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Thinking About the Greens

Feb 15, 2010

The weekend by-election held in Victoria resulted in a huge 12 per cent swing away from Labor to the Liberals. The Greens also made some gains, and have been stating that they are the wave of the future, with voters

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Terrorising Our Kids for Gaia

Jun 10, 2008

Fear-mongering about the environment is not new. And using our classrooms to terrorise our kids about supposed environmental catastrophes is not new either. The people doing the terrorising may have good intentions, but they often have hidden agendas as well.

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Environmentalism and Religion

Jun 2, 2008

It is to GK Chesterton that we attribute the line, “When a man ceases to believe in God, he does not believe in nothing. He believes in anything” (although we can’t seem to pin this line down in his works).

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More Public God-Loathing

Aug 11, 2007

The recent Make it Count forum put on by the Australian Christian Lobby in Canberra has created a predictable stir amongst our intelligentsia and Christophobes. The atheists and God-haters have come out in droves, complaining about the nasty influence of

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Targetting Believers

Jan 11, 2004

The Greens, along with the Democrats, are among the most supportive of the homosexual agenda, with Labor not far behind. Thus religious folk in general, and Christians in particular, need to be aware of what these parties are up to.

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Assessing Green Politics

Jul 2, 2001

In any number of social causes, extremism often enters the debate, with the result that truth and common sense get trampled on along the way. This can often be the case with Green activism. Now concern for the environment is

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Radical Environmentalism: An Assessment

Aug 2, 1998

Robert Nisbet once remarked that environmentalism has become the third great redemptive movement in human history, following Christianity and Marxism. Indeed it already has its notions of sin, guilt and redemption, its sacred texts and venerated leaders. And like all

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Peter Singer and the Gospel of Death

Oct 14, 1996

Peter Singer is considered by many to be Australia’s leading ethicist. He is well known as an animal rights crusader. However, he holds some very cavalier views about humans. He is pro-abortion, pro-infanticide and pro-euthanasia.

Unfortunately Prof. Singer influences many

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