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Moralising With Numbers

Oct 20, 2006

Much has been made of a recent report in the Lancet which sought to estimate the number of civilian casualties due to the war in Iraq. Of course such a task is not an easy one, and such numbers must

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Exporting Democracy and the Case of Iraq

Oct 4, 2006

Detractors of the war in Iraq say we have been bogged down in another Vietnam and we have simply made matters worse. Critics cite the escalating violence and bloodshed, and say things were better under Saddam. They imply that a

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What Should Be Done About Iran?

Oct 2, 2006

In a world that seems to grow more insecure and precarious by the day, there are always new issues arising to be greatly concerned about. Iran is a case in point. Led by a madman who hates the West, seeks

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Will Appeasement Save the Church?

Sep 24, 2006

There is a place for religious dialogue. There is a limited place for interfaith discussion. All religionists should be treated with respect, and religious freedom and freedom of conscience must be championed. Having said that, not all religions are equal,

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Why the Pope Was Right

Sep 20, 2006

An editorial in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal (September 19, 2006) nicely makes the case for why the remarks recently uttered by the pope were needed. Entitled, “Benedict the Brave,” it laments what has now become a routine spectacle: “furious demands

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Abbott on Islam

Sep 18, 2006

On Friday night Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott delivered an incisive talk on Islam and the war on terror. An edited version of the talk appears in today’s Australian (September 18, 2006). In the article, “Ask the hard questions,” he

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Academia and 9/11

Sep 15, 2006

How have the universities grappled with the tragic events of 9/11? Have they learned anything? Have they had a change of heart? Have they given up on some of their radical ways? Not according to Harvey Mansfield. He should know.

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Another Take on 9/11

Sep 15, 2006

With the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 calamity, there have been quite a few opinion pieces and commentaries on that fateful day in 2001. This is another piece, as found in the American Spectator, September 13, 2006. David Hogberg

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How to Think About 9/11

Sep 15, 2006

It isn’t often that Australia takes the lead over America. But in the case of a controversial documentary, Australia has led the way.

Many of you would have watched the 2-part docudrama this past Sunday and Monday evening, entitled “The

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Coming to Terms With Evil

Sep 6, 2006

How does the secular left deal with evil? Well, it has great difficulty in even recognising evil, argues Jewish commentator and radio host, Dennis Prager. In a new article in Citizen Magazine (September 2006) he argues that while a horrendous

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Why We Are Fighting

Aug 30, 2006

In the war against terror it is always worth remembering what is at stake. Why is the free West engaged in this struggle, and just who or what is the enemy? Jewish commentator and radio host Dennis Prager seeks to

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Just Convert, or Die

Aug 29, 2006

North American commentator Mark Steyn, who was recently in Australia, has just penned an opinion piece on the release of the two hostages taken prisoner in Gaza. Entitled “Achilles’ Heel,” the article appeared in the New York Sun (August 28,

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Why Israel Must Act

Aug 14, 2006

The current conflict in southern Lebanon raises a number of issues. Moral and political clarity is needed to understand what the fighting is really all about. William Bennett recently penned an opinion piece (National Review Online, 11 August

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Historical Revisionism Again

Mar 16, 2006

It seems that the historical revisionists and terrorist appeasers are at it again. A recent Victorian textbook has made a comparison between the Crusades and the September 11 terrorist attack. Defenders of the textbook say it is merely being deliberately

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A review of The West and the Rest. By Roger Scruton.

Sep 21, 2005

Intercollegiate Studies Institute, 2002.

Roger Scruton is one of England’s best conservative writers and philosophers. He is the author of several important volumes, and for many years edited The Salisbury Review. His numerous articles and books on philosophy, politics,

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