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Thou Shalt Judge

Oct 8, 2008

No, I didn’t get it wrong: I did not mistakenly leave a word out of my title. While I certainly have Matt. 7:1 in mind, my thesis here is that believers are commanded to judge. When Jesus told us not

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When Churches Go Bad

Oct 3, 2008

What does one do when a Christian denomination or school or institution starts to go off the rails? By that I mean, when it begins to reject classic Christian teaching, and moves toward error, apostasy and heresy. Two choices usually

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On the Need for Watchmen

Sep 28, 2008

Those familiar with the Hebrew prophets will know that they often invoke the image of the watchman. There are various senses in which the figure of watchman is employed. Of course Yahweh is ultimately the watchman who looks over and

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The Urgent Need for a Biblical Worldview

Sep 24, 2008

The various battles we find ourselves continuously embroiled in – be they political, ideological, cultural or social – all finally come down to one chief conflict: a war of worldviews. Behind the many skirmishes and battles lies a war of

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The Bitter Fruit of Apostasy

Sep 16, 2008

Theologically speaking, apostasy has to do with turning away from the faith, and denying the basic truths thereof. It is a renunciation of the faith, and an abandonment of it. This can be true of individuals, but it can also

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The Pressing Need for Integrity

Aug 24, 2008

On a regular basis media reports highlight some politician, celebrity, community leader, sports star or high-flyer falling from grace. Whether through drugs, sex, dishonesty, abuse of power or corruption, there seems to be a constant stream of cases of well

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On Biblical Love

Aug 12, 2008

Without doubt the love of God is one of the great themes of the Bible. It may also be one of the more misunderstood themes as well. This is not the place to enter into a fully-orbed discussion of this

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On the Rights of Children and Pedophiles

Jul 11, 2008

The recent case of pedophile Dennis Ferguson raises important questions about the rights of criminals, and the rights of the rest of society. In this instance, the serial child sex offender is moved from one location to another – only

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Another Missing ‘A’ Word: Authority

Jul 7, 2008

The dean of evangelical theologians during the post-war period, Carl F. H. Henry wrote his magnum opus, God, Revelation and Authority, between 1976 and 1983. The six-volume master-work was a compelling defence of authority: the authority of God and

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The Jerusalem Declaration

Jun 30, 2008

The week-long Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) has just finished. The thousand-plus Anglicans met in Jerusalem as a protest to the July Lambeth Conference in the UK, and the failure of the Archbishop of Canterbury to strongly stand for Christian

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On Emergents and False Dilemmas

Jun 27, 2008

One thing a believer quickly discovers when reading or listening to the emerging church leaders is their love of dichotomies, or dualities. They are keenly intent on setting out a whole bunch of polarities or antitheses. They claim that believers

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Whatever Happened to Hell?

Jun 26, 2008

A recent report about religion in America found that while most Americans believed in heaven, a lesser amount believed in hell. The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found that 74 per cent of Americans believed in heaven, but

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Time to Bring Back the A Word

Jun 24, 2008

At the time of this writing, over 1000 biblical Anglicans are meeting in Jerusalem at a Global Anglican Future Conference. It is being held as an alternative to the Lambeth Conference to be held next month. Many of these delegates

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On God and Prince Caspian

Jun 23, 2008

The second instalment of the film version of The Chronicles of Narnia is now in the cinemas. And it is very good in many respects. Prince Caspian as a film is perhaps even better than the first film in the

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It’s Time to Start Judging

Jun 17, 2008

By now most people would have seen this news item of interest: “NZ priest marries boyfriend”. According to the press accounts, the Kiwi priest wed his male lover in a London church. After the ceremony a champagne reception was held.

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