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How PC is Putting Us All at Risk

Jul 21, 2009

Political Correctness is certainly annoying, foolish and a pain in the neck. However, it can also be quite dangerous, especially when it is applied to issues of national security, policing and justice. In the attempt of our elites to make

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Muddled Thinking on War, Peace and Justice

Jul 14, 2009

The broad topic of war and peace is a complex, multifaceted one which requires careful, prayerful and mature reflection. There are many considerations that need to be taken into account when seeking to properly discuss this issue: biblical, theological, ethical,

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Christian Terrorists

Apr 18, 2009

If the above title sounds oxymoronic, well, it is. But according to the secular left US government, such a beast actually exists. A leaked government report of the Obama administration warns that the nation must watch out for new, dangerous,

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When the West Sides With Its Enemies

Jan 28, 2009

In times of universal crisis, there is a great need for great men and great women to stand up and be counted. For example, when the Cold War was at its peak, it seems that three world leaders were providentially

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Hamas, Terrorism and Media Complicity

Jan 13, 2009

Hamas is a terrorist organisation. It is backed by Iran which sends it arms via Egypt. It has been waging a double war: a war against Israel and a war against the Palestinian people. It cares little about the Palestinian

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Israel, Hamas and Moral Equivalence

Jan 6, 2009

Now that Israel has entered Gaza, the response from much of the world’s press has been totally predictable. Israel is called a nation of terrorists and mass murderers, and it is claimed that Israel is being far too disproportionate in

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On Israel’s Right to Self-Defence

Jan 3, 2009

The mainstream media is up to its usual tricks: for three years now some 3,500 missiles have been fired by Hamas into Israeli territory. I don’t seem to recall much of this reported by the MSM. Yet now that Israel

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Mumbai and Islamic Terrorism

Dec 2, 2008

Even though it is not politically correct to say so, there is a lot of terrorism taking place, and quite a bit of it is coming from Muslims. Indeed, there is actually far more terrorism going on than most people

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Jesus, Muhammad and Violence

Nov 21, 2008

We are continuously being told by Muslims and their sympathisers that if Islam has its violent aspects, well so too does Christianity. They are very eager to convince us of a moral equivalence that exists between the two religions. Sure,

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Religion and September 11

Sep 13, 2008

As we commemorate the tragedy of the Islamic assault on America seven years ago, there is still much fuzzy thinking about religion and terror. A secularised and demoralised West is confused about at least two things: the continued threat of

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Thoughts on Islam and Australia

Apr 14, 2008

The issue of Muslims living in Australia is part of a bigger, broader debate about such things as multiculturalism, immigration, Australian values, the war on terror, social cohesion, and so on. The thoughts presented here largely spring from the context

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More Sloppy Thinking on Religion

Feb 28, 2008

What is known as the myth of moral equivalence refers to a tactic usually used by the Left which basically involves mixing apples with oranges. During the Cold War, for example, Leftist apologists for communism tried to argue that there

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Academia, the Left, and Islamo-Fascism

Oct 30, 2007

The 1960’s revolutionary David Horowitz, who has gotten a bit more conservative in his old age, organised an Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week on American university campuses last week. Given what a hotbed of leftism, political correctness and intolerance most universities are,

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The Value of History

Jul 24, 2007

It was the Spanish philosopher Santayana who once remarked that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. He knew that we could be spared a lot of grief if we simply studied history more closely, and sought

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Another Thorn in Israel’s Side

Jun 19, 2007

With the recent military victory of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, we have yet more bad news for the beleaguered nation of Israel. Iran and Syria have been working overtime to establish hegemony in the Middle East, with a big

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Marxism and Islamism

May 7, 2007

There have been a number of names given to radical Islam. Terms such as the Islamists, or Jihadists, or militant Muslims, are often used. Another term often used is Islamofascism. It is a fitting term, in many respects. All-embracing Islam

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Hatred That Must Be Confronted

Apr 26, 2007

If someone says they hate you and plan to kill you, it is wise to take them seriously. Unfortunately, because many did not do this when Hitler made his threats, we suffered big time as a result. There is another

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