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Sanctification: Cooperating with God

Mar 22, 2015

Let me set things straight at the outset: in terms of our initial regeneration, this is a work purely done by God. We do not contribute to it. There is no synergism here. It is by grace through faith alone.

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Antinomianism and the Hyper Grace Error

Feb 16, 2015

“There is nothing new under the sun” we are told in Ecclesiastes 1:9. And as Santayana once remarked, those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. The same goes for church history, which

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True Biblical Conversion

Feb 24, 2014

There are some vital biblical truths which are so utterly essential and important, that there is no problem in repeating them over and over again. Even though I have written on this topic often, and shared these passages often, I

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On Drinking the Cup

Aug 6, 2013

OK, another obscure title – but not too obscure for the biblically literate. I here wish to deal with an ongoing controversy about Christ, the cross, and the wrath of God. As I have written just recently elsewhere, there are

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Are You Really a Christian?

Jul 24, 2013

Auto-diagnostics, or self-testing, is done all the time by sensible people. They take regular stock, for example, of their health, and make sure everything is going OK. Thus women will wisely check for lumps in their breasts, to detect possible

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Basic Christian Conversion and Repentance

Jun 2, 2013

Fifty-five years ago the very important volume Basic Christianity by John Stott was published. Since appearing in 1958 it has gone through countless reprints and sold hundreds of thousands of copies. And well it should – it is a classic

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On ‘Lordship Salvation,’ Part One

Feb 9, 2013

For a few decades now there has been a fairly vigorous debate over what some critics of traditional biblical Christianity have called “lordship salvation”. Very simply, the critics say that if you think Christ must be both Saviour and Lord

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On ‘Lordship Salvation,’ Part Two

Feb 9, 2013

There are those who claim that a Christian is one who merely accepts Christ as Saviour, but not as Lord. In Part One of this article I examined the historical backdrop to this claim, and began a critical assessment of

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True Repentance, True Conversion

Apr 15, 2012

There are very few things which are more important than getting the issues of repentance and conversion right. The fact that we need to get them right means that we may in fact get them wrong – to our eternal

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On Sin

Aug 5, 2011

If there is any one word to describe why Jesus came and what he did, it is Saviour. Of course the Greek word Jesus has this very meaning, as is spelled out in Matthew 1:21: “She [Mary] will give birth

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Sin and the Need for Radical Surgery

Sep 15, 2010

When one’s sickness is severe, and one’s condition is terminal, then the need for radical measures is clearly called for. Any doctor knows that: the more radical the illness, the more radical is the needed cure. It is the same

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On the Atonement

Jan 25, 2009

At the very heart of the Christian faith is the truth of the atonement. It is the incredible and mysterious work of Christ on our behalf, in which he suffered our just punishment in order that we might be reconciled

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