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The Terrorist Cheer Squad In Action

Mar 28, 2007

The David Hicks guilty plea can easily be understood: He was brutally tortured to make his confession. The American government is the source of all evil in the world. It is the real terrorist organisation. Hicks was just a good

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Dispelling the Myths of Appeasement

Mar 27, 2007

Appeasement takes many forms. One is to make excuses for those intent on destroying us and our way of life. Instead of pointing out why our enemies are wrong to hate us, we make excuses for them and their actions,

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Why We Are Losing to the Terrorists

Mar 17, 2007

If militant Islam ends up taking over Australia and the West; if freedom and democracy give way to sharia law and dhimmitude; and if America ceases to be the world leader in the fight against terrorism, we will only have

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Time to Trim the Bible?

Mar 15, 2007

The war against Biblical Christianity continues to hot up. This time the prestigious journal, Nature, has weighed into the battle. In its 8 March, 2007 issue, it carried a “news item” about an attempt to understand how “religious violence”

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The Myth of Moral Equivalence

Mar 7, 2007

When the Cold War was at its height, there was a corresponding ideological war taking place: a war of ideas. Those on the radical left tried to convince us that there really was no difference between a free and democratic

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Appeasement Is No Solution

Mar 5, 2007

The weekend talkfest in Canberra designed to smooth over Muslim and non-Muslim differences is now history. The gathering was meant, in part, to help Muslims integrate better into Australian society, and help non-Muslims more readily welcome them, by getting to

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Love and Hate in an Age of Tolerance

Feb 22, 2007

A poster which has recently been displayed outside of some Australian churches has caused a fair bit of controversy. The large outdoor posters feature the words, “Jesus loves Osama”. A Baptist church in Sydney, for example, displayed the poster, only

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Old Hippies Never Die

Jan 31, 2007

The recent anti-war march in Washington saw the resurrection of old Hollywood lefties still trying to maintain the rage. These included the perennial activist, “Hanoi Jane” Fonda. All the other usual suspects were there, including Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon and

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The Death of a Dictator

Jan 3, 2007

The recent hanging of Saddam Hussein has generated a fair amount of interest and commentary. One thing heard quite often, and from the usual suspects, is how terrible this hanging was in particular, and how bad the death penalty is

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The Jihadist World War

Dec 20, 2006

Not too long ago the West was involved in a life and death struggle against totalitarian communism. The battles were being fought across the globe, and the fate of freedom and democracy hung in the balance. Fortunately the West found

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Understanding Radical Islam

Dec 12, 2006

While a majority of Muslims do not support terrorism and jihad against the West, a sizable minority (10 to 15 per cent) do. Known as Islamists, this minority is bent on the destruction of the West, and the implementation of

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Iran and the Destruction of the Jews

Nov 21, 2006

We live in an age in which threats to world peace and security constantly appear. Some threats are more ominous than others. Some rogue states are simply a pain in the neck. But add a murderous ideology and the possibility

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The Jihad Intensifies

Nov 20, 2006

We are in a real war. Radical Islamists are stepping up their efforts to destroy the West, and Christians are a primary target. A number of disturbing jihad manuals have come to light recently which show a renewed determination and

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What We Must Know About Islam

Nov 6, 2006

Even though not a day goes by without some media report about Islam being aired, most Westerners know very little about the world’s second largest religion. What is of concern is that so many Westerners are really quite naïve about

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Stay on Course in Iraq

Oct 27, 2006

It is hard to know what is really going on in Iraq. Much of the media gives us a fairly slanted view, highlighting the carnage and bloodshed. One hardly ever hears of what good things might be happening there. Thus

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