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Why Are They So Angry?

May 16, 2007

Anyone involved in public debates, the blogosphere, or discussion about controversial issues in the public arena will know that it can get pretty hot out there at times. Public controversies are certainly not for the squeamish or the faint

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Is There Hope For Europe After All?

May 10, 2007

OK. I promise. No more articles on France. At least for a while. But given all the articles I have penned recently on the demise of Europe, when some genuinely good news comes along about the moribund continent, it is

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A New French Revolution?

May 8, 2007

The recent presidential election in France may well be cause for guarded optimism. Certainly the election of Sarkozy is greatly preferred to that of Royal. He clearly has a big job ahead of him. But it seems to me that

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Conservatives 1, Socialists 0

May 7, 2007

On Sunday the French people voted for center-right candidate Nicolas Sarkozy as their next president. Sarkozy, a pro-American conservative, received just over 53 per cent of the vote, while socialist Segolene Royal managed just under 47 per cent.

The loss

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Marxism and Islamism

May 7, 2007

There have been a number of names given to radical Islam. Terms such as the Islamists, or Jihadists, or militant Muslims, are often used. Another term often used is Islamofascism. It is a fitting term, in many respects. All-embracing Islam

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Sour Grapes from the Left

Apr 16, 2007

As I and others have long documented, the mainstream media can hardly be accused of being home to rabid conservative opinion. Nor can “our” ABC be accused of being a right-wing media outlet. Instead, Australian media is by and large

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Libertarians and Atheists: A Dangerous Mix

Mar 19, 2007

Not all atheists are civil libertarians, and not all libertarians are atheists. But much like salt and pepper, more often than not they go together. A good case in point is Australian columnist Phillip Adams. He is both a card-carrying

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Another Theophobic Assault

Mar 18, 2007

Terry Lane does not like the fact that religion will influence people, and he wants religious MPs to ‘fess up. The Sunday Age columnist and resident atheist said in his latest article that it is a bad thing to have

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Why We Are Losing to the Terrorists

Mar 17, 2007

If militant Islam ends up taking over Australia and the West; if freedom and democracy give way to sharia law and dhimmitude; and if America ceases to be the world leader in the fight against terrorism, we will only have

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Appeasement Is No Solution

Mar 5, 2007

The weekend talkfest in Canberra designed to smooth over Muslim and non-Muslim differences is now history. The gathering was meant, in part, to help Muslims integrate better into Australian society, and help non-Muslims more readily welcome them, by getting to

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What’s Wrong With the Ten Commandments?

Feb 28, 2007

Political conservatism and religious conservatism tend to go together. Not always. Not completely. But there does tend to be a connection. It can be said that secularists tend to align themselves more with the left side of politics, while those

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Christianity, Conservatism and Liberalism

Jan 5, 2007

With both major political parties now headed by professing Christians, the discussions about faith and politics in Australia continue to gather steam. Christians can rightly argue as to which party best represents their faith. And they can agree to disagree

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Christianity, Reason and the Rise of the West

Dec 17, 2006

Despite the superficial and uninformed criticisms of the secularists and the I-hate-God crowd, much of religion has been a force for good in the world. Specifically, the Christian religion has contributed more to the development of the West and its

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Assessing the US Elections

Nov 10, 2006

Even though it is still early days yet, there have been hundreds of analyses and discussions about the Democratic swing in the recent US midterm elections. There are probably as many different spins being put on the outcome as there

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The Truth About the Religious Right

Nov 9, 2006

There were some very interesting comments about faith and politics made recently by a Victorian Labor MP. Health Minister Bronwyn Pike said that we all must be concerned about the sinister “influence of the religious right” in Australia. (Jason Dowling,

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