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The Value of History

Jul 24, 2007

It was the Spanish philosopher Santayana who once remarked that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. He knew that we could be spared a lot of grief if we simply studied history more closely, and sought

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The Terrorist Cheer Squad In Action

Mar 28, 2007

The David Hicks guilty plea can easily be understood: He was brutally tortured to make his confession. The American government is the source of all evil in the world. It is the real terrorist organisation. Hicks was just a good

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Were the Early Christians Pacifists?

Mar 23, 2007

A short answer to this question would be ‘yes’. End of article. But as with many historical issues, the proper answer in fact is much more nuanced. ‘Yes and no’ would be a more accurate response. While

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Time to Trim the Bible?

Mar 15, 2007

The war against Biblical Christianity continues to hot up. This time the prestigious journal, Nature, has weighed into the battle. In its 8 March, 2007 issue, it carried a “news item” about an attempt to understand how “religious violence”

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The Myth of Moral Equivalence

Mar 7, 2007

When the Cold War was at its height, there was a corresponding ideological war taking place: a war of ideas. Those on the radical left tried to convince us that there really was no difference between a free and democratic

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Old Hippies Never Die

Jan 31, 2007

The recent anti-war march in Washington saw the resurrection of old Hollywood lefties still trying to maintain the rage. These included the perennial activist, “Hanoi Jane” Fonda. All the other usual suspects were there, including Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon and

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Atheism Kills

Nov 23, 2006

In these secular times, religion regularly gets a bad rap. And anti-Christian bigotry especially accelerates, with most of the world’s ills, from burnt toast to global warming, somehow pinned on the Christian faith.

Of course Christianity has made its fair

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Iran and the Destruction of the Jews

Nov 21, 2006

We live in an age in which threats to world peace and security constantly appear. Some threats are more ominous than others. Some rogue states are simply a pain in the neck. But add a murderous ideology and the possibility

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Moralising With Numbers

Oct 20, 2006

Much has been made of a recent report in the Lancet which sought to estimate the number of civilian casualties due to the war in Iraq. Of course such a task is not an easy one, and such numbers must

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Dealing With a Dictator

Oct 13, 2006

It is always problematic when you have a megalomaniac who is nasty, belligerent, and a bully. It’s even worse if the same person has nuclear weapons at his disposal. The tyrant who rules North Korea has made life a living

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Is it Ever Right to Kill?

Sep 11, 2006

What does it mean to be pro-life? There is some confusion as to what the term implies. If a person is opposed to abortion, must that same person also be opposed to war, or the death penalty?

Indeed, religious conservatives

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Thinking About War in Iraq

May 15, 2003

How does one think about war in Iraq? It is a complicated issue with many facets. There are international and geopolitical issues. There are moral and ethical concerns. There are theological and philosophical considerations.

The following is a collection of

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