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Recommended Reading on Scripture

Jan 15, 2011

Biblical Christianity holds that God exists and that God has spoken. While he speaks in different ways, he pre-eminently speaks to us in and through his word. Thus the Bible is the authoritative source of Christian belief and practice. Without

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A Review of the ESV Study Bible

Jan 14, 2011

Crossway, 2008.

In 2001 the English Standard Version of the Bible was released. Its parentage goes back to William Tyndale’s 1525 New Testament and the 1611 King James Version. The text of the 1971 Revised Standard Version provides the immediate

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Should We Read the Bible Literally?

Dec 2, 2010

This is a question which not only many Christians ask, but is one which is also used as an objection by those who are critics of Christianity. But whatever the reasons for raising such a question, it is an important

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On the Perspicuity of Scripture

Dec 1, 2010

Now that I have most of you rushing to your dictionaries, let me explain what this is all about. The Christian doctrine of the perspicuity of Scripture simply refers to the belief that the Bible is clear in terms of

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Who Needs Commentaries?

Jul 14, 2010

When I first started writing about Bible commentaries a few days ago, I did not realise it would blow out into a four-part series. But that it has. I wrote a piece on how to select good commentaries, and also

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How To Pick a Good Commentary

Jul 14, 2010

For those who wish to purchase some good Bible commentaries, but do not really know where to begin, here is some information which may be of use. To help us grow in the understanding of the Bible, a good commentary

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Recommended New Testament Commentaries

Jul 13, 2010

Commentaries lovers will appreciate this article, while everyone else will simply scratch their heads. But for the handful of people still with me, I here list some of my preferred commentaries on the New Testament. I explain in a related

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Scripture Twisting and Delusion Compounded

May 12, 2010

You expect secular activists to mangle and abuse Scripture. That is bad enough, but it is much worse when people who call themselves Christians misuse and abuse the Bible. This especially comes out on the issue of homosexuality. There is

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