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There Is Nothing Wrong With Payback

Mar 16, 2015

Contrary to the thinking of so many rather anaemic Christians today, in both Testaments the idea of God’s just judgment on the wicked is held up as something to take heart in, to celebrate, and to help us to persevere

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Europe, War and the End of History

May 5, 2014

One does not need to be expert in history to know that Europe has had its fair share of wars. For far too many centuries war, battles and conflict have raged throughout the continent. Last century we had the two

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Recommended Reading on Eschatology

Nov 10, 2012

Eschatology, or the study of the end times, is a real hot potato topic with plenty of differing views. All sorts of major battles have been waged over these issues. I consider the subject to be important but secondary. We

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On Christ’s Second Coming

May 22, 2011

The Second Coming of Christ is a wonderful and repeatedly taught doctrine of Scripture. But with all biblical teachings, it is capable of being misused and abused. We have seen that just recently with yet another false prophet claiming that

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False Prophets and the End of the World

May 22, 2011

The Bible has a lot to say about false prophets, false teachers, false Christs, and false doctrine. Both Testaments speak much to this. Yet for all the warnings, it seems that gullible people – even gullible, undiscerning and unbiblical Christians

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End Times Moonbattery

May 19, 2011

I have written before about eschatological foolishness which Christians can so easily get themselves into. I have also written before about various false prophets and fruit loops running around at the moment, setting dates and causing mischief. So just last

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On Date Setting and the Return of Christ, Part Two

Apr 7, 2011

One believer convinced about the soon return of the Lord described the signs of the times in terms of “the daily records of desolating earthquakes, sweeping fires, distressing poverty, natural perplexity, political profligacy, private bankruptcy, and wide-spread immorality, which abound

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On the Millennium, Part One

Nov 30, 2010

One of the areas in which Christians can and do disagree – often intensely – is in the broad area of eschatology. This is simply the study of last things. Future events, the last days, the return of Christ, the

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On the Millennium, Part Two

Nov 29, 2010

Having already briefly examined two of the three major positions on the millennium, we now turn to the final position, and also offer some general conclusions to this debate. I do not guarantee to answer all questions here, and this

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V-E Day and the End of the World

May 7, 2010

Sixty-five years ago the world celebrated Victory in Europe Day. On May 8, 1945, the official surrender of Germany was accepted by the Allies, and war in Europe was over. (It would take another three months before Japan finally surrendered.)

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The World is Coming to an End

Feb 9, 2010

Most cultures and religious traditions have as part of their beliefs and overall worldview the idea that the current world will in one fashion or another come to an end. There are various apocalyptic scenarios out there, some more negative

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End Times and Christian Responsibility

Apr 8, 1999

Often when I make an appeal for Christian social involvement, I get some Christians who bring up various objections, most of which boil down to this sentiment: we are living in the last days and it is silly to polish

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The Case For Christian Social Involvement

Oct 10, 1997

Martin Niemoller was a decorated submarine commander in WW I, an ardent nationalist and a pastor in Germany. At first he welcomed the rise to power of Adolf Hitler. Later, however, he realised that Hitler was heading the wrong way,

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