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The Book Bucket List

Aug 18, 2012

In a bucket list a person draws up a listing of all the things he wants to do or see before he dies. As each activity is completed the item gets scratched off the list. I here propose a book

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Paul Ryan, VP Candidate

Aug 11, 2012

(OK, so it has not been officially announced yet. That will take place in seven hours time. But I think it is safe to say that this in fact is the case.) Mitt Romney has chosen his running mate for

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Child Rescue: No Greater Love

Jul 31, 2012

An incredible story is found in today’s Daily Mail. It is an amazing tale of an elderly Chinese woman who has risked much to rescue abandoned babies. There is little I can do to add to it. I urge

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Honest and Selfish Elton

Jul 18, 2012

OK, he may be somewhat honest here, but he clearly is still one big selfish greedy pig, if I can put it politely. I refer to aging pop star Elton John and his utter contempt of children – including his

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Coming Home: My Testimony, Part 1

Jun 27, 2012

(This is the first of a four-part article)

“My memory is nearly gone; but I remember two things: I am a great sinner, and Christ is a great savior.”
-John Newton (1725-1807), former slave ship captain, author of

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Coming Home: My Testimony, Part 2

Jun 27, 2012

(This is the second of a four-part article)

Depression and suicide bids

As I said, a poor self-image, a life being destroyed by drugs, a few cases of unrequited love, and I was pretty depressed for much of

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Coming Home: My Testimony, Part 3

Jun 27, 2012

(This is the third of a four-part article)

Thus our big problem was our way-out beliefs. The truth is, we all need the various giftings God has put in the church, and God has appointed teachers and pastors

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Coming Home: My Testimony, Part 4

Jun 27, 2012

(This is the fourth of a four-part article)

Then another thing happened which really finalised my conversion process. Two old Christian ladies in Tacoma were another real timely and strategic Godsend for me and my journey. They had

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The PC Honours List

Jun 11, 2012

It’s the Queen’s birthday so we today have the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. Various prominent Australians are recognised and honoured on this list. However, it seems far too often to be more like a PC honours list. It seems to

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On Mitt Romney and America’s Future

May 13, 2012

It is pretty clear by now that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will get the nod as the Republican nominee to run against Barack Obama in November. As might be known, he is certainly not my main choice. Nor even

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Real Heroes Are Hard To Come By

Apr 30, 2012

In desperate, bleak times, we need those rare, brave souls who will rise to the occasion and make a difference when it is really needed. Sadly they are few and far between. But it seems there are always a handful

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Notable Christians: Charles Colson

Apr 22, 2012

Chuck Colson has just passed away after surgery for a brain haemorrhage. He was one of the most influential Christian leaders of the past half century. His legacy will live on, and we all owe him a great debt of

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Notable Christians: C. S. Lewis

Jan 19, 2012

Where does one begin in writing up such a remarkable Christian? His impact has been monumental, and he has left an indelible legacy for generations to come. As Thomas Howard wrote, “We all have the same difficulty here: how to

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I Have a Dream For the Unborn

Jan 17, 2012

Today is Martin Luther King Day in America. The famous civil rights campaigner (1929-1968) was a clergyman and a tireless activist in securing justice for Black Americans. As a Baptist pastor and a Black American, he knew full well that

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Santorum and the Road to the White House

Jan 5, 2012

As we get closer to November 2012, the field of aspirants seeking the Republican nomination to challenge Obama gets further thinned down. Last month Herman Cain bowed out, and yesterday Michele Bachmann decided to step down following the Iowa primary

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The Iron Lady

Jan 2, 2012

OK, I have not seen the film yet, and I am not sure if I will. I keep getting mixed signals on the new film about Margaret Thatcher starring Meryl Streep. Of course one can assess a film in terms

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The Death of a Hero, and of a Monster

Dec 20, 2011

Two noted political leaders have just passed away: the Czech political liberator, Vaclav Havel, and the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il. The two lives could not be seen in greater contrast. One was a man of letters and a fighter

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Hollywood, China and Abortion

Dec 17, 2011

It is very easy to poke fun at the Hollyweird crowd – after all there are so many of them doing so many stupid PC things. It is rare for a denizen of Hollywood to actually come out and do

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