since on most crucial issues of the day, the mainstream media has imposed an iron curtain of

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The Global Persecution of Christians

Feb 9, 2012

There is one group today which is experiencing more persecution worldwide than any other group. And at the same time this seems to be one of the most ignored stories by the mainstream media. If you had only the MSM

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Censorship and the MSM

Jan 25, 2012

If you want to know what is happening in the world, don’t rely on the mainstream media. At least, if you want to know about all the non-PC events, and the ones the secular left MSM refuses to cover, then

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More Nasty Christophobia

Jan 19, 2012

Three quite thuggish articles in as many days demonstrate that anti-Christian bigotry is alive and well in our mainstream media. All three pour contempt on Christians who dare to express their faith in public. All three are basically hate pieces

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What To Do With the Truth

Jan 12, 2012

Those who love truth know what to do with it: they embrace it, champion it, promote it, and live by it. But what about those who hate the truth? What are they to do with it? Well, we already know

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More Recommended Christmas Reading

Nov 25, 2011

OK, it is not quite Christmas yet, but you do need to get presents – for yourself or others. And there is nothing better than getting some good books to give – or to keep – as holiday reading. Here

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The Iron Curtain of PC Censorship

Nov 16, 2011

In Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, or Mao’s China, an integral part of maintaining those totalitarian police states was the heavy hand of censorship. All contrary points of view had to be ruthlessly and forcefully resisted and silenced. No thinking except

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More MSM Activism

Nov 13, 2011

The mainstream media has long ago become the lame-stream media. It does not any longer even pretend to be covering the news in any sort of objective and impartial fashion. Now it is all about creating the news and pushing

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The Frightful Rule of the Elites

Oct 3, 2011

Many leftist academics have long ago abandoned the notion that ordinary citizens are fit for governing. They in fact believe they are unfit, and only “experts” like themselves should be allowed to call the shots and make the rules. Thus

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More Outrages From the Rainbow Warriors

Sep 12, 2011

The homosexual activists never sleep, never eat, never rest – or so it seems. They are hell-bent on implementing their radical agenda, no matter who gets hurt along the way. And if children suffer as a result of their selfish

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Our Censors At Work, Again

Sep 7, 2011

“Sack him! Kick him out of the Party! This is an outrage! No political party should allow such contemptible behaviour! He must be disciplined at once! Dump this creep!” Wow, so what are all these frenzied calls all about? Are

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Strained Relations

Sep 4, 2011

OK, so why does a guy spend nearly 20 years working on a book which will never become a bestseller, will never make a lot of money (or even a little money), and will only result in a lot of

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Two Liberation Movements

Aug 22, 2011

As I have just written elsewhere:
Liberators enter the Libyan capital to oust an inept and corrupt ruler.
Liberators enter the Australian capital to oust an inept and corrupt ruler.
I hope both groups have great success.

Of course in

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Marriage Attacked and Defended

Aug 16, 2011

I am just back from another standing-room only event at Parliament House Canberra in support of marriage. Around 1000 people crammed into the Great Hall to celebrate and defend marriage against those actively warring against it.

The two-hour session featured

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Jul 21, 2011

The world’s attention is now focused on Rupert Murdoch, his media empire, and the collapse of News of the World. The phone-hacking scandal surrounding Murdoch and News Corp is of course making front page headlines, but some hard questions

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Pushing Agendas, Ignoring Facts

Jul 17, 2011

This title could well describe what we find in the mainstream media any day of the week. I have documented time after time the way the secular left in the MSM simply ignore the evidence, dismiss facts, and trample on

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The ABC Should Be Put Out Of Its Misery

Jul 11, 2011

Certainly one of the most unbalanced and biased programs ever shown on Australian television was aired on – you guessed – “our” ABC last night. It appeared on the ABC ‘religion’ program Compass, and was the most appalling attempt

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Why Radical Agendas are Winning

Jun 2, 2011

It seems that faith and family values are continuously under assault, and those pushing radical social engineering agendas are getting a free ride. They certainly have been quite successful at ramming through their agendas despite an often unwilling public.


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Tortured Cows and Babies

May 31, 2011

In a civilised society we want to treat animals humanely. I would like to think that we would also want to treat human beings humanely as well. But that is not always the case. A new TV documentary has aroused

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